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  • Developer/Publisher : Nintendo
  • Release Date : Japan 30.06.17 / USA 04.07.17 / Europe 04.07.17 / Australia 05.07.17 / UK 07.07.17 / Oceania 23.07.17
  • Platform : Nintendo 3DS / Nintendo 3DS XL / Nintendo 2DS / Nintendo 2DS XL / Nintendo Switch
  • Game Type : Platformer
  • Series : New Super Mario Bros.
  • Previous Title : New Super Mario Bros. 4
  • Future Title : Super Mario Odyssey
  • Amibo Compatibility : Yes
  • Multiplayer : Yes (2-4 Local Multiplayer)
  • Online Multiplayer : Yes (2-8 Time Trials Mode , 2-4 Online Multiplayer)
  • Internet Compatible : Yes
  • Streetpass : Yes (DS Versions Only)
  • Mii Compatible : Yes (Play As Custom Mii Characters) (Available For Nintendo Switch On 30th Of July)


  • Playable Characters:

Mario (Main Story Only)

Luigi (Main Story Only)

Wario (Side Story Only)

Waluigi (Side Story Only)

Toad (Both Stories) (Red/Blue/Green/Yellow/Black/Pink/Orange/Purple/Light Blue)

Yoshi (Both Stories)(Red/Blue/Green/Yellow/Black/Pink/Orange/Purple/Light Blue)

Birdo (Can Become Companion If Fought By Yoshi) (Birdo Appears In The Same Character Slot As Yoshi)

  • Non-Playable:




The Koopalings (Wendy/Lemmy/Larry/Roy/Morton/Iggy/Ludwig)

Robo Bowser Jr.

Robo Bowser

Birdo (Can Become Companion Playing As Yoshi)


Super Boomerang Bro.




Giant Goomba

Super Penguin

Petey Pirannha

Boom Boom

Monty Mole


Lakitu Twins

Bowser Jr.

Robo Bowser 2.0

Or Any Normal Enemy




Baby Mario

Baby Luigi


  • Cutscene Only

Pom Pom

Tanooki Cheep Cheep




Mario is invited to a party at Peach's castle. When he gets there it is filled with all of his friends. Suddenly the castle  roof crumbles apart and a giant vaccum tube sucks up the princess. Bowser flies away in his giant airship. Mario has to go after him to save the princess.

Side Story

Wario And Waluigi Are Running Away From Sarasaland Guards , When All Of A Sudden Mecha Bowser Grabs Daisy From The Sarasaland Castle . Wario And Waluigi Decide To Run After Mecha Bowser . This Story Can Take Place Before , During Or After You've Finished The Main Story . The Missions And Bosses Are The Same , Except For Some Enemies Being Sarasaland Guards Trying To Catch You . These Serve The Same Purpose As Cosmic Mario


New Super Mario Bros. 5 Takes Place After New Super Mario Bros. 4 And Before Super Mario Odyssey . Between the side and main stories , it is unknown when they take part , however it is assumed that the player desides when these events happen by choosing which story to do first

Information On Worlds

|Grass Land|

Is the first world in the game which is home to the Mario Bros. This world is a tutorial world for newcomers


A Sandy World Filled With ... Sand ! Home To Princess Daisy . This World Has : 1 Secret Pipe , 1 World Skipping Cannons And No Secret Level

|Icy Plains|

A freezing cold world where the Ice Flower and Penguin Suit appear . The temperature is mind bogglingly cold that some of Bowser's minions are frozen in ice

|Work In Progress|
|Work In Progress|
|Work In Progress|
|Bowser Is Sorry , But It Doesn't Seem Like This Worlds Here Yet|
|Go Away|


B To Jump

Left Analogue Stick To Move Left To Right

Hold Y To Sprint

To Pick Up An Item , Stand Beside It And Hold Y

To Spin Jump , Stand And Tap The Back Trigger (R For DS/ ZR|SL For Switch) To Spin Jump .

