New Super Mario Bros. 3 is the fifth installment for the New Super Mario Bros. series

New Super Mario Bros. 3 (3DS)
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)


Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad are walking through the Toadtown, just taking a break from Bowser. Until Bowser appears in his Koopa Copter and tries to kidnap Peach but the Bros. and Toad pull on the crane and frees Peach. Bowser gets angry and flies to his castle. Toad finds out that Bowser took over a few islands with enemies. The team must stop Bowser and his Koopa Troop from taking over the world. Meanwhile in Bowser's Castle in Bowser's Volcanic Valley, a master plan is conceived is to search the eight orbs and some of the Dark Star to power a mecha-doomsday machine.


Image Name Description
335px-Mario - Mario & Luigi Dream Team
Mario Our hero in red is back to defeat the nefarious King Bowser. Mario is a all around character with no disadvantages.
292px-Luigi - Mario & Luigi Dream Team
Luigi Mario's brother, and cowardly fighter. Luigi jumps the highest out of any of the four, but has the worst traction.
Princess Peach TTS
Peach Peach helps our heroes in this game instead of being kidnapped. She can float in mid-air, but she's the slowest of the four
Blue Toad
Toad Since he's one of Mario's friends, Blue Toad helps Mario to stop Bowser. He's the fastest of the four, but he jumps very low


Image Name Info.
Bowser The nefarious King Bowser is back, BETTER THAN EVER!!! This time, he does not want Peach, he wants some kind of Ultra Ztar to take over the Mushroom Kingdom with.
Kamek Bowser's wizard assistant, always wrecking havoc between worlds to hinder (and possibly troll) Mario and the crew.
357px-Bowser Jr. - Paper Jam
Bowser Jr. Bowser's only son just wants to impress his father by defeating the Mario Brothers. He always shows up in his signature Koopa Clown Car with NEW attachments to stop Mario.
The koopalings art v 2 by tails19950-d5kojyl
Koopalings These guys just can't take a break, because Bowser's always sending them out with menacing machines, and gadgets. They will each be a castle boss in each world.
623px-Fawful artwork MLBiS
Fawful An unexpected villain comes back to life,(after Bowser tried to resurrect the Dark Star) to take over the world once more. What part is this beanish circus act gonna play?

Power Ups

Image Name Description
Super Mushroom Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Super Mushroom Mario's common form. It gives Mario an extra hit. When he's hit, he shrinks to Small Mario.
File:482px-Fire Flower Artwork - Super Mario 3D World.png
Fire Flower The most common power up. It gives Mario the ability to shoot fireballs. When he's hit, Mario shrinks back to Super Mario
Super Acorn Item
Super Acorn Makes Mario grow to Squirrel Mario, so he can glide and climb onto walls. This is a common item.
Ice Flower Mario's common form. It's like Fire Mario, but instead of shooting fire, it shoots iceballs and freezes the player.
SMG3 Dash pepper
Dash Pepper Usually, this treat is for Yoshi, but Mario gets the chance to have it as well. It makes him run like Sonic the Hedgehog, and could stop at any time.
Blimp Fruit
Blimp Fruit Also, a Yoshi-fruit Mario gets to use. It makes the character act like the P-Balloon power up from Super Mario World.
File:Super Leaf Item.png
Super Leaf This is another common form. It gives Mario the ability to fly. It also spins Mario's tail to hit other enemies.
Rock Mushroom SMBU
Rock Mushroom Makes Mario evolve into a boulder and roll into other enemies. Also can make ground pounds like the yellow Yoshi.
Mini Mushroom-0
Mini Mushroom This is an very uncommon power up. It gives Mario to walk on water and climb walls. If Mario gets hit, he dies.
Penguin Suit
Penguin Suit This is also an uncommon form. Mario can shoot ice balls and slide on his belly.
Chicken Suit NSMBVR
Chicken Suit Another uncommon form. It shoots fireballs, and could fly. It's the opposite of Penguin Mario.
Gold Flower NSMB2
Gold Flower A very rare power up. It's like Fire Mario, but the fireballs will turn into coins.
424px-Super Star Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Super Star A very rare power-up. It gives Mario the ability to be unstoppable for a twenty seconds. In the final battle, Mario gets to use it to fight Bowser.
Mega Mushroom This makes Mario grow colossal in size. Th


Image Color Description
Green The original Yoshi. it doesn't have any powers.
Red This Yoshi will breathe flames when he eats an enemy
Blue Yoshi
Blue This Yoshi will fly in the air when he eats an enemy
Yellow This Yoshi makes quakes when he eats an enemy.
MKDX Orange Yoshi
Orange This Yoshi goes quicker when he eats an enemy
ACL Purple Yoshi
Purple This Yoshi can teleport when he eats an enemy.


