Developer(s) GamelineLogo
Publisher(s) Old logo-4-
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan TBA
25px-Flag of USA TBA
25px-Flag of Europe TBA
1-2 Player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) 3D Platformer
Media Included Nintendo 3DS cartridge

New Super Mario Bros. ♪ is a sequel to the DS game New Super Mario Bros.. It is going to be released to Nintendo 3DS, made by Game Line, Inc.. This game is the first in New Super Mario Bros. Series to be played in 3D. It also features new enemies, items and characters.

The Nintendo eShop describes the game as "musical".


New Super Mario Bros. ♪ have a gameplay similar to Super Mario Galaxy's. The player can perform a variety of useful jumps, such as Long Jumps or Wall Jumps. Mario can also fly or spin with the Raccoon Leaf.


  • D-Pad/Circle Pad: Move
  • X/Y: Shoot Fireball, Run, Spin
  • R/L: Crouch
  • A/B: Jump
    • D-Pad/Circle Pad + R/L + A/B: Long Jump
    • R/L + A/B: Backflip
    • A/B during wall slide: Wall Jump


The levels will end with a Roullete Box, that will roll with a Super Mushroom, Star or a ♪. The item that is hit, will be given for the player. Besides ? Blocks, Brick Blocks and ♪ Blocks, the game features giant ♪ Blocks. All levels contain a "♪ Coin" (they should be collected to access the Lost World), a big yellow coin with a note carved in it.


Name Description
Super Mushroom Turns Mario into Super Mario.
1-Up Mushroom Gives Mario an Extra-Life.
Super Leaf Turns Mario into Raccoon Mario. With this power, Mario can fly and flutter.
♪ Mushroom Turns Mario into ♪ Mario. With this, Mario can throw ♪s. It replaces the Fire Flower of other Mario games. Mario can also protect himself, surrounded by ♪s, that will defend enemies attacks, but he can't walk or jump while protected.
Bomber Flower Turns Mario into Bomber Mario. Mario, with this power-up, Mario can throw Bob-Ombs.
Coin 50 of them will grant an 1-Up. With they, Mario can buy items in shops. Have a ♪ carved in it.
♪s fall from the sky just like Star Bits. When they hit ground, they will make an musical note sound.
♪ Coin One per level, they must be collected to access the Lost World. They have a ♪ carved in it.
♪ Ball Is in the end point of each world.
♪ Block Contains a Coin, a Super Mushroom, a Bomber Flower, a ♪ Mushroom, five Coins, a Super Leaf or a 1-Up Mushroom. Also makes Mario jumps higher.
Question Block The same functions of a ♪ Block (except jump higher), but is rare.
Giant Brick Block A giant Brick Block that appears only in Massive Land. It is unbreakable.
Giant ♪ Block A giant ♪ block that appears only in Massive Land. It is super-bouncing.
Roulette Box End of the levels. It contains a Super Mushroom, a Star and a ♪.
♪ Switch Starts a time-limit event.
Giant ♪ Switch Starts an important event.
♪ Panels They're red. Should turn green to make something happen.


Name Description Number of ♪ Games Main Enemies Mini-Boss (Fortress) Boss (Airship)
Plained Land The starting land is sorrounded by ♪ colored mountains. Three Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Golden Goombas, Koopa Paratroopas, Buzzy Beetle, Spiky Parabuzzy, Block Lakitu. Boom Boom Bowser Jr.
Pyramid Land A world full of pyramids. There are many Pokeys. This area have a yellow sand soil. Two Koopa Troopas, Angry Suns, Pokeys, Fire Snakes, Chain Chomps, Lakitus, Spinies, Tanoombas, Goombes . Cyclone Boom Bowser
Snow Land An area with ice and falling ♪ snowflakes. It is full of blue ♪ mountains. The area have an snow-covered soil. Three Mr. Blizzards, Ptooies, Nipper Plants, Munchers, Tox Boxes, Thwomp, Thwimps. Blizard Boom Bowser Jr.
Cloud Land A world made of clouds and colored spinning blocks. Three Block Lakitus, Spinies, Fuzzies, Bob-Ombs, Para-Bombs. ThunderBoom Bowser
Massive Land A world where all is giant. Its map soil is made of sea-green and light sea-green checkered tiles. Five Grand Goombas, Gargantua Koopa Troopas, Spinies, Piranhacus Giganticus. Super Boom Bowser Jr.
Beach Land An area full of Porcu-Puffers. Its soil is made of white sand and lime-green grass. It have many palm trees. Two Huckit Crabs, Porcu-Puffers, Bloopers. Sunshine Boom Bowser
Mountain Land A place full of mountains. Its soil is made of brown rocks. Two Bill Blasters, Bullet Bills, Banzai Bills, Cannons, Cannonballs, Koopa Paratroopas. Boulder Boom Bowser Jr.
Forest Land A forest full of tall and strong trees and vines. Four Wigglers, Bob-Ombs, Whomps. Boomerang Boom Bowser
Lava Land A land with volcanos and fire. Three Fiery Goombas, Golden Goombas, Podoboos, Lava Lakitus. Volcano Boom Bowser Jr.
Bowser Land A dark keep with a maze look appearance. One Koopa Troopas, Dry Bones, Buzzy Beetles, Bony Beetles. Black Boom Bowser
♪ Land (Lost World) Accessed by collecting ♪ Coins. Six Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Block Lakitus. ♪ Boom Bowser


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