Arrows Can Also Control Movement

With Penguin Suit , Run And Tap The B Button To Slide

+/Start/ Button To Pause

Whilst In The Map , Tap -/SR/Select To Look At Your Items

Whilst In The Map , Use +/Start/- To View The Map , Save Your Progress , View How Many Enimies You've Killed And Exit

Screenshot Button To Screenshot (Switch Only)

Home Button To Take You To Your Home Page

Streetpass Button To Enable Streetpass (DS Versions Only)

Volume Button To Change The Volume


World Tower Boss Castle Boss Airship Boss
Grass Land Robo Bowser Jr. Robo Bowser Larry Koopa
Sarasaland Birdo Mummipokey  Morton Koopa Jr.
Big Beach Super Boomerang Bro. Cheepskipper Lemmy Koopa
Forest of Dreams Mouser Giant Goomba Wendy O. Koopa
Icy Plains Super Penguin Petey Pirannha Roy Koopa
Stone City Boom Boom Monty Mole Iggy Koopa
Sky World Reznor Lakitu Twins Ludwig von Koopa
Bowser Valley Bowser Jr. Robo Bowser 2.0 Bowser , Koopalings , Bowser Jr.
Bonus Land      -none-     -none-  -none-


  • Grass Land -

-Robo Bowser Junior-

1. Wait Till He Tries To Jump On You And Run Underneath Him . Then Jump On The Switch Behind Him To Let A Bomb Drop From The Sky On Top Of His Head

2. Do This 2 More Times Till He Has Blown Up

-Robo Bowser- -Phase 1-

1. Do Exactly What You Did To Defeat Robo Bowser Jr.

-Robo Bowser- -Phase 2-

1. Chase Robo Bowser Up The Tower , Avoiding Rockets , Missiles And Laser Beams

2. Once At The Top You Have To Use Robo Bowsers Bob-Ombs Against Him . Throw Them At The Glowing Area 3 More Times To Destroy Robo Bowser

-Larry Koopa- -Phase 1-

1. Jump Onto Larry's Head 3 Times To Beat Phase 1

-Larry Koopa- -Phase 2-

1. Beat Kamek And Larry By Hitting Kamek On The Head 5 Times And Larry Twice

  • Sarasaland


1. Knock Its Eggs Down And Throw Them At It 3 Times To Defeat Birdo

-Mummipokey- -Phase 1-

1. Jump On Its Head 5 Times To Bury Him In The Ground

2. Get They Key And Open The Door To Phase 2

-Mummipokey- -Phase 2-

1. Mummipokey Returns From The Ground And Now Shoots Fire Balls ! He Is One Block Taller So You Have To Pound His Head 6 Times Instead Of 5

2. Watch Out For Hopping Fire

-Morton Koopa Jr.- -Phase 1-

1. Avoid The Crunchers At The Side And Hit Morton 3 Times On The Head To Beat Phase 1

-Morton Koopa Jr.- -Phase 2-

1. Platforms Are Added And Quick Sand Is Added To The Bottom Of The Screen . Hit Morton Twice To Defeat Him

  • Big Beach

-Super Boomerang Bro-

1. This Bro Can Throw Hammers , Fire Balls , Ice Balls And Bob-Ombs At You Depending On The Colour Of His Shell

2. Hit His Head 5 Times To Beat Him .

-Cheepskipper- -Phase 1-

1. When Cheepskipper Jumps Out Of The Water , Jump On His Head . Do This 3 Times To Beat Him

-Cheepskipper- -Phase 2-

1. Now That You Are IN The Water , You Have To Escape Cheepskipper . Get To The Bottom Of The Castle Alive And Hit The Switch To Defeat Cheepskipper

-Lemmy Koopa- -Phase 1-

1. Lemmy Is On His Rubber Ball ! Jump On His Head 3 Times To Beat Phase 1

-Lemmy Koopa- -Phase 2-

1. Kamek Saves Lemmy And Places Him On A Ledge Above You With Water (And Cheap Cheaps) Beneath You . Survive Until You Beat Kamek And Hit Him 3 Times On The Head .

-Lemmy Koopa- -Phase 3-

1. Lemmy Has Made A HUGE Rubber Ball And Goes Out Of Control ! Attack The Ball With Homing Bullet Bills 3 Times To Defeat Him .