# Name Description Boss Exit to...
0 Toadtown Square Basically, the intro stage in the game. Toads teach you the basics of the game. At the end of the level, you'll fight Bowser. After completing the level, this will be the hub world of the game
1 Toadtown Outskirts A vast, hilly, grassland thriving with plant life. It's near the Toadtown. Basic enemies like Goombas and Koopas will be common here. Also, look out for the deadly plants.
Larry NSMBWii
Larry Koopa- Super Mario World Fusion
Flutter 2
2 Desert Dream This hot valley used to be an ocean, until Iggy used the Angry Sun to evaporate the ocean. Now, its a sandy desert with cacti, and slanted mountains. Look out for Iggy's goons (Pokeys, Peppnades, and Dry Bones).
Iggy colouring book
250px-MPSR King Bob-omb Obliteration
A The Mushroom Dimension The first dimension in the game. It's a pinkish place with mushroom esque clouds.
BOOM-BOOM -UNLOCkable player
3 Bubbleblast Lagoon A rocky, tropical resort in the Mushroom Islands. The annoying water levels will be back, thanks to the narcissistic Wendy O. Koopa. Enemies consist of Cheep Cheeps, Bloopers, Boomerang Brothers, and Troopeas.
Wendy O. Koopa without tail
Gooper Blooper Sunshine
4 Jovial Jungle A forest located at the most southern point of the Mushroom Kingdom. The jungle is dark and forbidding, filled to the brim with giant enemies, poison water, and tree stumps. Lemmy has a variety of minions (Bramballs, Wigglers, Spear Guys, and Pestnuts) in store for you.
Lemmy Koopa- Super Mario World Fusion
B The Flower Dimension The second dimension in the game. It's a light-greenish place with flower-esque clouds.
MKXL Pom Pom
5 Polar Palace An abandoned frozen palace island in the northern part of the Mushroom Kingdom. The palace is made out of ice and snow, populated by Boos. Roy is planning to melt the palace. Can you stop him, before its too late?
MLSS+BM Artwork - Roy Koopa
509px-King Boo Artwork MSS
6 Sky Station A stone fortress set high above the clouds, which serves as Ludwig's base of operations. You'll meet the strongest enemies in the game like Magikoopas and Bomb Boos.
Ludwig Battle Cards
Lakithunder SMAAS
C The Leaf Dimension The third dimension in the game. It's a darkish-brown place with leaf-esque clouds
Bowser Jr. - Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle
7 Crimson Courtyard This is it. You're close to Bowser's Castle. We're in a volcanic wasteland full of military fortresses. Here, we'll chase the final Koopaling: Morton, to his castle. Look out for Fire Bros., Lava Bubbles, and Magmaws
Morton Koopa Jr Solo
8 The Moon None


Major Bosses

Picture Name Description
Bowser #1 (The Adventure Begins) The first boss of the game. The easiest boss in the game. He slowly walks around throwing hammers. Hit his head once, and he'll go down.
Larry Koopa- Super Mario World Fusion
Larry Koopa #1 (Toadtown Outskirts) The first Koopaling boss in the game. He acts similar to Iggy in SMW. It takes place on a moving cliff. Larry will use his wand to shoot out orange projectiles. Jump on Larry's head to move him off the cliff three times to win the fight.
Iggy colouring book
Iggy Koopa #1 (Desert Dream) The second Koopaling boss. Iggy rides on a Chain Chomp chariot, throwing pepper-like grenades from his wand (red peppers make lava puddles, yellow peppers explode on impact). Sometimes, Iggy likes to switch between another chariot around the arena. Hit Iggy's head three times to defeat him.
SM3DL Boom Boom Solo Art
Boom Boom #1 (The Mushroom Dimension) The boss of the first secret world (fourth boss, overall). Before the fight, Kamek makes Boom Boom's fists grow bigger. Boom-Boom just walks around, slamming his fists making stone blocks fall down on the ceiling. Due to his durability, you have to ground-pound his head five times.
Wendy O Koopa 3D
Wendy O. Koopa #1 (Bubbleblast Lagoon) The third Koopaling boss. Wendy hides in six yellow pipes in the arena. Wendy will go in the sewers spin a wheel causing the room to flood, and three of the pipes will shoot out bubble jets. She also throws homing hearts.
Lemmy Koopa- Super Mario World Fusion
Lemmy Koopa #1 (Jovial Jungle) Lemmy is the fourth Koopaling boss. The floor is a conveyor belt over poison water. Lemmy will be riding on his ball with spikes, firing Bob-ombs. After two hits, toxic Lava Bubbles begin to show up.
MKXL Pom Pom
Pom Pom (The Flower Dimension) The second secret boss (the seventh boss overall), Pom Pom is pretty easy compared to Boom-Boom. She jumps around the room teleporting while shooting ninja stars. Pom Pom can also freeze the player with her ice breath. You need to ground-pound on her head five times (just like Boom-Boom).
MLSS+BM Artwork - Roy Koopa
Roy Koopa #1 (Polar Palace) The fifth Koopaling boss. Roy's battle arena is in a windowless room with three candles. You can't hurt Roy, because he will dodge all your attacks. Roy will be kicking ice cubes in your direction. The player will have to pick up a ice cube, and throw it at a candle. When all candles are off, Roy can be vulnerable to be hit on.
Ludwig Battle Cards
Ludwig von Koopa #1

(Sky Station)

The penultimate Koopaling boss. Ludwig will have three cards he'll randomly pick. If the card is red, he'll flash a flurry of fireballs from his wand. If the card is yellow, Ludwig will hover in the air and electrify the ground with thunderbolts. And if the card is blue, he'll transform into a tornado and spin recklessly.
Bowser Jr. - Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle
Bowser Jr. #1 (The Leaf Dimension) The final boss of the special worlds. He'll be in the Clown Copter in the skies. The player will be standing on a lone platform. Bowser Jr will be in the background shoot exploding cannonballs. The player will have to hold a turnip on the battlefield and throw it at the royal brat.
Morton Koopa Jr Solo
Morton Koopa Jr. #1

(Crimson Courtyard)

The final Koopaling boss. The battlefield will be on stone pillars over a fiery pit of lava. The big Koopaliing will inflate into a balloon and smash the ground, causing some of the platforms to sink.