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The game's wallpaper

Developer(s) Fantendo
Publisher(s) Sam Station Inc.™
Platform(s) SamStation
Release Date(s)
*Japan: 17 semptember 2013
  • USA: 23 semptember 2013
  • Europe: 1 october 2013
  • Oceania: 19 november 2013
1-4 players
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) 2D Platforming Sidescrolling
New Super Mario Bros. 4 is a upcoming Super Mario game produced by Fantendo and Sam Station Inc.™


The gameplay is really similiar to that of New Super Mario Bros. Wii and New Super Mario Bros. U.


  • Story Mode
  • Co-op Mode
  • VS Mode
  • Minigames
  • Toadsworth's shop


  • 2button - Jump
  • Controlpad - Go left, go right, duck
  • 1button - run, launch fire/ice/gold balls.


Playable characters


Photo Name How to release he/she What he will do after being released Trapped in
Toadsworth2 Toadsworth Defeat all the Goombas around the Toadswhorth's shop on the battle versus Goomboss . He will open his shop, where the player can buy power-ups, extra lives and more...

World 1

Goomba Hills

210px-YoshiMarioParty9 Yoshi Defeat Petey Piranha in the mini-boss battle. You can ride him in some levels. He can defeat enemies by eating them. When Yoshi eats 5 fruits, he will lay and egg which contains a power-up.

World 2

Delfino Island

Birdo MP9 Birdo Win three times the Item Battle versus the Ice Bros.

She have the same functions of Yoshi: but she can't eat enemies, she sucks them with her nose/mouth. Then, she splits the enemies out inside an egg that can be used like a weapon. She can't eat fruits and she doesn't lay eggs which contains power-up.

World 3

Sorbet Glacier

Professor Elvin Gadd Artwork - Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon Prof E. Gadd Unlock the fourth world. He will give you a new power-up: the Poltergust3000

World 4

Haunted Woods


Baby Yoshi

Unlock the fifth world. You can use him some times. They're different types with differents features.

World 5

Rocky Peacks

DaisyMP8Official Princess Daisy Complete world 6. TBA

World 6


189px-Rosalina MK7 Princess Rosalina Unlock world 7. Need help on a really hard level? Don't worry, the Cosmic Spirit will help you: it will complete the level in your place if you will die 8 times in a row on the same level.

World 7

Comet Galaxy

Peach (NSML) Princess Peach Defeat Bowser in the battle in the last level of world 8. You won the game!

World 8

Lava Hell

Bosses (in order of world)

Mini Bosses (in order of world)


On Ground


In Air

In the Castles and Boo's Mansions


  1. Goomba Hills
  2. Delfino Island
  3. Sorbet Glacier
  4. Haunted Woods
  5. Rocky Peacks
  6. Sarasaland
  7. Comet Galaxy
  8. Lava Hell
  9. The Secret World


Photo Name Description Form
SuperMushroomNSMB2 Super Mushroom

Mario Jump NSMBU

Super Mario

Poison Mushroom Poison Mushroom The Poison Mushroom has the inverted effect of the Super Mushroom, it makes Mario as Small Mario. If Small Mario gets this Power-up, he will lose a life.


Small Mario

MiniMushroomNSMB2 Mini Mushroom Mario narrows, but it can jump really high and walk on the water. Otherwise, if Mini Mario get hit by a enemy will lose a life.

MiniMario NSMB2

Mini Mario

MegamushroomNSMB2 Mega Mushroom Mario become giant and invincible. He destroy everything he meets.

MegaMario NSMB2

Mega Mario

Propellermushroom Propeller Mushroom


Propeller Mushroom

Lightmushroom Light Bulb Mushroom When Mario uses this power-up, around him it will be a light that will illuminate dark areas. 


Light Bulb Mario

GoldenMushroomMKM Golden Mushroom Mario launch "goldballs" that trasform anything that it touch in Coins.

NSMB2 Golden Mario

Golden Mario

BeeMushroom Bee Mushroom Mario can fly fot a short time and climb on the Honeycomb walls.