  • Forest Of Dreams


1. Throw The Bombs At Him 3 Times To Beat Him

-Giant Goomba- -Phase 1-

1. Flip The Switches 5 Times To Defeat Him

-Giant Goomba- -Phase 2-

1. Goombas Of All Sorts Attack You , With The Giant Goomba At The Top Of The Tower . Survive The Tower And Get To The Top

2. Hit The Switch To Defeat Him

-Wendy O' Koopa- -Phase 1-

1. Whilst Wendy And A Chain Chomp Go After You , Hit Wendy On The Head 3 Times To Enter Phase 2

-Wendy O' Koopa- -Phase 2-

1. Wendy Uses Her Chomp To Go After You . You Need To Escape Using The Pipes On Either Side Of The Walls . Hit Her On The Head 3 Times To Defeat Her

  • Icy Plains

-Super Penguin-

1. Using Penguin Suit (That Comes Down From The Pipe On The Ceiling) , Wait Till Super Penguins Back Is Turned And Slide On Your Stomach 3 Times To Beat Him

-Petey Piranha- -Phase 1-

1. Dodge Petey Till He Hits The Wall . When He's On His Back , Jump On His Stomach 3 Times To Beat Phase 1

-Petey Piranha- -Phase 2-

1. Follow Petey Up The Tower And Hit His Head 3 Times To Defeat Him

-Roy Koopa- -Phase 1- 1. Dodge Roy's Bullets That He Shoots At You 3 Times To Beat Phase 1

-Roy Koopa- -Phase 2-

1. This Time Roy Is In A Tank ! His 2 Of His Bullets Are Normal Ones , But One Is A Homing Bullet ! Make The Homing Bullet Crash Into The Tank Twice To Beat Phase 2

-Roy Koopa- -Phase 3- 1. Now The Platforms Are Smaller And Made Of Ice ! Roy Is Wearing A Spike Hat And Has A Homing Bullet Bill Bazooka . Make The Homing Bullets Hit Roy To Knock His Helmet Off And Hit His Head One Time To Defeat Him . Dodge Kameks Magic Whilst Doing This

  • Stone City

-Boom Boom- -Phase 1-

1. Hit Boom Booms Head 4 Times To Beat Phase 1

-Boom Boom- -Phase 2-

1. Now If You Try To Jump On Boom Booms Head , He Will Quickly Retreat Into His Shell . Make Him Run Into A Wall And Hit His Head 3 Times To Defeat Him

-Monty Mole- -Phase 1-

1. When Monty Mole Comes Out Of The Ground , Hit His Head 5 Times To Beat Phase 1

-Monty Mole- -Phase 2-

1. Now (With Kameks Magic) There Are 6 Monty Moles ! The Real One Is The Lighter Shaded One . Hit His Head 3 Times Whilst Dodging Kameks Magic To Defeat Him

-Iggy Koopa- -Phase 1-

1. Iggy Is On The Top Platform . To Get To Him , You Need To Enter The Pipe That Only Appears After Defeating All 5 Koopa Troopas

2. When On The Top Platform Hit His Head To Enter Phase 2

-Iggy Koopa- -Phase 2-

1. Like Last Time , Defeat All Of Iggys Koopa Troopas (10 This Time!) Whilst Dodging Iggys Magic To Make The Pipe Appear

2. Hit Iggys Head Again To Enter Phase 3

-Iggy Koopa- -Phase 3-

1. This Time , 5 Goombas , 5 Koopa Troopas And Kamek Are On The Platfrom With You ! Defeat The Goombas And Koopas To Enter Kameks Mini Boss Battle .

