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300px-New super mario bros Mixed Dimensions logo

The Logo

Meowflash logo This is Meowflash's fan game or character. Ask Meowflash for permission to edit it.

New Super Mario Bros.: Mixed Dimensions Is A Fan Game By Studio MF.

New Super Mario Bros.: Mixed Dimensions
Developer(s) File:MF.png
Publisher(s) Nin
Platform(s) Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo IC
Genre(s) Platformer
Release Date(s)
May 2012 (Wii U And 3DS), January 2013 (IC)
Story Mode, Multiplayer Mode, Create Mode
Age Rating(s)
Media Included Wii U Disk, 3DS Cartridge, IC Mini-Disk
Mamamia! We Better Get-A Going, Luigi!


Mario, Luigi And 2 Toads Read A Newspaper Article That Says That Princess Peach Is Kidnapped By Bowser, The Koopalings And Others! They Hopped Into Action And Headed For Adventure!



  1. Mario
  2. Luigi
  3. Yellow Toad
  4. Blue Toad
  5. Clyde (Unlockable)
  6. Button (Unlockable)
  7. Mii (Unlockable)
  8. Rayman (Unlockable)


  1. Toads
  2. Toadette (Unlockable)
  3. Princess Peach
  4. Mushroom Kings
  5. 3.14 (Only In Gritzly World And Gourmand Land) (Unlockable)


  1. Boom Boom
  2. Pun Pun
  3. Bowser
  4. The Koopalings
  5. Koopa Bros.
  6. Error
  7. False Bowser (Don't Ask!)

BZZZZZZT!!! Error! Error! Haxor Alert! Calling Internet Police! Right! Nowwwwwww....

Shop Owners (Unlockable)

  1. Toadsworth
  2. Birdo
  3. Wario
  4. Waluigi
  5. Buddy Bro.


  1. Mushroom Kingdom
  2. Dusty Desert Dunes
  3. Frozen Iceburg
  4. Bubble Lagoon
  5. Pipe Forest
  6. Jungle Land
  7. Little Big Island
  8. Monty Mountain
  9. The Breezy Sky
  10. Bowser's Canyon
  11. Land Of The Mishmash
  12. Rainbow World
  13. Gritzly World (IC Best Buy Exclusive Only)
  14. Bink-Bonk Island (IC Best Buy Exclusive And Wii U Target Exclusive Only)
  15. Gourmand Land (IC Best Buy Exclusive And 3DS Toys-R-Us Exclusive Only)
  16. Galaxy MF (All Exclusives Only)

Multiplayer Mode

You Can Battle Or Explore The Story Or Race For Coins In Multiplayer Mode. (Only If You Unlock It!)


  1. Goomba
  2. Koopa
  3. Paragoomba
  4. Parakoopa
  5. Pile Driver Micro-Goomba
  6. Micro-Goomba
  7. Goomba's Shoe Goomba
  8. Goombulb
  9. Goombo
  10. Hammer Bro.
  11. Boomerang Bro.
  12. Fire Bro.
  13. Bomb Bro.
  14. Spike
  15. Stone Spike
  16. Spiny
  17. Buzzy Beetle
  18. Buster Beetle
  19. Boo
  20. Balloon Boo
  21. Broozer
  22. Monty Mole
  23. Snow Spike
  24. Bob-Omb
  25. Dry Bones
  26. Parabones
  27. Red Bones
  28. Red Boo
  29. Dark Boo
  30. Thunder Bro.
  31. Amazing Flyin' Hammer Bro.
  32. Shy Guy
  33. Snifit
  34. Rocky Wrench
  35. Bullet Bill
  36. Banzai Bill
  37. Missile Bill
  38. Bombshell Bill
  39. Torpedo Ted
  40. Cheep-Cheep
  41. Cheep-Cheep School
  42. Deep-Cheep
  43. Cheep-Chomp
  44. Chain-Chomp
  45. Fire Chomp
  46. Pokey
  47. Poison Pokey
  48. Ufoomba
  49. Moneybag
  50. Bumpty
  51. Piranha Plant
  52. Venus Fire Trap
  53. Venus Ice Trap
  54. Vortex Bro
  55. Ice Chomp


  1. Super Mushroom
  2. Fire Flower
  3. Super Leaf
  4. Hammer Suit
  5. Boomerang Flower
  6. Bomb Flower
  7. Tanooki Suit
  8. Spike Mushroom
  9. Ice Flower
  10. Goomba Shoe
  11. Propeller Mushroom
  12. Penguin Suit
  13. Starman
  14. Mega Mushroom
  15. Red Star
  16. Vortex Flower
  17. P-Balloon
  18. Key
  19. Spring Block
  20. Classic Mushroom

Assist Blocks

  1. Invincibillity Leaf
  2. P-Wing

Create Mode

You Can Create Games And Share Them. (Only If You Unlock It!)


