This page lists the worlds and levels of New Super Mario Bros.: The Ultimate Challenge.


Number Number of Levels Tower Boss Castle Boss Course Enemy
1 11 Boom Boom Larry Koopa Goomba
2 12 Boom Boom Morton Koopa Jr. Pokey
3 12 Pom Pom Wendy O. Koopa Porcupuffer
4 13 Pom Pom Bowser Jr. Ice Bros.
5 12 4 Reznors Iggy Koopa Cheep Chomp
6 12 Boss Sumo Bro Roy Koopa Buzzy Beetle
7 13 Monty Tank Lemmy Koopa Bullet Bill
8 14 Petey Pirahna Bowser Jr. Lakitu
9 13 8 Reznors Ludwig Von Koopa Sandmaargh
10 13 Boom Boom Bowser TBA



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