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New Super Mario Bros. 3D Logo
NSMB3D Boxart
The boxart of New Super Mario Bros. 3D
Developer(s) Nico Corporation
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo NATES
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
ERating 3Rating USK6 OFLC-G CERO A
Genre(s) Adventure

New Super Mario Bros. 3D is a game released in 2012 for the Nintendo NATES. This is the sequel to New Super Mario Bros. Wii, released in 2009. This game features a multiplayer mode to 6 players simultaneously.


It is Princess Daisy's birthday and as Mario, Luigi and their friends are celebrating, a huge cake slides in. For Princess Daisy is a surprise, everyone was dressed up as Princess Daisy. Immediately, Bowser and Bowser Jr. pop out and throw the giant cake on top of Daisy, trapping her inside. From there, the villains load her onto their ship while Mario, Luigi, Blue Toad, Red Toad, Yellow Toad and Princess Peach follow closely. The Toads from the castle soon use a cannon to blast away the suits towards Mario and the others so they can have access to them.

When Mario and the gang finally get to the final castle, they find none other than Bowser himself. One of them has to jump on a! Switch behind Bowser to defeat him, sending him falling into the lava below. After, Mario, Luigi, Yellow Toad, Princess Peach, Red Toad and Blue Toad celebrate their victory, they see Daisy crying in a cage. However, she turns out to be Kamek in Daisy's dress. Kamek then powers Bowser up, making him huge. After Bowser has been powered up, the four can do nothing but flee from the giant boss. Soon they find a dead end with a huge ! Switch. They push it, and Giant Bowser falls through the floor in final defeat as Princess Daisy is released from her cage. As they venture out, they see Mario, Blue Toad, Red Toad, Princess Peach and Yellow Toad arrive in their hot air balloons. Mario lets Luigi and Daisy into his balloon and is accidentally left behind. The Three Toads then offer Luigi a ride in their balloon. As they sail off, Daisy asks Luigi if she told him about the Secret World.


New Super Mario Bros. 3D is a game suitable for everybody. Whether in single player or multiplayer, you enjoyed the 10 spectacular worlds. The concept is very similar to New Super Mario Bros. Wii, but nevertheless contains several elements of Super Mario Land and Super Mario World.


Playable Characters

Image Name Description Ability Unlockable by...
NsmbMario Mario The main hero of the series is back for a new adventure. With his friends, Mario will fight for... Princess Daisy! He is the only one who can brake immediately. He's already unlocked
NSMBWii Luigi Luigi He's the guy which stood very long in his bro's shadows, and was mostly known as "green guy" to many Toads. He's however, very popular among Mario fans. He's scared for ghosts, yes, but nobody can beat him in high jumping! His jumps are higher than any other. He's already unlocked
Princess Peach Princess Peach The sister of Princess Peach has been kidnapped! So, Peach and her friends took their legs cut to free the princess from the clutches of the evil Bowser, who is used to kidnap the other princess. She does not run fast but can jump very high with her umbrella. She's already unlocked
NSMBΩYellowToad Yellow Toad He's a bit sleepy, but is always awake when searching for Peach. Also, there's nobody who runs faster than Yellow Toad. Runs faster than the other six. He's already unlocked


Green Toad The Toad in the fate worthy of an adventurer. He loves adventure and loves to accompany Mario on his quests. he runs quietly, but a good jump. He's already unlocked
Red Toad Red Toad The Red Toad usua lto help the Princess Peach. But this time is that his sister will help! He has a good jump and runs normally. He's already unlocked

Non-Playable Character



Grassland Enemies

Underground Enemies

Water Enemies

Desert Enemies

Ice Enemies

Island Enemies

Rainforest Enemies

Mountain Enemies

Sky Enemies

Lava Enemies

Ghost House Enemies

Fortress Enemies

Castle Enemies

Airship Enemies

References to Other Games

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