2. Hit Kameks Head 3 Times To Make The Pipe Appear

3. Hit Iggys Head Again To Beat Him

  • Sky World


1. Hit The Blocks Underneath Him 5 Times To Beat Him

-Lakitu Twins- -Phase 1-

1. One Of The Twins Throw Spike Turtles , But The Other One Throws , Non-Spiked Ones . Throw The Non-Spiked Ones At The Twins 3 Times To Enter Phase 2

-Lakitu Twins- -Phase 2-

1. The Twins Get MAD And Both Throw Spiked Turtles

2.However , They Get Closer To The Ground To Attack You . Jump On The Platforms And Hop On Their Heads 6 Times To Beat Them

-Ludwig Von Koopa- -Phase 1-

1. Similarly To N.Gin Battles From The Crash Bandicoot Franchise , 3 Platforms Are Set . Ludwig (In A Huge Machine) Shoots Rockets , Lasers And Bombs At You , Which You Need To Avoid . Throw Bob-Ombs (That Ludwig Throws At You) Back At Ludwig 5 Times To Blow Up His Machine

-Ludwig Von Koopa- -Phase 2-

1. Ludwig Does Exactly As He Does In New Super Mario Bros. U And New Super Luigi U . Attack The Real Ludwig 3 Times To Enter Phase 3

-Ludwig Von Koopa- -Phase 3-

1. Ludwig Uses His Magic To Transform The Airship Into A Machine , Meaning You Have To Tear Apart The Airship .

2. There Are 3 Stages (Areas) You Need To Blow Up . Stage 1 Has 1 Bob-Omb In A Room , All You Need To Do Is Place The Bob-Omb At The Glowing Light And It Will Explode

3. Stage 2 Is A Long Room Filled With Gears And Spikes . You (On A Track) Have To Avoid Them And Hit The Switch To Blow Up The Area

4. Stage 3 Has Ludwig And 3 Platforms Going Up And Down . Similar To Bowsers Battle , Ludwig Makes Himself 2 Times Bigger . Hit The Switch Behind Him To Blow Up The Airship , With You Escaping In A Koopa Clown Car .

  • Bowser Valley

-Bowser Jr.- -Phase 1-

1. Junior Throws Shells At You , Which You Need To Stomp On , Throw At Him And Jump On His Head 5 Times .

-Bowser Jr.- -Phase 2-

1.Junior (In His Clown Car) Tries To Punch You , And Throws Bombs At You . When He Is Low Enough , Jump On His Head . Do This 3 Times To Beat Him .

-Robo Bowser 2.0-

1. Bowser (Controlling Robo Bowser 2.0) Chases You To The End Of The Castle

2. Hit The Switch , Avoid Bombs , Bullets , Homing Bullets , Rockets , Lasers And Fire Balls To Beat Him !

-Bowser- -Phase 1-

1. Run Underneath Bowser And Flick The Switch To Beat Phase 1

-Bowser- -Phase 2-

1. Bowser Has Grown HUGE And Follows You Up The Tower . Get To The Top And Hit The Switch To Beat Phase 2

-Bowser- -Phase 3-

1. Bowser Is In His Koopa Clown Car ! When He Drops A Spiked Bomb , Ground Pound The Floor To Send It Into The Sky , Hitting Bowser . Do This 3 Times To Beat Phase 3

-Bowser- -Phase 4-

1. As Bowser Flees In His Airship , Get In The Clown Car And Chase After Him ! This Is Where Things Get Difficult ! Follow Bowsers Airship And Shoot It With Missiles . Bowser Shoots Bob-Ombs And Fire Balls At You , Which You Need To Avoid . Once You've Hit The Airship 20 Times , Bowser Jr. Comes In ! He Tries To Shoot You Down . Dodge These Until He Leaves.

2. Shoot At The Airship Again . After 30 Shots , Lemmy , Roy And Wendy Block Your Shots At The Airship. Shoot Them Down (Each Taking 10 Bullets Each) . After They Are All Defeated , Shoot The Airship Again

3. After 40 Shots At The Airship , Iggy , Larry And Morton Attack ! Shoot Them Down (15 Bullets Each) And Clear The Path

4. Shoot The Airship 5 Times Until Ludwig (Controlling A Broken Robo Bowser 2.0) Shows Up . Shoot Him 30 Times To Defeat Him.

