New Super Mario Bros.: The Crystals of Power
Developer(s) LYON Games
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) DeluxGamer
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Genre(s) Platform
Media Included DeluxGamer Card

New Super Mario Bros.: The Crystal of Power is an addition to the New Super Mario Bros. series for the DeluxGamer. Mario and Luigi appear both as playable characters. Luigi is unlocked by beating the game once.


The game has the same Mario platform engine. There are eight worlds, each one with a Koopaling as a boss. Once the Koopaling is defeated, a Crystal is released.


  • A: Jump
  • B: Dash
  • C: Attack (i.e., fireball, snowball, etc.)
  • D-pad: Move
  • Down: Crouch


One peaceful day in the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario received an urgent letter from Peach. It read: "Dear Mario. Bowser has struck once again. He has shattered the Crystal of Power and the pieces are strewn about the kingdom. I remain safe at the moment, but I want you to retrieve the pieces of the crystal. Peach." Mario set out on his journey to reform the Crystal of Power.

After Mario recovered the seven crystals and reformed the Crystal of Power, he receives a letter from Bowser. "Mario! You fell for my trap! While you were out getting the pieces of the Crystal of Power, I kidnapped Peach! You want her? Come get her! Bowser." So Mario goes to the Dark World to save Peach. Mario eventually reaches Bowser. After a hard fight, Mario takes down the Koopa King and saves Princess Peach.


Power-ups can be obtained from ? Blocks. If Mario is small, it will be a Mushroom no matter what unless its a Red Winged ? Block

Name Image Effect
Mushroom Mushroom Turns Mario into Super Mario
Fire Flower FireFlower Turns Mario into Fire Mario, allowing him to shoot fireballs
Starman Rainbowstar Turns Mario into Rainbow Mario, making him invincible.
Blue Shell BlueShell Turns Mario into Shell Mario, allowing him to slide in the shell to destroy bricks and enemies.
Missile Mushroom Missleshroom

Turns Mario into Missile Mario, allowing him to shoot homing missiles at enemies.

Propeller Mushroom 75px

Turns Mario into Propeller Mario, allowing him to rocket upwards.

Ice Flower Ice Flower

Turns Mario into Ice Mario, allowing him to shoot snowballs that freeze enemies.

Hammer Flower Hammer Flower SMEv Turns Mario into Hammer Mario, allowing him to shoot hammers.

Frog Suit

FrogSuitSME Turns Mario into Frog Mario, increasing his underwater speed but slowing him on land.
Yoshi Egg 75px Allows Mario to ride Yoshi.