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World Theme Boss(es)
World 1 - Grassy Plains Grass
  • Goomboss
  • Lemmy Koopa
World AGoldwood Forest Autumn
  • Bugaboom
World 2 - Sand Desert Desert
  • Boss Thwomp
  • Roy Koopa
  • Bowser Jr.
World 3 - Subtropical Beach Beach
  • Boss Huckit
  • Larry Koopa
World BVery Big Island Giant
  • Boom Boom
World 4Freezeflame Galcier Snow
  • Boss Lava Bubble & Boss Frost Bubble
  • Wendy O. Koopa
World C - Crystaline Caves Underground
  • King T. Mole
World 5 - Poison Jungle Forest
  • Petey Piranha
  • Iggy Koopa
  • Bowser Jr.
World D - Horror Boneyard Cemetery
  • Boss Broozer
World 6 Rock Canyon Mountains Mountain
  • Boss Sumo Bro.
  • Boss Chargin' Chuck
  • Morton Koopa Jr.
World E - Chermical Factory Factory
  • Big Bob-omb
World 7 - Cloudway Sky Sky
  • Giga Lakitu
  • Ludwig von Koopa
World F - Super Galaxy Space
  • Topmaniac
World 8 Bowser's Planet Lava
  • Kamek
  • Bowser Jr.
  • Bowser
World ★ - Star Road Star
  • Dry Bowser
  • All the Bosses

World 1 - Grassy Plains

The grassland world with Peach's Castle.

Level Number Level Name
1-1 Peach's Gardens
1-2 Mushroom Cave
1-3 Yoshi's Plains
1-Fort Icon Crushing-Plataform Fortress
1-4 Grassy Meadow
1-5 Aerial Heights
1-A Sushi Lake
1-Castle Icon Lemmy's Ball Castle

World A - Goldwood Forest

The first secret world. It takes place in a large forest during autumn, making it greatly resemble the Gold Leaf Galaxy from SMG and Maple Treeway from MKW & MK7. This world is unlocked by finding the secret exit in 1-Castle Icon

Level Number Level Name
A-1 Forest Entrance
A-2 Autumn Woods
A-A Honeycomb Walls
A-3 Maple Woodway
A-Fort Icon Leafpile Fortress

World 2 - Sand Desert

The desert world.

Level Number Level Name
2-1 Doom Dunes
2-2 Fast-wind Zone
2-A Hammer Bro's Stadium
2-3 Spike Ruins
2-Fort Icon Thwomp Quicksand Fortress
2-4 Fire Snake Sphinx
2-B Chasing the Sun
2-5 Soggy Sewers
2-Castle Icon Roy's Pyramid Castle
2-Airship Sprite Bowser Jr's Sandship

World 3 - Subtropical Beach

The beach world.

Level Number Level Name
3-1 Lakitu's Tropical Island
3-2 Boss Bass Point
3-A Blooper's Grotto
3-3 Huckit Crab Resort
3-Fort Icon Submerged Fortress
3-4 Cheep-Cheep Lake
3-B Dragoneel Archipelago
3-5 Electro-Koopa's Beach
3-Castle Icon Larry's Fishbone Castle

World B - Very Big Island

The second secret world. It takes place in a large island with giant enemies and objects, making it greatly resemble the world 4 from SMB3. This world is unlocked by finding the secret exit in 3-Fort Icon.

Level Number Level Name
B-1 The giant beach
B-2 The jungle of Giants
B-A The giant cave
B-3 Jungle Ruins
B-Fort Icon Final Fortified Fortress

World 4 - Freezeflame Glacier

The snow world, with ice mountains, giant glaciers and a Volcano, where some levels are player inside.

Freezeflame Glacier

Level Number Level Name
4-1 Ice Tundra
4-2 Cooligan Snowfalls
4-A Snowball Mountain
4-3 Muncher Course
4-Fort Icon Crystalfrost Fortress

Freezeflame Glacier (Inside the Volcano)

Level Number Level Name
4-4 Magma Iceburrow
4-B Buster Beetle Cave
4-5 Fliprus Heathbath
4-6 Glacier Lavalake
4-C Ice and Fire Cave

Freezeflame Glacier

Level Number Level Name
4-Castle Icon

Wendy's Chillcrush Castle

World C - Crystaline Caves

The third secret world. It takes place in a large cave next to Freezeflame Glacire, with lots of Purple Crystals. This world is unlocked by finding the secret exit in 4-C.

