New Super Mario Bros. 5-Star Adventure
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Developer(s) ALG Inc.
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) 3DS, Wii
Release Date(s)
Japan: October 26, 2012

USA: November 2, 2012

Europe: November 7, 2012

Single Player, Co-op Play, Minigame Mode, Challenger Mode
Age Rating(s)
Everyone Wordmark 7 Wordmark A Wordmark
Genre(s) 2D Platformer
Media Included 3DS Game Card, Wii Disc
For the sequel, click here.

New Super Mario Bros. 5-Star Adventure is a 2.5D platformer game made by ALG Inc. The game has more detailed backgrounds and platforms, similar to Donkey Kong Country Returns' extremely detailive gameplay (also with moving backgrounds in some levels), than any other NSMB game. It also introduces 3 new power-ups.


Mario and the crew are having lunch on the castle's rooftop. Suddenly, they hear cannon noises, and Mario spots Bowser and the Koopalings. The Koopalings come out of their airships in a Koopa Clown Car of their own to the rooftop. Shorty after, Bowser smashs the ground, and activates the arms, which spring out. Bowser then points to the right, destracting the Mario crew, then punchs them. Bowser snags Peach, and he, and the Koopalings, laugh as they take Peach away. Right after the airships leave, the crew goes after Bowser.


The Propeller Block is also making a return, but acts differently. A new power-up (the Moon Flower) is in the game. However, a new P-Leaf assist power-up has confimed, which acts similar to the P-Wing (see page for more details). The Assist Block also makes a reappearance, and, since thier is two assist power-ups, two have been confirmed. World Warp Pipes also return, replacing cannons from previous NSMB games. Like the cannons, however, they act like mini courses that end once the player enters the pipe. They are light blueish and bigger than normal pipes. In fact, they look like the giant pipes from Roy's castle boss fight in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, though they aren't as big as the pipes from World 9. However, cannon levels do return, but act like the ones from New Super Mario Bros. 2. Though they don't lead to other worlds, and act as bonus courses for the players. Sometimes they are unlocked by completing levels, or like in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, where sometimes completing a course unlocked more than one path and/or level. But they are mostly accessed by finding secret exits. Even the white block trick from Super Mario Bros. 3 where Mario ducks on a white block platform for five seconds and be lead to a secret area is returning as well, though Mario will now only need to duck for 3 seconds.


The game has two normal modes, one returning mode, and one new mode.

Single Player

A normal feature in every known video game, this gives the player a choice to play solo.

Co-op Play

A common feature in games, this allows 2 to 4 players to play at one time.

Minigame Mode


These minigames act like the ones of Super Mario 64 DS and New Super Mario Bros., though they are completely different games.


These are minigames take place on the same 2D platformer parts of Solo/Co-op modes, though they are like the enemy challenges on the World Map, however, they can be based on defeating enemies, completing certain things, or just collecting stuff.

Challenger Mode

This mode itself is divided into 3 challenges, each being a "sub-mode".

Coin Rush

This mode from New Super Mario Bros. 2 returns, however it is now quite different. The player is still timed, but for 30 seconds. There is three packs of courses, Simple, Medium, and Rusher. Each has three endless courses, loaded with coins, when the timer runs out, the game will say "Time's Up!" and the player will move to the next course. Once the player finishes all 3 courses, the player will view their final results. A multiplayer mode is in the Coin Rush so other players can join. In this mode, the player with the most coins wins. Three special muiltplayer course packs are in here.

1-Up Hunter

This mode has the player challenged to collect as many 1-Up's as possible before the 50-second timer runs out, by collecting 1-Up Mushrooms (plus 3-Up Moons and 5-Up Stars) and jumping on enemies. The player can either do it for fun, or to beat their (or a) high score. The top 3 of the console is saved and can viewed at anytime. The courses are endless and there are 5 of them, which the player can choose. The player can share thier score on the Internet and possibly have it in the Worldwide 1-Up Leaderboard. There is one for Wii games and one for 3DS games, making a total 2 leaderboards. They can also add their score to the Worldwide 1-Up Hunt Counter, similar to New Super Mario Bros. 2's "Worldwide Coin Total".

Go for the Goal!

This mode has the player collect special coins, while trying to reach the goal doing so. There are 5 stages, each with a different goal, the 1st having a goal of 50, the 2nd with a goal of 75, the 3rd with 100, the fourth with 125, and the 5th with 175. Each also has a different time limit: the 1st stage has a time limit of 075 seconds, the 2nd with a time limit of 100 seconds, the 3rd with 125 seconds, the 4th with 140 seconds, and the 5th with 180 seconds. One stage will have to be completed before thhe next one is unlocked. For example, to unlock Stage 4, the player will first need to complete Stage 3.





World 1: Mushroom Plains

World 2: Lindin Desert

World 3: Sunshine Beach

World 4: Foronic Forest

World 5: Glacier Valley

World 6: Caymin Factory

World 7: Pillar Mountain

World 8: Sky Land

World 9: Giant Island

World 10: Tornado Valley

World 11: Bowser Volcano

World 12: Star World (Special)


Assist Power-Ups

Other Power-Ups




Special Edition

The Special Edition version has additional features in it. They include that Ace Coins are Dragon Coins, Cape Mario can fly faster, and the time of day changes as the player proceeds through the level, similar to Donkey Kong Country. An extra "tutoral" world (World 0 - Extra World) is in the special edition, and the player has access to it at the very beginning of the game, with every course (expect red-carpet courses) are unlocked and are blue, as if they are completed. Red-carpet courses are unlocked after a certain world is completed. One course will open for each world completed (excluding World 12). There are 10 already-unlocked courses.

EX Remake

On March 20, 2015, OmegaAlpha annouced that it was remaking 5-Star Adventure for the Nintendo EX system. The game has improved graphics and contains everything from the Special Edition. It was released exclusively on the EX Shop as a launch title, but a physical copy was also released a month later.


Boxarts (Wii)

Boxarts (3DS)


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Game Logos

World Logos

New Super Mario Bros

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  • Morton and Risen's Koopa Clown Cars still have special designs, but the top and propeller at the bottom are still green.
  • Each world has it's own logo, unlike previous Mario games.