New Super Mario Bros.: SuperStar Rescue is a game by Jet, Inc.. Please make no edits unless given permission by Peanutjon (tbc) or Micool26 (tbc).


(This takes place right after Super Mario Galaxy.)

Bowser and Bowser Jr. flew in the damaged airship. They were angry that Mario and Rosalina had defeated him. Then, he had an idea. He sent his new minions, Baby Boos, Yokers, Crackers and Blueggs to kidnap Rosalina. The minions did, and kidnapped Polari as well. 6 Lumas found Mario, Luigi, Red Toad, Green Toad, Blue Toad, Wario, Waluigi, Birdo and the Yoshis and told them what happened. Luma flew into Mario's hat, Yellow into Luigi's, red into Red Toad's, Green into Green Toad's, Blue into Blue Toad's and Hungry Luma into Wario's. The Yoshis were suddenly grabbed by an airship and Yoshi Eggs flew everywhere. Waluigi and Birdo would follow and help if the heroes needed it. The six heroes and Lumas ran off.


The heroes pushed Bowser into the lava. Then, Bowser Jr. attacked them. They pushed Jr. into the lava, too. Suddenly, Dry Bowser and Dry Bowser Jr. rose out of the lava. After a long battle with the Dries, they fell to pieces and the heroes saved Rosalina.

Playable Characters

Yoshi Colors


Upside: Can hold up to 8 eggs instead of 6.

Downside: Shorter tongue.


Upside: Can jump higher.

Downside: Weaker.

Light Blue

Upside: Faster.

Downside: Can't stop very fast.


Upside: Stronger.

Downside: Lower jumps.


Upside: Longer tongue.

Downside: Can only hold 4 eggs.


Upside: Can stop fast.

Downside: Can't run fast.


Upside: Can breathe fire.

Downside: Can't lay item eggs.


Upside: Only needs 2 berries to lay item eggs.

Downside: Can't eat enemies.


Upside: All.

Downside: None.

Worlds and Bosses

World - Tower Boss - Castle Boss - Airship Boss

Toad Town - Petey Piranha - Dino Piranha - Larry Koopa

Desert Island - Poison Pokey - Chompalot - Morton Koopa Jr.

Silver Seaside - Cheepette - Cheep Mob - Wendy Koopa

Giant Forest - Giga Piranha - Giga Wiggla - Iggy Koopa

Boxing Island - Big Bully - Chief Chilly - Roy Koopa

Icey Hills - Freezie - Mightfreeze - Lemmy Koopa

Dark Islands - King Boo - Big Boo - Ludwig Koopa

Lava Ocean - Podoboos - Fire Quadruplets - Bowser Jr.

Fire Mountain - Bowser - Bowser Jr. - Dry Bowser and Dry Bowser Jr.


All NSMBW enemies appear, minus Paratroopa and plus...

Baby Boo




Blue Koopa




Any artwork not shown here are shown above or in past games.

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