Level Number Level Name
C-1 Swooper Cellar
C-2 Underground Swamp
C-A Toxic Wigglerlair
C-3 Fuzzy Catacombs
C-Fort Icon Pipeline Underground Fortress

World 5 - Poison Jungle

The jungle world covered in poison.

Level Number Level Name
5-1 Bramball Brambles
5-2 Piranha Forest
5-A Wiggler's Cave
5-3 Yoshi Woods
5-Fort Icon Timber Tree Tower
5-4 Poison Ponds
5-5 Scuttle Bug Vines
5-B Dorrie Ride
5-Castle Icon Iggy's Poisoned Castle
5-Airship Sprite Bowser Jr.'s Wild Airship

World D - Horror Boneyard

The fourth secret world. It takes place in a cemetery, with some mansions, bones and pumpkins. This world is unlocked by finding the secret exit in 5-Airship Sprite

Level Number Level Name
D-1 Pumpkin Road
D-2 Horror Ship
D-A Fake Coin House
D-3 Bone Cemetery
D-Fort Icon Haunted Fortress

World 6 - Rock Canyon Mountains

The mountanious world.

Level Number Level Name
6-1 Gromba's Falls
6-2 Chomp's Nest
6-A Ninji's Heighs
6-3 Stone Spike High Cliffs
6-Fort Icon1 Sumo Bro's Thunder Fortress
6-4 Rex Gorge
6-B Darkness Cavern
6-5 Torpedo Cliffs
6-Fort Icon2 Chargin' Chuck Athletic Fortress
6-6 Fuzzy Crossing
6-C Mount Stone
6-7 Bombard Canyon
6-Castle Icon Morton's Burnwire Castle

World E - Chermical Factory

The fifth secret world. It takes place in a small factory ruled by Big Bob-omb. This is a secret world unlokced by finding the secret exit in 6-Castle Icon

Level Number Level Name
E-1 Production Room
E-2 Oil Refinery
E-3 Toxic Laboratory
E-Fort Icon Explosive Factory Tower

World 7 - Cloudway Sky

The world is sky themed and contains many clouds and high cliffs.

Level Number Level Name
7-1 Snake Block Clouds
7-2 Lakitu's Fluffy Turf
7-A Tornado's Nest
7-3 Nimbus Highway
7-Fort Icon Storm-Chushing Fortress
7-4 Thunder Bridge
7-5 Sky Bubble Hills
7-6 Para-beetle Fligh
7-B Manta Raid
7-7 Banzai Battlefield
7-Castle Icon Ludwig's Illusion Castle

World F - Super Galaxy

The sixth secret world. It takes place in the space, with large references to SMG1 and SMG2.  This world is unlocked by finding the secret exit in 7-Castle Icon

Level Number Level Name
F-1 Octopus Planet
F-2 Asteroid Nebula
F-A Starfruit Garden
F-3 Cosmic Cove
F-4 Spintop Belt
F-5 Gravity Base
F-Fort Icon Electron Tower

World 8 - Bowser's Planet

Level Number Level Name
8-1 Meteor Cliffs
8-2 Broke Splorch Belt
8-A Jellybeam Reef
8-3 Rising Lava Lake
8-Fort Icon Magic Fortress
8-4 Bully Inferno
8-5 Fire Snake Ruins
8-B Blargg's Secret Lair
8-6 Spine Coaster Cruise
8-7 Magma Road
8-Airship Sprite Bowser Jr.'s Extreme Airship Armada
8-8 Smashing Bridge
8-Bowser&#039;s Castle Sprite Bowser's Masterful Castle

World ★ - Star World

Level Number Level Name
★-1 Mushroom Plains
★-2 Autumn Treeway
★-3 Quicksand Dunes
★-4 Sunshine Ocean
★-5 Gargantuan Land
★-6 Permafrost Tundra
★-7 Underground Caves
★-8 Poison Woodlands
★-9 Horror Ghost Mansion
★-10 Stone Stone Canyon
★-11 Acid Factory
★-12 Cloudway Garden
★-13 Space Jump Planet
★-14 Magma Volcano Run
★-15 Rainbow Star Road
★-Bowser&#039;s Castle Sprite Dry Bowser's Secret Castle
★-Fort Icon Boss Blitz Level
★-Crown Gold Palace


  • ★-Crown is unlocked after the player gets all the Star Coins in all worlds, find all the secret exits, jump on the top of all flagpoles (Gold Flagpole), get all the Nabbits, unlock all the characters and defeat all the bosses.

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