New Super Mario Bros. Ultra is a New Super Mario for the Wii U. Unlike the other NSMB games, this game has a hub world,and you can talk to certain characters. Like in its prequel, New Super Mario Bros.U,you can play using the game pad,or make platforms and do other things to help the players using Wii Remotes. There is online play,where you can play minigames,or play the actual game with people online. Also,Player 1 can be characters other than Mario.

Playable Characters

Mario-He has average speed,jump height and strength.

Luigi-He has high jump height,average speed,and average strength.

Wario-He has high strength but has low jumps and is slow.

Waluigi-He is the opposite of Wario. He has low strength but high jumps and is fast.

Donkey Kong-He can only be played as in the Jungle World. He has high speed and strength,and has low jump height. He cant get Power Ups,but he can throw barrels at enemies without having to pick one up,unlike the other characters.

Diddy Kong-Like Waluigi,Diddy Kong has high jumps,is fast,and isnt very strong. He is only playable in the Jungle World.

Dixie Kong-Dixie Kong has the same stats as Diddy Kong. She is only playable in the Jungle World. Like in Donkey Kong Country games,she can fly using her ponytail.

Blue Toad-He has high strength and jump,but low speed.

Yellow Toad-He has low strength and jump,but high speed.

Geno-He has high jump and average strength and speed. He can use Geno Beam on enemies.

Mallow-He has high jumps,average strength,and low speed.

Goombario-He is only playable in certain levels of the game. He can headbutt enemies. Also,you can summon him in levels that he isnt playable in,and he can tell you stuff about an enemy in the level.

Goombella-Same as Goombario,but she uses her hair as a whip to attack.

Ridable Characters

Yoshi-Yoshi can eat enemies and flutter jump. Like in Yoshi's Island games,Yoshi can make eggs that he can throw by swallowing enemies.

Rambi-Rambi can only be found in Jungle World. He does the same things that he does in Donkey Kong Country games.

Enguarde-Enguarde can only be found in Jungle World. He does the same things that he does in Donkey Kong Country games.

Skitter-Skitter does the same things that he does in Donkey Kong Country games.


This game was named after a game I made on a website called Sploder. It is an easy to use game making site without programming. The link is You cant kill enemies by jumping on them and you cant get power ups because you cant do that in the game creator I used.


World 1.Grass World

World 2.Factory World

World 3. Ice World

World 4.Forest World

World 5.Cave World

World 6.Mountain World

World 7.Sky World

World 8.Volcano World

World 9.Jungle World

World 10.Galaxy World

World 11.Bowser Badlands

World 12.Final World


World 1 miniboss-Larry Koopa

World 1 boss-Goomboss

World 2 miniboss-Roy Koopa

World 2 boss-King Bob-Omb

World 2 airship boss-Boom Boom

World 3 miniboss-Wendy O.Koopa

World 3 boss-King Boo

World 4 miniboss-Iggy Koopa

World 4 boss-Petey Pirahna

World 4 airship boss-Pom Pom

World 5 miniboss-Lemmy Koopa

World 5 boss-Spider Pirahna

World 6 miniboss-Morton Koopa Jr.

World 6 boss-Underchomp

World 6 airship boss-Bowser (in Koopa Clown)

World 7 miniboss-Ludwig von Koopa

World 7 boss-Wart

World 8 miniboss-Bowser Jr.

World 8 boss-Bowser in Koopa Clown (now with boxing gloves)

World 9 boss-King K.Rool

World 10 miniboss-Evil Luma

World 10 boss-Gobblegut

World 11 boss 1-Morton Koopa Sr.

World 11 boss 2-Bowser

World 11 boss 3-Dry Bowser

World 12 miniboss-Dimentio

Final boss-Count Bleck


Boshi-In certain levels,you can race against Boshi. You must be on a Yoshi. Whoever reaches the flagpole first wins.

The Chimp-In Galaxy World, The Chimp can hold challenges where you have to stomp on several enemies in a certain level of Galaxy World,and you must collect the coins they drop to score.

Coach-He can give challenges where you must complete a level in a shory ammount of time.

Croco-He takes Nabbit's place in this game.

Gearmo-These are just regular NPCs that you can talk to.

Jibberjay-Jibberjays can hold races against you in certain levels. At the beginning,you are granted a P-Wing,so you can fly forever. You lose immediately if you touch the ground.

Noki-These are just regular NPCs that you can talk to.

Penguin-These are just regular NPCs that you can talk to.

Penguru-Penguru can tell you how to find Star Coins in levels you have cleared.

Pianta-These are just regular NPCs that you can talk to.

Rosalina-She helps you in certain levels of the game.

Star Bunny-These are just regular NPCs that you can talk to.

Starlow-He helps you in levels throughout the game.

Taj-You can find him in Jungle World by finding a magical teapot in one of the levels in that world. He can give you magic carpets to let you fly in levels,and he can tell you Star Coin hints,like Penguru,but they are better hints.

Toad-He runs Toad Houses where you can get items or 1-Ups.

Toad Brigade-They help you in certain levels.

Whacka-In some areas,he pops up from the ground, If you jump on him,you get an item.

Whittle-These are just regular NPCs that you can talk to.

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