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This page is on the castle levels of New Super Mario Bros. 5-Star Adventure 2.

Mushroom Plains

Course Title: Lemmy on the Loose

Location: Mushroom Fortress

Boss: Lemmy

Environment: Indoors

Koopahari Desert

Course Title: Gritzy Sand Geysers

Location: Large Pyramid

Boss: Tim

Environment: Outdoors

Grand Ruins

Course Title: Temple Trouble

Location: Ancient Temple

Boss: Morton

Environment: Indoors/Outdoors

Splashing Falls

Course Title: A Watery Rush

Location: Fortress where the large waterfall meets the water

Boss: Larry

Environment: Outdoors

Mount Glacier

Course Title: Sliding on Ice

Location: Ice Fort

Boss: Wendy

Environment: Indoors

Giant Forest

Course Title: Up the Tree

Location: Tree Temple

Boss: Iggy

Environment: Indoors

Sparkling Mines

Course Title: The Rock-Candy Mining Facility

Location: Mining Zone

Boss: Roy

Environment: Underground

Skyfall Valley

Course Title: Ludwig's Clockwork Factory

Location: Large Factory

Boss: Ludwig

Environment: Indoors

Bowser's Dark Alley

Course Title: The Final Battle

Location: Bowser's Castle (2nd Floor)

Boss: Bowser

Environment: Indoors/Outdoors

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