Bee Mario

FireFlower Fire Flower


Fire Mario

Ice Flower Ice Flower


Ice Mario

PenguinSuit Penguin Suit Mario becomes more nimble in the swin and he can launch ice balls (like those of the Ice Flower) for freeze the enemies.

Penguin Mario

Penguin Mario

SuperleafNSMB2 Super Leaf


Tanooki Mario

NSMBU Star Super Star Mario becomes invincible for 15 seconds. Anyway, Starman is vulnerable to the lava and pits.

602px-Nsmb2 starman mario


Goomba's Shoe Mario

Goomba Shoe Through this power-up, Mario can stump on the enemies more simply. Also, he can jump on the SpiniesSpike TopsSpiny Eggs, normal tops and lava without demages.

Shoe Mario 5Star

Shoe Mario

Hammer flower nsmbu version by machrider14-d5tj54x Hammer Flower Mario can launch hammer like a Hammer Bro. for hit and defeat the enemies. Mario's Hammers can't defeat the Buzzy Beetles.


Hammer Mario

Boomerangflower Boomerang Flower

Boomerang Mario Artwork - Super Mario 3D World

Boomerang Mario

398px-Poltergust 5000 (vacuum) - Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon Poltergust 3000 This item is avaible only in the fourth world. The Poltergust can aspire Boos, except for the Big Boos


YoshiEggNSMBW Yoshi Egg

It contains a Yoshi. This  power-up is avaible only from the world 2 and forward.

The Yoshi Eggs can be Yellow, Green, Blue, Cyan, Pink, Red or  Purple.

BirdoEgg Birdo Egg

It contains a Birdo. This power-up is avaible only from the world 3 and forward.

The Birdo Eggs can be Pink, blue, Yellow or Red.

GreenBabyYoshiEggSML3D Baby Yoshi Egg

It contains a Baby Yoshi. This power-up is avaible from the world 5 and forward.

The Baby Yoshi Eggs can be green, blue, cyan, pink or yellow.



Yoshi Name Description
Yoshi NSMBW Green Yoshi

He's a basic Yoshi

  • Speed: 3
  • Jump: 3
  • Agility: 3
Yellow YoshiSMWWii Yellow Yoshi

It's a all-around Yoshi, but his agility is a little more hight

  • Speed: 3
  • Jump: 3
  • Agility: 4
Blue YoshiSMWWii Blue Yoshi

Is more fast and he jumps more high. If he eat a Koopa's Blue Shell, to him will growa pair wings and will be able to fly.

  • Speed: 4
  • Jump: 4
  • Agility: 3
Cyan YoshiSMWWii Cyan Yoshi

He's really nimble and fast, but he can't jump high. If he eat a random Koopa Shell, he will be able to launch ice balls.

  • Speed: 5
  • Jump: 2
  • Agility: 5
Pink YoshiSMWWii Pink Yoshi

He's really nimble, he has a medium speed and a low jump

  • Speed: 4
  • Jump: 1
  • Agility: 6
Red YoshiSMWWii Red Yoshi

He has very high stats. When he eat a Red Koopa's Shell he can launch really big fire balls.

  • Speed: 5
  • Jump: 6
  • Agility: 4
Purple YoshiSMWWii Purple Yoshi

He can jump really high. He's not nimble but very fast.

  • Speed: 6
  • Jump: 4
  • Agility: 1


Birdo Name Description
Birdo MP9 Pink Birdo

She's a basic Birdo.

  • Speed: 3
  • Jump: 3
  • Agility: 3
Yellow Birdo Yellow Birdo

She's really nible, but she's slow and she jumps low.

  • Speed: 1
  • Jump: 2
  • Agility: 5
Red Birdo Red Birdo

She has high stats, except the agility. If she eat a Red Koopa shell, she can shoot out from her nose/mouth large fireballs.

  • Speed: 6
  • Jump: 4
  • Agility: 2
Light Blue Birdo Blue Birdo

She's a all-around Birdo, but her jumps is a little more high. If she eat a random Koopa shell, she can shoot from her nose/mouth large ice balls.

