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New Super Mario Bros.: Extreme Adventure
New Super Mario Bros. Extreme Adventure
Developer(s) BlooP-OW
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Adventure
Release Date(s)
1-4 Player
Age Rating(s)
ERating 3Rating

New Super Mario Bros.: Extreme Adventure is a game for the Wii U and another sequel to (New) Super Mario Bros. series. The game is heavily based on (New) Super Mario series. and on games like Super Mario World and Super Mario Land, but it is a Mario game in the vein of games like Super Mario 64 (DS), Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 and Super Mario 3D Land & 3D World.


Mario, Luigi and his friends like Princess Daisy, Toadsworth, Yoshi, Toadette, Princess Rosalina and others were celebrating Mario's birthday on Peach's Castle. They all celebrate, while the Wario Bros. appear trying to make a "surprise" to Mario: trying to put a Bob-omb on the cake that Peach and Daisy made and trying to steal some gold from the castle. While this, the Koopa Troop also pretend to ruin Mario's Party. Iggy, Ludwig and Bowser Jr. improve some of the Troop machines to attack the Mushroom Kingdoom.

Just as Mario is about to blow the candle out and just as Wario is about to explode the cake, some tremors are felt by all at the castle. All of them run at outside, seeing Bowser Airships launching cannons at the castle. Bowser appears with Kamek, saying that he wanted to join the Party and wanted to give his present. Bowser Jr appears at this moment, getting Mario with the Junior Clown Car and launching him far from the castle. The Wario Bros. try to escape from the Koopas, but Kamek sees them and capture them into a magic bubble. The Koopalings and some members of the Troop start to capture some Mario friends, while others escape from them. Peach, Daisy, the Wario Bros., Blue Toad and Yoshi were all captured.



The gameplay of New Super Mario Bros.: Extreme Adventure is very similar to that of past New Super Mario Bros. games, especially New Super Mario Bros. U. Mario must clear levels by defeating enemies within an amount of time. Players can play up to 4 players at once, returning from New Super Mario Bros. U. Each character now has different stats, like in Super Mario Bros. 2 and all can be chosen before starting a level. Familiar items and power-ups return, like the Ice Flower. Vegetables and other objects can be picked and thrown just like in Super Mario Bros. 2. A new thing is that the vegetable changes its appearence during the levels. The Spin Jump from Super Mario World also return.


Playable Characters

When you unlock a character, the game works like Super Mario 3D World, where you can choose the characters freely.

Image Name Ability Unlocking Criteria
Mario Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Mario All-around. Playable from the start.
NSMBWii Luigi Luigi Can jump higher. Playable from the start.
NSMBΩBlueToad Blue Toad Runs faster. Defeat Bowser Jr. in W2-Airship Sprite
NSMBΩWario Wario Big throw and huge Ground Pounds.  Defeat Bowser Jr. in W5-Airship Sprite
NSMBΩWaluigi Waluigi Fast and good swimmer. Defeat Boss Chargin' Chuck in W6-Fort Icon2.
Daisy Princess Daisy She can do a impulsive second jump Defeat Kamek in W8-Fort Icon.
Princess Peach Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Princess Peach Can hover in midair for a short time Defeat Bowser in W8-Bowser's Castle Sprite.
Nabbit. Nabitt Is immune to all enemy attacks. Catch all the Nabbits and find all the secret exits
Rosalina Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Rosalina She has the Spin Attack. Complete WorldStar-Bowser's Castle Sprite.
Miis Mii All-around. Unlock WStar-Crown.

OBS: The Mii character have different outfitts at several levels, but loses them when gain a power-up. The Mii can choose to use only the normal suit:

  • At grassland levels, Fort Icon, Castle Icon, Airship Sprite and Bowser's Castle Sprite, the Mii uses normal suits.
  • At autumn forests, the Mii uses a beekeeper's costume.
  • At desert levels, the Mii uses a cowboy costume.
  • At beach levels, the Mii uses beach clothes.
  • At underwater levels, the Mii uses a scuba diving gear.
  • At snow levels, the Mii uses a ski clothing.
  • At cave levels, the Mii have a Pickaxe and crystals inside a backpack.
  • At jungle levels, te player uses a jungle suit.
  • At ghost levels, the Mii uses a Pumpkin Suit.
  • At mountain levels, the Mii uses a Rock Suit (similar to Rock Mario).
  • At factory levels, th Mii uses a hard hat.
  • At sky levels, the Mii gains wings (like Winged Yosh)
  • At space levels, the Mii uses a space suit.
  • At volcano levels, the Mii uses a Gas Mask.

