Mario is invited to a party at Peach's castle. When he gets there it is filled with all of his friends. Suddenly the castle  roof crumbles apart and a giant vaccum tube sucks up the princess. Bowser flies away in his giant airship. Mario has to go after him to save the princess.


World Tower Boss Castle Boss Airship Boss
Grass Land Robo Bowser Jr. Robo Bowser Larry Koopa
Sarasaland Birdo Mummipokey  Morton Koopa Jr.
Big Beach Super Boomerang Bro. Cheepskipper Lemmy Koopa
Forest of Dreams Mouser Giant Goomba Wendy O. Koopa
Icy Plains Super Penguin Petey Pirannha Roy Koopa
Stone City Boom Boom Monty Mole Iggy Koopa
Sky World Reznor Lakitu Twins Ludwig von Koopa
Bowser Valley Bowser Jr. Robo Bowser 2.0 Bowser
Bonus Land      -none-     -none-  -none-


Mushroom - Turns you into Super Mario

Giant Mushroom - Turns you into Giant Mario

Fire Flower - Lets you shoot fire balls

Ice Flower - Lets you shoot ice balls

Raccon Leaf - Lets you hover in the air

Propeller Suit - Lets you fly and hover longer

Penguin Suit - Lets you slide, shoot ice balls and you don't slip on ice

Star - Makes you temporarily invincible

1-Up Mushroom - Gives you a life

3-Up Moon - Gives you 3 lives

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