You can create your levels, characters, items, and any other elements from New Super Mario Bros. 3DS, and even play exclusive Multiplayers Modes. You can use your Nintendo 3DS, wireless, to transfer anything from the Ninten4Online. You can even downland other Nintendo and Fantendo elements via Downland Zone. Wario, as usual, host this game. You can even create movies and comic.

D.I.Y. Mode.

There are 3 ways during DIY Mode.

  • Create your element. OR even copy and recolor and/or re-stat your favorite character into someone esle. If you complete your level or character or item or boss/enemy, you MUST test these! If you complete this level, complete a level with this character, and so on, you can save this. You can even save but not publish this element. You can also re-edit this element if you had a bad feeling if your element had a problum. Otherwise, any good reason is welcome.
  • Play yourself. You can also play these on your console. That is, you and the other players if you made this on Public Mode. Private Mode means that only you and your friends can play on the same console or only with your online friends. It work exactly like if you play the original New Super Mario Bros. 3DS (Samtendo09's Version). That's mean that you play in Adventure Mode and Free Play or that you play the Custom Levels.
  • Share them. Once you puplish them, you can now admire yourself as long as this element is good for most of people! But there a trick: This game is rated-E, so if I were you, you shouldn't put blood, strong language or anything that isn't appropriate for childrens and certain parents. If never you did, your element has made a violation and you will be banned for 24 hours. It also means that you shouldn't make memes with inappropriates content and third-party elements and spams, trolls and flaming messages. It also happened to the other player, so if you see an element that violate the rules, choose the Report this (Element name) button.

Multiplayer Modes:

More to come...

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