New Super Mario Bros. 360 is a game for the Xbox 360.


Normal Plot

It is a rainy day and the Tail Tree is having its leaves scattered all over!  Bowser appears and picks up some leaves, then disappears.  The next day, Mario and Luigi look at the empty tree when a brick, catapulting out of Princess Peach's Castle, hits Luigi in the head with a letter on it.  Mario opens the letter, which says that they have a meeting, and reads it and then, he and the headbumped Luigi rush to the castle.  Meanwhile, there, Princess Peach tells the plumbers that Bowser kidnapped several Toads!  Mario said, "Mamamia!  We better knock that ruthless Koopa down!"  Then, the group rushes out to save the Toads!  A Toad, which wasn't kidnapped, follows them.

Before World 2, Luigi gets hit by another brick with a letter from Bowser.  Mario opens it and reads it, saying that he's using leaves to make new minions!  Then the group keeps rushing!

Before World 3, Luigi dodges another brick with a letter from another Toad and the princess catches it.  She opens it and reads it, saying that his friends were captured by Bowser!

There are more brick cutscenes with similar plotlines.

After World 8, Bowser gets hit by a brick so he can give back the kidnapped Toads and everyone returns home.



  1. Mario
  2. Luigi
  3. Princess Peach
  4. Toad
  5. Avatar


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  1. Toads
  2. Toadette
  3. Toadsworth
  4. Para-Buddle
  5. Tiddlywinks
  6. Golden Mario


  1. Bowser
  2. Bowser Jr.
  3. Boom Boom
  4. Pom Pom
  5. Reznor
  6. Koopalings
  7. Sumo Bro.
  8. False Bowser
  9. Dry Bowser
  10. Deux Bowser


  1. Mushroom Kingdom
  2. The Dry and Deadly Desert
  3. Blizzard Gulch
  4. The Huge Jungle Of Hugeness
  5. Starry Beach
  6. Monty Mountain
  7. The Sky
  8. Bowser's Colossal Castle


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  • This is the first NSMB platformer game for the Xbox 360.
  • This game's Deux Bowser has human teeth instead of the real Bowser.
  • Luigi keeps getting attacked by flying bricks in this game.

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