5. Shoot The Airship 50 More Times To Beat Bowser .


Mushroom - Turns you into Super Mario

Giant Mushroom - Turns you into Giant Mario

Fire Flower - Lets you shoot fire balls

Ice Flower - Lets you shoot ice balls

Raccon Leaf - Lets you hover in the air

Propeller Suit - Lets you fly and hover longer

Penguin Suit - Lets you slide, shoot ice balls , swim faster and you don't slip on ice

Star - Makes you temporarily invincible

1-Up Mushroom - Gives you a life

3-Up Moon - Gives you 3 lives

Yoshi Fruit - Makes You Run And Jump Faster And Higher (Yoshi Only)

Toad Cap - Makes You Take +1 Extra Damage And Can Make You Spin (Toad Only)

Feather - Makes You Jump Higher

Cat Suit - Climb Up Walls For A Certain Hight

Gold Flower - Let's You Shoot Gold Balls To Turn Blocks And Question Boxes To Coins

Poison Mushroom - Kills You On Impact


Amibo Are Used To Gain Items , Coins And Points !

The List Below Are The Compatible Amibos And What Reward They Give You

  • Mario : 10 Coins , 1 Mushroom
  • Luigi : 10 Coins , 1 3-Up Moon
  • Peach : 50 Coins
  • Toad : 20 Coins , 1 Mushroom , 1 Fire Flower
  • Yoshi : 3 Mushrooms , 1 Fire Flower , 1 Ice Flower
  • Bowser : 25 Coins , 3 Fire Flowers
  • Link : 100 Coins , 5000 Points
  • Donkey Kong : 25 Coins , Feather
  • Wario : 100 Coins , 1 Penguin Suit
  • Rosalina : 100 Coins , 1000 Points , 1 3-Up Moon , 1 Ice Flower
  • Waluigi : 75 Coins , 1 1-Up , 1 Cat Suit
  • Caption Falcon : 15 Coins , 20000 Points
  • Kirby : 3 3-Up Moons
  • Samus : 1 Fire Flower , 1 Ice Flower , 500 Points
  • Fox : 1 3-Up Moon , 1 Tannoki Leaf
  • Pikmin : 1 3-Up , Mini Mushroom
  • Animal Crossing : 1 Tanooki Leaf , 100 Points , 1 1-Up
  • Mega Man : 1 1-Up , 1 3-Up Moon
  • PAC-MAN : 1 1-Up , Fire Flower , Cat Suit , 1 Mushroom
  • Sonic : 1 Mushroom , 1 Star
  • Splatoon : 500000 Points , 1 Mushroom
  • Pokémon : 1 Fire Flower , 1 Ice Flower , 1 Tanooki Leaf
  • Super Mario Odyssey Amibo : 10 Stars , 5 Ice Flowers , 3 Penguin Suits , 10 Fire Flowers , 5 Tanooki Leaves , 15 Mushrooms , 3 1-Ups

New Modes

  • Offline

Coin Rush : Get The Most Coins You Can In Under 50 Seconds

Nabbit Season : Catch Nabbit Before Time Runs Out

Koopa Count : Kill The Most Amount Of Koopas Before Time Runs Out

Toad Trouble : Rescue A Toad And Bring Him Through The Level Without Dying

  • Online

Time Trials : Challenge Others Online To Get To The Flag Pole And Kill The Most Enemies First

Multiplayer : Play With Oher Players Online . Up To 4 Players !


According To Reggie , DLC Is Not Being Considered For NSMB5 . However , In An Interview With Series Director Shigiru Myamoto On The 23rd Of June , He Said "There Is A Lot We Cut From The Game Including A New Item , So We Might Add It Sometime In The Future " When Asked Is Does That Mean We'll Be Getting DLC , He Ignored The Question .

Interviews And Confirmed News

  • Reggie Fíls-Aimé : 13.07.17

Q. Can You Tell Us The Main Story Of NSMB5 ? A. It's The Same As The Past 50 Games Basically , Bowser Kidnaps Peach And Mario Has To Save Her .

Q. So Are There Any Difference From The Last Game In The Series ? A.Different Playable Characters , New Levels .. Your General Mario Game !

Q. Any New Characters Or Game Modes ? A. Yes , And I'm Going To Show You All The Characters At Todays E3

Before We Talk About Odyssey , Why Do You Think We Should Buy NSMB5 ? A. It Has More Characters , Modes , Levels , Worlds And Entertainment Then Ever Before !

