New Super Mario Bros. 3 is the fifth installment for the New Super Mario Bros. series


Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad are walking through the Yoshi's Island, taking a vacation. Until Bowser appears in his Koopa Copter and tries to kidnap Peach but the Bros. and Toad pull on the crane and frees Peach. Bowser gets angry and flies to his castle. Toad finds out that Bowser took over a few islands with enemies. The team must stop Bowser and his Koopa Troop from taking over the world. Meanwhile in Bowser's Castle in Bowser's Volcanic Valley, a master plan is conceived is to search the eight orbs to power a mecha-doomsday machine.


Image Name Description
335px-Mario - Mario & Luigi Dream Team
Mario Our hero in red is back to defeat the nefarious King Bowser. Mario is a all around character with no disadvantages.
292px-Luigi - Mario & Luigi Dream Team
Luigi Mario's brother, and cowardly fighter. Luigi jumps the highest out of any of the four, but has the worst traction.
Princess Peach TTS
Peach Peach helps our heroes in this game instead of being kidnapped. She can float in mid-air, but she's the slowest of the four
Blue Toad
Toad Since he's one of Mario's friends, Blue Toad helps Mario to stop Bowser. He's the fastest of the four, but he jumps very low


Power Ups

Image Name Description
Super Mushroom Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Super Mushroom Mario's common form. It gives Mario an extra hit. When he's hit, he shrinks to Small Mario.
482px-Fire Flower Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Fire Flower The most common power up. It gives Mario the ability to shoot fireballs. When he's hit, Mario shrinks back to Super Mario
Ice Flower Mario's common form. It's like Fire Mario, but instead of shooting fire, it shoots iceballs and freezes the player.
Super Leaf Item
Super Leaf This is another common form. It gives Mario the ability to fly. It also spins Mario's tail to hit other enemies.
Mini Mushroom-0
Mini Mushroom This is an very uncommon power up. It gives Mario to walk on water and climb walls. If Mario gets hit, he dies.
Penguin Suit
Penguin Suit This is also an uncommon form. Mario can shoot ice balls and slide on his belly.
Chicken Suit NSMBVR
Chicken Suit Another uncommon form. It shoots fireballs, and could fly. It's the opposite of Penguin Mario.
Gold Flower NSMB2
Gold Flower A very rare power up. It's like Fire Mario, but the fireballs will turn into coins.
424px-Super Star Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Super Star A very rare power-up. It gives Mario the ability to be unstoppable for a twenty seconds. In the final battle, Mario gets to use it to fight Bowser.


Image Color Description
Green The original Yoshi. it doesn't have any powers.
Red This Yoshi will breathe flames when he eats an enemy
Blue Yoshi
Blue This Yoshi will fly in the air when he eats an enemy
Yellow This Yoshi makes quakes when he eats an enemy.
MKDX Orange Yoshi
Orange This Yoshi goes quicker when he eats an enemy
ACL Purple Yoshi
Purple This Yoshi can teleport when he eats an enemy.


World 1: Yoshi's Island

Level Number Level Name Description Stamp
Yoshi's Island-1 Welcome to Yoshi's Island! A simple grassy level that first shows the Fire Flower, the Goombas, and the Koopas. Mario Stamp
Yoshi's Island-2 Monty's Caverns An underground level to have Monty Moles, and Piranha Plants. Monty

Mole Stamp

Yoshi's Island-3 Yoshi's Grassy Garden A grass level that has the debut of Yoshi in the game. The level has a new enemy called Feary Flower, who fires its pedals, and sometimes apples. Yoshi Stamp
Yoshi's Island-Tower Fence-Climb Tower The first fortress of World 1. The level has fences that the player will have to climb to to reach the boss door. Boom-Boom Stamp
Yoshi's Island-4 Para-Sky Heights A sky themed level with bouncing mushrooms and para-enemies, Koopa Troopa Stamp
Yoshi's Island-5 Cheep Cheep's Stream An underwater/ground level with different kinds of Cheep Cheeps. Logs and mushrooms will be common on the ground section. Cheep Cheep Stamp
Yoshi's Island-6 Hammer Brother's Moving Hills A grassy level with Hammer Bros. The level will also have rolling hills. Hammer Brother Stamp
Yoshi's Island-Secret Shy Guy's Turf A grassy level with Shy Guys. There will be lots of pits where the Shy Guys jump out of. Shy Guy Stamp
Yoshi's Island-Castle Iggy's Gear-Smash Castle The castle of the first world. There's spinning gears that the player needs to jump on while avoiding Dry Bones. Thwomps and Fire-Bars appear too. The boss is Iggy Koopa. Iggy Koopa Stamp

