New Super Mario Bros.. 3 Partners in Time (or NSMB3: PIT) is a platform game for the Wii, you can play together locally to 4 players, 8 players online simultaneously, with new powers and new levels. With WiiConnect24 can you view Star Rankings, For Time Trials records to view or racing against ghosts!


Bowser has a good idea, he asks Iggy Koopa to a time machine to make the whole Mushroom Kingdom is thus in the past. The brittle. Should the Mushroom Kingdom to save the future!

If the Bros.bowser reports, the Mushroom Kingdom again in the future. And Mario and Peach are married. Also, Baby Mario and Baby Peach are getting married



He is a Starter


He is a Starter

Baby Mario

He is a Starter

Baby Luigi

He is a Starter


Buy him in Peach’s Castle for 20 Star Coins


Complete World 8 and buy her in Peach Castle for 50 Star Coins

Baby Wario

Buy him in Peach’s Castle for 20 Star Coins

Baby Peach

Complete World 8 and buy her in Peach Castle for 50 Star Coins

Power Ups

Super Mushroom Makes Small Mario grow to their normal size, allows them to break bricks.

Fire Flower Lets Mario shoot fireballs.

Star Makes Mario temporarily invincible but lasts a short time.

Super Leaf Gives Mario the ability of flight and a tail attack.

Cape Feather Slows Mario descent from the air, can fly, damages enemies around while Spin Jumping.


Grass Land

The easiest world, Peach Castle can be found here, for characters to buy as Wario and Baby Peach.

Desert Hill

Ocean Side

Big Island

Iced Land

Pipe Maze

Dark Land

Rainbow Space



Block Function Image
? Block Contains a coin or item when hit. [1]
Brick Block Breaks or contains coins when hit. [2]
Used Block Block that can't break. When a Question Block is hit it turns into a Used Block. [3]
Super Guide Block Appears after Mario dies eight times in a row. When hit, Luigi will clear the stage for Mario. [4]
White-Green Checkered Block A block that when Mario jump on it, it makes him jump higher [5]
Pow Block A block that causes a large tremor on the ground. [6]
Glow Block A block that shines light in dark areas. [7]
Dotted Line Block A block that is transparent. A Switch is needed to activate the block. [8]
Red Switch Block A block that is activated by a Switch. [9]
Lakitu Block When activated a Lakitu appears and it will throw coins. [10]
Propeller Block It is a block that can be picked up and works like the Propeller Mushroom. [11]
Flying ? Blocks A type of Question Block that flies in a rythmatic pattern to the song of a stage. Once hit, it becomes a Used Block. [12]
Giant ? Block A huge question block that only appears in 6-5. Acts like a normal block. [13]
Coin Block A block that contains many coins. Looks just like a Brick Block and become an Used Block when empty. Pops out 5 Coins when used quick enough. [14]
Roulette Block A block with various items scrolling on it. Mario can hit it, and release the power-up shown. [15]
Stretch Block A block made up of 5 segments that stretches to act as a bridge in certain levels. [16]

Items and Objects

Item Function Image
Super Mushroom Turns Mario into Super Mario [17]
1-Up Mushroom Gives Mario an extra life. [18]
Coin Collecting every 100 of these gives the player an extra life. In Coin Battle World, they are used to determine the player's position. [19]
Fire Flower Turns the player into Fire Mario [20]
Red Ring Makes 8 Red Coins appear. [21]
Red Coin Collecting all 8 Red Coins that appear after passing through a Red Ring gives the player(s) a Super Mushroom, Fire Flower or 1-Up Mushroom, depending on what power-up the player is currently using. [22]
Blue Coin Just like normal Coins, but appear by hitting a P-Switch. [23]
Super Star Turns Mario, into Invincible Mario, [24]
Star Coin Three of these are located in every course in hard-to-reach or hidden areas. They are used to buy Super Play movies in Peach's Castle, after collecting all Star Coins, all of the Toad Houses will be open and used without disappearing. In Coin Battle World, they are worth thrice a coin [25]
Dash Coin An outline of a coin that will become a coin if the player goes through them. [26]
Berries A berry that Yoshi eats. When Yoshi eats five berries, he'll make an egg that contains an item. [27]
Barrel A barrel that Mario can pick up and throw at enemies to defeat'em and at coins to collect them. [28]
Tilt Lift A lift that the player can tilt when Mario is on it and tilts the Wii Remote. [29]
Toad Balloon Items that appear in the enemy course. Mario must collect all of them to clear the course. [30]
P-Switch Turns Brick Blocks in Coins or vice versa or it causes the revealing of Silver Coins. [31]
? Switch Changes or Adds to an area, such as platforms, for a limited time. [32]
! Switch A switch that will change all the dotted lines into platforms in World 3-4. It will also cause the bridge in the World 8 Castle to fall and drop Bowser in the lava. [33]
Springboard A trampoline type item that if pressed 2 while on it will cause the player to go high into the air. [34]
Donut Lift A platform that will fall under a players weight if Mario stays there for too long. As Mini Mario, he is light enough so it won't fall. [35]
Midway Point A flag that acts like a checkpoint. It has Bowser's insignia, but if a player touches it, it is replaced by which ever character touched it. If Small Mario touches it, he will transform into Super Mario [36]
Beanstalk Used as ladder that can lead to Coin Heaven, or a secret place. Comes out of a hidden block or brick block. [37]
Ice Block A block that is created by an enemy that was frozen with an iceball. They can be picked up and thrown like a barrel. [38]
Hero Car A type of Koopa Clown Car that lets the player battle Bowser Jr. [39]
Giant Bubble Huge Masses of water that float in the air; acts as if Mario and Co. is in water. [40]
Yoshi Egg An egg that Yoshi produces after eating five berries. They contain Power Ups. Each color Yoshi release different color eggs. [41]