New Super Mario Bros. 3 is a game for the Gamer's Phone, and is a sequel to New Super Mario Bros. 2. It costs $5 on the App Store, and was made by TTY Inc.


There was an Art Show at Peach's Castle, and Mario was invited to be a judge. Mario looked at three sculptors for the Sculptor Exhibit. The first one was made by Luigi and Gasparo, who made a Fire Flower. The second one was made by Yoshi, which was him eating a snack (a Goomba). The last one was made by an odd man (which every one can tell it's Bowser Jr.), who made a Koopa Clown Car with the Koopalings inside! Peach joins Mario, and they both look at it in aw. Then, the statues turn into the Koopalings, who jump out, and kidnap Peach (Bowser Jr. fallows after taking off his disguise). Mario runs after them, but then comes back with an F Sheet. He puts it on Bowser Jr's Sculptor, but then chases after them again.