  • Speed: 3
  • Jump: 4
  • Agility: 3

Baby Yoshis

Birdo Name Description
Green Baby Yoshi Green Baby Yoshi

He eats all the enemies that touch him.

200px-BluebabyyoshiNSMBU Blue Baby Yoshi He eats all the enemies that touch him and he can shoot from his mouth bubbles that can trap any enemies.
Glow Baby Yoshi NSMBU Glow Baby Yoshi He eats all the enemies that touch him. He can make light in dark places.
Cyan Baby Yoshi Cyan Baby Yoshi He eats all the enemies that touch him. If he eat a Blue Koopa Shell, he will shoot Ice Balls for freeze the enemies.
Baby Birdo by Doh Baby Birdo She can shoot eggs from her mouth for defeat the enemies.


Photo Name Description
120px-1upmushroomNSMB2 1-Up Mushroom It gives a life to the player.
Question Block Item Block It contains an item.
Brick Block Brick Block
180px-Used Used Block
Green Warp Pipe NSMBU


Cannon Cannon
BeanstalkNSMBW Beanstalk
Checkpoint Flag SM3DL Check Point flag
Flagpole Flag Pole


Boss Battles

Photo Boss Battle World
NSMBULarry Larry Koopa World 1 - Goomba Hills
Wendy O. Koopa Artwork Wendy O. Koopa World 2 - Delfino Island
Lemmy Koopa SMWU Lemmy Koopa World 3 - Sorbet Glacier
250px-IggyNSMBU Iggy Koopa World 4 - Haunted Woods
Morton Koopa Jr Solo Morton Koopa Jr. World 5 - Rocky Peacks
502px-RoyNSMBU Roy Koopa World 6 - Sarasaland
LudwigNSMBU Ludwig Von Koopa World 7 - Comet Galaxy 
Bowser Koopa Clown Car Bowser World 8 - Lava Hell
DRYBONESBOWSER Dry Bowser World 9 - The Secret World

Mini-Boss Battle


Item Battles

In each world, there are one or two enemies that will try to block you on the road. To defeat them you have to fight a mini-battle and kill all the enemies to, then, win a reward which consist in a power-up.

Photo Name Battle World
Goomba look NSMBU Goomba

There are three different types of battles that alternate, wich are:

Reward: Super mushrooms, 1 Fire flower

Goomba Hills
Gooperblooper01 Gooper Blooper

Stomp on all the 8 Gooper Blooper's tentacles, but watch out, he's trying to make you fall out from the arena and make you loose a life.

Reward: Super Mushrooms, 1 Penguin Suit

Delfino Island
IceBroNSMBU Ice Bro.

Jump on the three Ice Bros., but watch out! Do not touch the Ice balls, or you will frozen a lose a power up.

Reward: Super Mushrooms, 1 Ice FlowerBirdo (after playing three times).

Sorbet Glacier
250px-BooNSMBU Boo

You start the mini battle with a Poltergust 3000. For win the battle, suck all the Boos with the Poltergust and get all the Toad Ballons.

There are three different battles that alternate, which are:

  • 5 Toad Balloons, 4 Boos
  • 7 Toad Balloons, 6 Boos
  • 10 Toad Ballons, 8 Boos

Reward: 2 Super Mushroom, 1 Poltergust 3000

Haunted Woods 
190px-Stone Spike NSMBDIY Spike

Get all the Toad Balloons, but dodge the spiky balls that the five Spikes are trowing.

Reward: 1 Super Mushroom, 2 Fire Flowers

Rocky Peaks
Pokey2NSMBU Pokey

Use the barrels for defeat all the Pokeys.

There are different types of battlets that alternate: which are:

  • 3 Pokeys made by 4 segments
  • 2 Pokeys made by 5 segments
  • 1 Pokey made by 6 segments
SpikyTopman Topman TBA Comet Galaxy
NewPodoboos Podobpoo TBA Lava Hell


Beta elements

  • The game was originally called "Super Mario Bros. 4" and the logo was different.


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