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It's-a me! Mario! Hello! I'm-a here to help-a you beat-a my game-a!


Grrrroarrrr! What are YOU doing?! WHAT?! Mario told you I'd help?! GRRROARRR! Remind me never to trust him again! Oh well. I guess I'll help anyway. Grrrr...


Secret Levels

Oh! Oh! You're visiting me! Yay! What? Mario told you I'd help? Oh! Of course! Yay! I'll tell you about Secret Levels!

  • Level A - In Level 1-2, collect the Propeller Mushroom. Then, in front of the Flagpole, fly up and over the flag. Then, walk into the door on the fortress and you will see a pit. Walk into it and you will land on another flag. You will enter Level A.
  • Level B - TBA
  • Level C - TBA
  • Level D - TBA
  • Level E - TBA
  • Level F - TBA
  • Level G - TBA
  • Level H - TBA

Secret Playable Characters

Yosh! Yoshi yosh yosh! Yoshi yosh yoshi yosh yoshi yoshing yosh yoshi yoshi yoshiyo! (Hi! I like you! I will help you by telling you about secret characters!)

  • Luma (all colors) = Enter a level. Any level. Then, get a Mini Mushroom. Then, get a Propeller Mushroom. Spin into the air and fly over a pit. Fall into it. Your Luma will act as if you're still there. Luma is also invincible.
  • Yoshi (all colors) = Enter World 2-2. Get a Yoshi. Then, eat a Mini Mushroom with Yoshi. Yoshi will shrink and you will disappear. Yoshi will then grow back and you will be Yoshi. Yoshi is invincible.

Secret Items

Wahahahahahahaha! I'm-a Wario! Heh... WHAT?!?!?!?! You want to know how to find MY treasures?! Well! Gr...FINE. Here you go!

  • Golden Mushroom = Go to World 5-4. Go to the tower of sand, then collect the propeller mushroom. Fly to the top and fly again. Land on the clouds. In front of you is a normal mushroom. Fly up and land on the mushroom. It will turn golden! Collect it and you will be invincible for the rest of the level.

Secret Areas

Hello! I'm Luigi! Huh? Mario said I'd tell you about Secret Areas? Ok!

  • Toad House (like SMB3) = Go to World 1-1. Then, press Up at the fifth house you see. You will enter the Toad House!
There-a you go-a! Hope it-a helped!

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