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New Super Mario Bros.: Mario's Super Adventure
is a game released for the Nintendo DS. It is a game similar to the original NSMB. New power-ups are introduced.


Mario is walking near the castle, when an airship takes Princess Peach. Mario runs to save the Princess.


NSMB:MSA isn't super hard, but it does provide a fair amount of challenge. The controls are the same as the

The box art.

original, with L and R finally making an appearance as a trigger for the Spin Attack.


World 1

World 1-1: A simple romp through grassland, stomping goombas on the way.

World 1-2: A slightly harder level than World 1-1.

World 1-3: More grassland.

World 1-4: A tower where Bowser Jr. awaits.

World 1-5: A walk through a damp area, with a few puddles.

World 1-6: More grassland.

World 1-7: Need I even say it?

World 1-8: Finally, some diversity! Prepare for a Bowser fight.

World 2

World 2-1: TROPICALITY. (It's tropical.)

World 2-2: Bouncin' on some pretty tall palm trees.

World 2-3: Slightly less tropical and a lot more water.

World 2-4: Bowser Jr. again.

World 2-5: Heck. I don't even need to tell you. More tropicality.

World 2-6: Well, I'll be darned. Tropical islands.

World 2-7: More tropicality, with darker water.

World 2-8: BowserCastle.

World 3

World 3-1: DESSERT! Oh, it's desert. Aww.


World 3-3: More heat.

World 3-4: Hot Tower

Worlds 3-5 to 3-7: Yeah, I'm doing the _______ to ___________ now. Lotsa heat, with an evil sun in 3-6.

World 3-8: Bowser once again.

World 4

Worlds 4-1 to 4-3: COLDNESS.

World 4-4: The Freezing Tower.

Worlds 4-5 to 4-7: More Deep Freeze.

World 4-8: Bowser is freezing. Put him out of his misery.

World 5

Worlds 5-1 to 5-3: Mushroom towers galore!

World 5-4: Bowser Jr., will you never cease?

Worlds 5-5 to 5-7: Movin' the mushrooms up, down, and all around.

World 5-8: BOWSER!!!!!!

World 6

Worlds 6-1 to 6-3: It's a jungle in here!

World 6-4: Cease and desist, Jr.

Worlds 6-5 to 6-7: Just more jungle, now featuring Dorrie the Dolphin in 6-5.

World 6-8: Curse you, Bowser.

World 7

Worlds 7-1 to 7-3: A lake! Swim for your lives!

World 7-4: Bowser Jr, you're EVIL! (Well, duh.)

Worlds 7-5 to 7-7: More fish! EATEATEATEATEATEAT!!!

World 7-8: You should know.

World 8

Worlds 8-1 to 8-3: LAVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

World 8-4: I think you know.

Worlds 8-5 to 8-7: Volcano.

World 8-8: The final showdown. Yes, it's Bowser. Why do you ask?

After watching a cutscene, you win.


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