World 2: Cheesy Desert

Level Number Level Name Description Stamp
Cheesy Desert-1 Cluck-Cluck Dunes The first level of the second world. It debuts the Chicken Suit. The level features Spikes, and a new enemy called Roostter, who will spit out fireballs. Chicken Mario Stamp
Cheesy Desert-2 Stonehead Cove A level with moving stone heads. This level marks the return of Gao from Super Mario Land Gao Stamp
Cheesy Desert-3 Pokey's Pyramid A level that's inside of a pyramid. This is the Yoshi level in World 2. This level will have different types of Pokeys Pokey Stamp
Cheesy Desert-4 Spike's Grand Geysers A level with different kinds of Spikes. The level also has sandspouts that that will hinder Mario's progress Spike/Spike Ball Stamp
Cheesy Desert-Tower Crushing-Pillar Tower The fortress of the second world. There will be pillars that will crush the player. Bone-like enemies will appear here. This will be the final time you'll fight Boom Boom. Dry Bones Stamp
Cheesy Desert-5 Mysterious Golden Oasis A level with the Gold Flower. The level will be underwater with Urchins blocking most of the path. Gold Mario Stamp
Cheesy Desert-6 Spiny's Sandstorm A level that takes place in a sandstorm. There will be Spinies that fly around the level. Spiny Egg Stamp
Cheesy Desert-7 Angry Sun Highlands A sky level with the return of the Angry Sun. The level will take place mostly on lifts. Angry Sun Stamp
Cheesy Desert-Secret Quicksand Tunnel An underground level with quicksand. Sandmaggarghs and other desert enemies appear in this level. Sandmagargh Stamp
Cheesy Desert-Castle Roy's Lava-Erupt Castle The castle of the second world. The level is on platforms over lava. Lava geysers and bubbles erupt from the lava. Dry Bone heads will also jump out of the lava. The boss is Roy Koopa Roy Koopa Stamp

World 3: Soda Seaside

Level Number Level Name Description Stamp
Soda Seaside-1 Geyser Archipalego The first level of the third world. Water Geysers will constantly rise all out the level. Also, Cheep-Cheeps can jump out of the geysers. Water Geyser Stamp
Soda Seaside-2 Blooper's Deep-Sea Lagoon An underwater level with Bloopers. There will be a new enemy called Ock-Shock, an octopus that fires lightning Blooper Stamp
Soda Seaside-3 Dance of the Dolphins A level that has the return of Dolphins. There will be Cheep Cheeps that will jump out of the water. Dolphin Stamp
Soda Seaside-Mansion Fishbone's Haunted Ship The first ghost house level in the game. This level will be on a shipwreck, with Fishbones. Some of the level will be in the dark. Fishbone Stamp
Soda Seaside-Tower Submerged Fortress An underwater/fortress level. Fishbones and other devices will be guarding the area. The boss is Pom Pom. Pom Pom Stamp
Soda Seaside-4 Huckit Crab's Sand-Hut A level in a sandcastle. Huckit Crabs are all around the area. this level is a little bit of a maze. Huckit Crab Stamp
Soda Seaside-5 Urchin's Waves A level with tall waves. Urchins can be caught in the waves and can get thrown by the waves. Urchin Stamp
Soda Seaside-6 Cheep Chomp's Cavern An underwater/cave level with a Cheep Chomp chasing you throughout the level. Also, other water enemies too. Cheep Chomp Stamp
Soda Seaside-Secret Itsy-Bitsy Island A level where Mini Mario can walk on water while avoiding spikes and other enemies. Mini Mario Stamp
Soda Seaside-Castle Wendy's Flood-Rise Castle The castle of the third world. There, the water will rise and decrease, a lot. There will be water enemies, that will be beached when the water decreases. The boss is Wendy O. Koopa Wendy O. Koopa Stamp

World 4: Gelato Glacier

Level Number Level Name Description Stamp
Gelato Glacier-1 Penguin Tundra The first level of the fourth world. This level debuts the Penguin Suit. Penguin enemies also appear in the level. Penguin Mario Stamp
Gelato Glacier-2 Snowball Peak A level that goes up a steep hill. Snow Spikes will will bombard you with snowballs. Spiked Snowballs roll around the level after the checkpoint. Snow Spike Stamp
Gelato Glacier-Mansion Shifting Boo Shack The second ghost house level. This level takes place in a mansion populated by different kinds of Boos. Boo Stamp
Gelato Glacier-3 Ice Bro's Hideout A frozen cave level with Ice Bros. This level takes place over platforms over bottomless pits. Ice Brother Stamp
Gelato Glacier-4 Flame Chomp's Summit A sky level with mushrooms. Flame Chomps are all around the level spitting fire on the mushrooms. Flame Chomp Stamp
Gelato Glacier-Tower Elevator Tower Like every tower in the ice world, this level is on a elevator. Spike Balls roll on the elevator in this level. The boss is the final fight with Pom Pom. Bone Piranha Plant Stamp
Gelato Glacier-5 Fliprus's Frozen Lake A water level. Flipruses will be on crates firing snowballs. Cheep Cheeps will be under the water. Fliprus Stamp
Gelato Glacier-6 Buster's Block Bash A level that's taken in a maze of blocks. Buster Beetles will throw some blocks out of the way. The player can use the Super Leaf to break the blocks or skip the level. Buster Beetle Stamp
Gelato Glacier-7 Angry Moon's Armada A level with the Angry Moon over blue lava pools. The Angry Moon will fire iceballs which can freeze the player. Angry Moon Stamp
Gelato Glacier-Secret Freezeflame Cave An underground level with fire/ice elements in it. There will be ice-related enemies, and lava pools that erupt geysers. Lava Geyser Stamp
Gelato Glacier-Castle Lemmy's Spin-Belt Castle The fourth castle. The players will ride on conveyor belts while avoiding Lemmy's circus balls. Venus Piranha Trapscan be on the belts spitting fire at you. The boss is Lemmy Koopa Lemmy Koopa Stamp

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