  1. Start The Adventure!: Create A File
  2. Master Mario: Complete Story Mode As Mario
  3. Luigist: Complete Story Mode As Mario
  4. I Am The Toad: Complete Story Mode As A Toad
  5. Clydeasaurus Rex: Unlock Clyde
  6. Pick Mii! Pick Mii!: Unlock Mii
  7. Mighty Ray: Unlock Rayman
  8. The Toad Rescue Squad: Save A Toad
  9. Save World, Get Girl!: Save Toadette
  10. Go Save The Pie For Later: Save 3.14
  11. Our Kingdom Is Safe: Save A Mushroom King
  12. Boom! Boom! Boom!: Defeat Boom Boom
  13. Boom! Boom! Boomerang!: Defeat Pun Pun
  14. Koopa Demolisher: Defeat A Koopaling
  15. Koopa Murderer: Defeat 5 Koopalings
  16. A World Without Koopas: Defeat All Koopalings!
  17. Our Brotherhood Is Over!: Defeat The Koopa Bros.
  18. I AM ERROR: Defeat Error
  19. Welcome To My Shop: Enter A Shop
  20. Thank You For Shopping: Buy Something From A Shop
  21. Great Shopping!: Buy 5 Things From A Shop
  22. High Quality Customer: Buy 10 Things From A Shop
  23. Terrific Customer: Buy 15 Things From A Shop
  24. Shopaholic: Buy 20 Things From A Shop
  25. Sold Out!: Buy All Things From A Shop!
  26. Look, Ma! I Made A Game!: Make Your First Game!
  27. Thank You, Mario! But, The Princess Is In Another Castle!: Defeat False Bowser. (Hehe.)
  28. Bashers: Defeat The REAL Bowser!
  29. Multiplayer Party: Play In Multiplayer Mode
  30. Elephants Don't Forget!: Save A File
  31. Uhhhhhhhhh........I Forgot!: Fail To Save A File! :(
  32. Darn It!: Lose A Life
  33. Double Darn It!: Lose 2 Lives
  34. Triple Darn It!: Lose All Lives!
  35. A Galaxy In My Eyes: Beat Galaxy MF!

How To Unlock Stuff

  • Clyde: Complete Story Mode As A Default Character.
  • Button: Complete Story Mode As Clyde.
  • Multiplayer Mode: Complete Story Mode As Button.
  • Create Mode: Play In Multiplayer Mode!
  • Toadette: Create And Beat A Game.
  • Shop Owners: Save Toadette 5 Times!
  • Mii: Buy Something From A Shop Owner.
  • Rayman: Complete Story Mode As A Mii Character.
  • Gritzly World: Beat Rainbow World!
  • Bink-Bonk Island: Beat Gritzly World!
  • Gourmand Land: Beat Bink-Bonk Island!
  • 3.14: Save Toadette As Rayman 45 Times!
  • Galaxy MF: Save 3.14 25 Times!


  • 2D Platformer Levels: Same Gameplay As NSMB Games.
  • 3D Platformer Levels: Same Gameplay As Super Mario 3D Land.
  • Shooter Levels: Same Gameplay As The Rayman Origins Moskito Levels.
  • Chest Challenges: Same Gameplay As The Rayman Origins Chest Challenges...But Goombas Carry The Chest.
  • Cage Challenges: Bash The Cage And A Toad Pops Out!
  • Race Challenges: Beat The Champion To The Flagpole!
  • Mine Cart Levels: Jump And Duck, Jump And Duck, Jump And Duck...
  • Climber Challenges: Press The Button Near You Before Time Runs Out! (Only In Gritzly World)

Beta Elements

  • There Was A Powerup That Can Change Mario Into Doodle Mario. It Was Cut Off!
  • The Boomerang Suit Only Appeared In The European Version.
  • There Were 2 Strange Levels In Dusty Desert Dunes With Enemies That Have Racoon Tails That Got Ripped Off.
  • Cosmic Mario Challenges Got Ripped Off.
  • There Were Supposed To Be Chests With Legs...I Don't Know! They Were Left Out And Replaced By Chests Being Carried By Goombas!
  • In The Final Post, Climber Challenges Were Removed From Worlds 1 And 8!

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