New Super Mario Bros. 3 is a complete rip off of NSMB2. The game is shit. It is the Third New Super Mario Bros. game to feature the same everything. The game was released after nothing.


The Gay Baby Jail

Mushroom Jail

Gay Zone

Shroomlantis Shit

Awful gameplay

Cake Mountains duck

Shy Guy's Toyboxfuck

Bowser's Keep ... not

Fawful's Fantabulous Funhouse Frenzy of Fun... not!


The game has a musch deeper story than most Mario platformers. The beginning and end of each world is acompanied by a cut-scene. All the cut scenes are shown from a 2-D perspective, like the game, and feature full voice acting.

The Opening Movie

Mario, who is dressed in a tuxedo, is setting the table for a romantic dinner at his house for him and Peach. He is scattering rose petals on the ground, when the doorbell rings. Mario runs to the door and opens it. Peach, who is dressed in a sparkly pink dress, walks in. They are getting ready to eat when the ground rumbles. They run outside and see a huge Doomship heading straight for Peach's castle. Peach stays at Mario's house, and he runs towards the castle.


In the Mushroom Kingdom Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess Peach find that Bowser and Bowser Jr. got all the Koopalings together in Bowser's Airship and are getting ready to take over the Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser jumps down and kidnaps Peach. Toad runs away to tell the Kings and Mario and Luigi ran after Bowser. However, it was to late, Bowser's Koopalings had taken over each of the seven worlds and turned the kings into different creatures. Mario and Luigi go though six of the different worlds, beating all the Koopalings. Bowser Jr. run and told Bowser about the trouble. Bowser was mad and told Bowser Jr. to go and protect the key to Dark Land (World 8). Mario and Luigi beat Bowser Jr. and used the key to enter Dark Land. In the end, Mario and Luigi beat Bowser and send him out of the Mushroom Kingdom. Luigi asked Mario if they would have to beat Bowser again and before Mario could reply, Peach asked Mario and Luigi to come on a vacation with her and the Toads. Mario and Luigi agreed and set off of on another adventure (Super Mario Sunshine).