Old Gameplay, New Adventure.

Three months have passed after Bowser's latest defeat, the Mario Bros. enjoy their vacation. However, they see Wario and Waluigi searching the treasure. Wario, however has accidentally pushed Diddy Kong, which Donkey Kong goes mad and attack them. Then Blue Toad and Yellow Toad appear and told the heroes:

Blue Toad: Princess Peach is kidnapped! It's not Bowser, it's...It's Geno!!!

The heroes don't know why Geno do a such a crime. Then they see Mallow run and accidectly to the heroes.

Mallow: Geno betrayed me! He uses the Ztars to brainwash Bowser's Troops and kidnap Peach to wake up the Ultra Star!!

Then Bowser and Bowser.Jr., then Yoshi and Birdo appears, when they heard the bad news. No one know why Geno is going to do that. You can play up to 12 Players!


Mario The famous plumber is back for more! His all around help him to overcome difficult situation. He can do the Star Spin to take out nearest enemies.
Luigi This second-banana plumber is a bit more cowardly but tend to steal Mario's reputation. He can jump higher then Mario.
Blue Toad One of the Toad Hero, he can do anything in order to help their mate. He is less timid then Luigi...slightly. He can bash enemies that it can hurt bosses!
Yellow Toad Blue Toad's both rival and friend. He is one of the Toad Hero too. He can try to do his best! He can lift slightly-heavy frozen enemies. But can't jump as high as Blue Toad can.
Yoshi The cutest and Mario's one of best dinosaur friend is back! He is completely different compared to any other. He can eat enemies, lay eggs, then throw them with B/X. He can't do Spin Jump but Flutter Jump instand. He is the fastest character too!
Birdo. Yoshi's trusted friend, but no one is sure if it a man or woman. It can sunk enemies to then spit egg back. It have low jump but it is as strong as Yellow Toad.
Donkey Kong. The king of jungle is strong and a banana lover. His strength can surpass Wario's but not Bowser's. Second-strongest character. Have low jump but can Punch to take out tough enemies. He can climb too. (His nephew can do it too!) He is the second-slowest.
Diddy Kong. His jetpack was stolen by the brainwashed Ludwig! But he still have his Peanut Popgun so watch out for him! Speedy and can jump high. But as strong as Blue Toad. He can climb like his uncle.
Wario. Mario's rival and a real fatty, meanie man. But he actually help him for treasures! Third-strongest character (And third slowest.) Can Punch. Cannot jump high but he can smell Coins...and Items too!
Waluigi. Luigi's cheatsy rival. But he help the other for simply for treasures! He can jump higher then Luigi but have the lowest strengh. He can Spin Jump as high as a normal jump.


If you beat a Boss, you can save. If you complete the game, you can save whenever you want!

Mushroom Plain. (World.) Spiny Desert. Frozen Snowland. Iggy's Circus. Sky-High Tower. Bullet Plain. Space Land. Bowser's Castle. Geno's Generator World. Special World.
Larry Koopa. (Fortress Boss.) Roy Koopa. (Fortress Boss.) Lemmy Koopa. Iggy Koopa. Wendy O. Koopa. Morton Koopa Jr. Ludwig Koopa. (Reward Diddy Kong a Jetpack Barrels!)


Dark Star. All Fortress Bosses. (You actually have to fight one by one. A Toad will give you a Mushroom before you meet another boss.)
Boom-Boom X 2 (Castle Boss.) King Bob-Omb Petey Pirahna. B.B.B. Team. Dry Bowser. Morton Koopa Sr. Dino Pirahna. Fawful and Midbus. Ultra Geno.

All Castle Bosses, plus King K.Rool. (Spoiler!)

The Enemy Courses are different: They are all Hammer Bros. species!

  • World 1: Hammer.
  • World 2: Fire.
  • World 3: Ice.
  • World 4: Boomering.
  • World 5: Sledge.
  • World 6: Hammer and Boomering.
  • World 7: Fire and Ice.
  • World 8: Slegde and Thunder.
  • World 9: All type of Hammer Bros.!
  • World 10: None, as this World is a Special World.


These aren't playable but they can help Mario & Co.

Toad. He can help you by giving you a rare Item if you rescue him.
Toadette. She gives you 3-Ups if you rescue her! She is uncommon.
Toadsworth. He give you very rare Items such as Stars. But of course you need to rescue him! He is rarely appear.
Cranky Kong.

Unlike the other, you don't need to rescue him. He give you a challenge to take out certain enemies to get a very rare Item! This fellow appears in Special World.

Mellow appear as a Helper to do a Super Guide Player. He act just like Mario but he don't do Spin Stars.


All items form New Super Mario Bros. and New Super Mario Bros. Wii appears plus a Feather Cape, and the new Thunder Flower.


Every enemies form NSMB and NSMBW comes in this game, even the King Bills.


  • Super Mario World: Yoshi is still ridible despite being a playable character. The player can hop on him in a similiar way but it actually only shooting Fire/Ice/Thunder Ball. That mean that Yoshi can still eat enemies by itself as a player. There no music based on this game but if the Player 1 control Yoshi (Yes, it is possble without hacking!), EVERY musics will become SMW Musics in the respective stage.
  • Mario Spin-Offs: CPUs is avaliable. Their performance is equal as the P1's Overall Skill. Waluigi appears on most of those.
  • NSMB(W): All enemies appear, including the awsome King Bills. The Super Guide Block is avaliable. The multiplayers is avaliable. (However, there up to 8 players instand of 4.) The Special World appears after defeat Ultra Geno.
  • Wario Land: Wario is playable.
  • Super Mario Galaxy (1 and 2.): The Space Land is similiar to Good Egg Galaxy. Also Rosalina appear as a damsel in distress, kidnapped by Ludwig. Also Dino Piranha returns in this game.


IGN have given a 10/10 (Perfect!) and called "The True Mario Game". It said that without Square Enix, Nintendo will not be able to use Geno nor Mellow which is boring. The Gamespot give it 9.5/10 and receive many Excellents by non-hyping fans.


  • For people who want to know why Geno wants the Ultra Star;
    • He want to be the most powerful life-form of the whole universe.
    • He is mad for not being appeared in future official Mario games.
    • He want to stop evils for good...but himself because he doesn't have right to use the Ultra Star.
    • He want to be more popular then ALL character in the world.
    • He want to be the ultimate hero. (But he ended up to be evil because he attacked good people.)
  • The New Super Mario Bros. 3DS: D.I.Y. Mode! game have been confirmed and is available only to the Ninten4Online. You can transfer your D.I.Y. Materials and play them! Or you can play these on your Ninten4Online in a simple way.
  • Iggy have originally have a revenge in the Castle 4 with enemies but ended up replaced by the B.B.B. Team.

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