  • Shigiru Miyamoto : 23.07.17

Q. Hello Miyamoto , Today We Wanted To Have A Word About Your New Game NSMB5 , Can You Tell Us Anything About It ? A.Yes , It Is Going To Have Many Modes And Levels Unlike Ever Before . We Really Tried To Improve On Previous Titles And Look Into The Future Of Mario Games .

Q. Reggie Said The Story Is Like Every Mario Game , Is That True ? A. Well It Is Mostly True , But For The First Time In New Super Mario Bros. History We Have Wario And Waluigi In A Side Story !

Q. Can You Tell Us More About This ? A. Yes , Waluigi And Wario Are Running From Sarasaland Guards , But Bowsers Robot Kidnaps Daisy ... So It Is Like Mario's Story But With Wario And Waluigi .

Q.Mario , Luigi , Wario , Waluigi , Toad And Yoshi Are All Playable Characters , Do Yoshi And Toad Have Their Own Story ? A. No , But They Can Be In Both The Main And Side Story's .

Q. Are The Koopalings Returning ? A. Of Course , And Boom Boom , And Many Other Bosses As Well

Q. Is There Anything You Left Out Due To Time Constraints ? A. Many Modes And Levels Were Cut Because Of Time , But I Hope I Can Implement Them In The Future

Q. Earlier , You Said A Robot Bowser Stole Daisy , Can You Tell Us About Him ? A. Well , He Is A Robot Version Of Bowser Called Mecha Bowser

DLC And Extra Modes Were Asked About But Turned Down


  • This Is The First Game In The New Super Mario Bros. Series That Wario , Waluigi And Yoshi Are Playable Characters.
  • This Is The Fifth Game In The Series And Has The Most Playable Characters In The Franchise So Far.
  • Yoshi Can Befriend Birdo To Make Her/Him A Playable Character.
  • Toad And Yoshi Have Customizable Colour Tones.
  • If Both Main And Side Stories Are Completed , A Mission Mode Will Be Unlcoked . This Mission Mode Makes You Collect Coins , Fight Bosses , Take Baby Yoshi's And More With Up To 15 Playable Missions
  • Mission Mode Can Have 1p Or 2p
  • Nintendo Stated That This Is The Last New Super Mario Bros. For The DS .
  • In The Trailer , A Toad Can Be Seen That Resembles Toadsworth Holding Up A 2002 , The Year Super Mario Sunshine Was Released
  • According To Reggie Fils-Aimé , The Game Will Be Delayed On The Switch , Meaning That It Might Not Be Released Till Late July
  • Peach And Daisy Were Originally Going To Be Unlocked Once You Saved Them , However The Team Didn't Know What To Put In The Cage So They Were Kept Locked And Unplayable
  • The Sprixies Can Be Seen In The Trailer Creating A Warp Pipe . Which Confirms Them For The Game .
  • Waluigi Can Run Faster Than Wario , Yet Wario Can Jump Higher .
  • Super Mario Odyssey's Idea Of Taking Over Enimies Was Tested And Was Cut Early In Development , By "Not Being Fun Enough" And "Difficult To Control"
  • This Is The First New Super Mario Bros. To Be On The Nintendo Switch
  • Amibo Is Used To Get Rewards (Coins , Items , Points)
  • The Game Was Originally Going To Be Scrapped Due To The Immense Work On Super Mario Odyssey
  • It Took Only 9 Months To Create Levels , Textures , Worlds And Cut Scenes
  • Super Mario Sunshine And Super Mario Galaxy 1&2 References Were In The Teaser Trailer , With Mario Having 2002 Coins , Wario Having 2009 , And Yoshi With 2010 . These Are The Dates These Games Were Released
  • A Super Mario Bros. 3 Refrences Were Very Small And Hidden .
  • The Teaser Trailer Came Out On The 25th Of December
  • The Actual Trailer Came Out On The 13th Of June 2017, On E3
  • The 2nd Trailer Came Out 21st Of June 2017 , Which Announced The Release Date
  • Oceania Will Not Be Getting The Game Till The 25th Of July

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