New Super Mario Bros. V
Developer(s) Clover Entertainment
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) 3DS
Release Date(s)
November 19th, 2014
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Genre(s) Action, Platformer
Media Included 3DS Cartdride

New Super Mario Bros. ♦is a game developed by Clover Entertainment It stars Mario and his brother, Luigi, as they travel through the galaxy, collecting magical stars to battle Bowser. It is for the Bluevolt.


The game opens up like a storybook:

Once apon a time, there lived a prospiring nation called the Mushroom Kingdom. The fair Princess Toadstool ruled over all, to manys pleasure. Luckily, though, her royal bodygaurd, Mario, was ready for the job, bacause the villianous dictator of the Koopa Kult, Bowser, found two magical stars, and used them to take the princess, turn many inhabitants into his minoins and create a whole-new Solar System. Fortuanatly, one of the stars broke itself into seven pieces and flew around the many planets in the system.

Mario, Luigi,and a group of Toads called the Toad Brigade hastily built a rocket and launched themselves off. The heros collected all seven of the pieces, and put them back together. The resulting spirit decided to help them defeat Bowser, and teleported them to his lair. They travels through it until they saw the Koopa Kult King himself, Bowser.

The heros battle bowser as his lair flys through the sky, peices falling off along the way. They manage to push him off, but he activates his jet-pack a flies away.

The heros use the other star to return the galaxy back to normal, and everyone is at peace.


The style of the game is similiar to a flattened Paper Mario game (like Super Paper Mario). It is like all other New Super Mario Bros. games, but now it features many new features, such as many mechanics from Super Mario Game 1&2. For one, the graphity changes alot, rather from switches or different areas.


Name Picture Desription
Mario File:113px-Marioart2.png The leader of the bunch. He has average stats, and the power-ups stay the same for him.
Luigi File:100px-LuigiMarioPartyDS.png Mario's brother in green, he is a good jummper, and fast enough to match. Unfortuanatly, he is hard to control.
Blue Toad 100px-Blue Toad 2 Like Mario, our blue fungus friend is average, but a small bit of his jump is sacrificed for Speed.
Maria 200px-OmegaMaria The girl of the group, who enjoys running around. Her jumps are on par with Toads, as is her speed.
Wario File:118px-Wario NSMBDIY.png After being recued from T-100, this greedy friend decided to help his friends. A fivth player can join in and control him (with a jetpack), placing blocks and coins in the level.



SuperMario FoceΩSuper Mario

Made by Nintendo

FireMarioOriginalFire Mario

Made by Nintendo

PhoenixMarioPhoenix Mario

Made by Arend

Thwomp Mario NSMBVR Thwomp Mario

Made by ???

BowserMarioBowser Mario

Made by Arend

ShellMarioShell Mario

Made by Nintendo (artwork by Arend)

BlooperMarioBlooper Mario

Made by Arend


The game got good reciption. 23000 people have bought the game as of June 2018.