Playable Characters

When you unlock a character, the game works like Super Mario 3D World, where you can choose the characters freely.

Image Name Advantage Disdvantage Unlocking Criteria
Mario Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Mario All-around. Playable from the start.
NSMBWii Luigi Luigi Can jump higher. Low traction. Playable from the start.
Nabbit. Nabitt Is immune to all enemy attacks. Cannot use power-ups or ride Yoshis. Catch all the Nabbits.
YellowToad Yellow Toad Can pick up enemies and launch them without being hit. Jumps lower. Unlock all the Secret Worlds.
NSMBΩBlueToad Blue Toad Runs faster. Falls faster. Find all the Secret Exits.
Daisy Princess Daisy She can do a impulsive second jump Runs slower. Defeat Kamek in W8-Fort Icon.
Princess Peach Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Princess Peach Can hover in midair for a short time Run slower. Defeat Bowser in W8-Bowser's Castle Sprite.
Rosalina Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Rosalina She has the Spin Attack. She losas her spin attack when gains a power-up or rides on a Yoshi. Complete WorldStar-Bowser's Castle Sprite.
Miis Mii All-around. Unlock WStar-Crown.

OBS: The Mii character have different outfitts at several levels, but loses them when gain a power-up. The Mii can choose to use only the normal suit:

  • At grassland levels, Fort Icon, Castle Icon, Airship Sprite and Bowser's Castle Sprite, the Mii uses normal suits.
  • At autumn forests, the Mii uses a beekeeper's costume.
  • At desert levels, the Mii uses a water bottle, sunglasses and a cape.
  • At beach levels, the Mii uses beach clothes.
  • At underwater levels, the Mii uses a scuba diving gear.
  • At snow levels, the Mii uses a ski clothing.
  • At cave levels, the Mii have a Pickaxe and crystals inside a backpack.
  • At jungle levels, te player uses a jungle suit.
  • At ghost levels, the Mii uses a Pumpkin Suit.
  • At mountain levels, the Mii uses a Rock Suit (similar to Rock Mario).
  • At factory levels, th Mii uses a hard hat.
  • At sky levels, the Mii gains wings (like Winged Yosh)
  • At space levels, the Mii uses a space suit.
  • At volcano levels, the Mii uses a Gas Mask.


  • Toadsworth (W1)
  • Bee (WA)
  • Pianta (W3)
  • Whittle (WB)
  • Penguin (W4)
  • Jibberjay (W5)
  • Greenie (WD)
  • Bob-omb Buddy (WE)
  • Lakitu Buddy (W7)
  • Lubba (WF)

Supporting Cast

  • Toad
  • Toadette
  • Rabbits
  • Yoshi (species)
  • Lumas
  • Gearmos