Shopkeepers & Toad House Guide

  • Toadette & Toadsworth (W1)
  • Bee (WA)
  • Cobrat (W2)
  • Pianta (W3)
  • Whittle (WB)
  • Penguin (W4)
  • Mony Mole (WC)
  • Jibberjay (W5)
  • Greenie (WD)
  • Hammer Bro. (W6)
  • Gearmo (WE)
  • Lakitu Buddy (W7)
  • Lubba (WF)
  • Bob-omb Buddy (W8)
  • Polari & Luma (W★)


World Theme Boss(es)
World 1 - Grassy Plains Grass
  • Goomboss
  • Lemmy Koopa
World A - Goldwood Forest Autumn
  • Bugaboom
World 2 - Sand Desert Desert
  • Boss Thwomp
  • Roy Koopa
  • Bowser Jr.
World 3 - Subtropical Beach Beach
  • Boss Huckit
  • Larry Koopa
World B - Very Big Island Giant
  • Boom Boom
World 4 - Freezeflame Galcier Snow
  • Boss Lava Bubble & Boss Frost Bubble
  • Wendy O. Koopa
World C - Crystaline Caves Underground
  • King T. Mole
World 5 - Poison Jungle Forest
  • Petey Piranha
  • Iggy Koopa
  • Bowser Jr.
World D - Horror Boneyard Cemetery
  • Boss Broozer
World 6 - Rock Canyon Mountains Mountain
  • Boss Sumo Bro.
  • Boss Chargin' Chuck
  • Morton Koopa Jr.
World E - Chermical Factory Factory
  • Big Bob-omb
World 7 - Cloudway Sky Sky
  • Giga Lakitu
  • Ludwig von Koopa
World F - Super Galaxy Space
  • Topmaniac
World 8 - Bowser's Planet Lava
  • Kamek
  • Bowser Jr.
  • Bowser
World ★ - Star Road Star
  • Dry Bowser
  • All the Bosses

World 1 - Grassy Plains

The grassland world with Peach's Castle.

Level Number Level Name
1-1 Peach's Gardens
1-2 Mushroom Cave
1-3 Yoshi's Plains
1-Fort Icon Crushing-Plataform Fortress
1-4 Grassy Meadow
1-5 Aerial Heights
1-A Sushi Lake
1-Castle Icon Lemmy's Ball Castle

World A - Goldwood Forest

The first secret world. It takes place in a large forest during autumn, making it greatly resemble the Gold Leaf Galaxy from SMG and Maple Treeway from MKW & MK7. This world is unlocked by finding the secret exit in 1-Castle Icon

Level Number Level Name
A-1 Forest Entrance
A-2 Autumn Woods
A-A Honeycomb Walls
A-3 Maple Woodway
A-Fort Icon Leafpile Fortress

World 2 - Sand Desert

The desert world.

Level Number Level Name
2-1 Doom Dunes
2-2 Fast-wind Zone
2-A Hammer Bro's Stadium
2-3 Spike Ruins
2-Fort Icon Thwomp Quicksand Fortress
2-4 Fire Snake Sphinx
2-B Chasing the Sun
2-5 Soggy Sewers
2-Castle Icon Roy's Pyramid Castle
2-Airship Sprite Bowser Jr's Sandship

World 3 - Subtropical Beach

The beach world.

Level Number Level Name
3-1 Lakitu's Tropical Island
3-2 Boss Bass Point
3-A Blooper's Grotto
3-3 Huckit Crab Resort
3-Fort Icon Submerged Fortress
3-4 Cheep-Cheep Lake
3-B Dragoneel Archipelago
3-5 Electro-Koopa's Beach
3-Castle Icon Larry's Fishbone Castle

World B - Very Big Island

The second secret world. It takes place in a large island with giant enemies and objects, making it greatly resemble the world 4 from SMB3. This world is unlocked by finding the secret exit in 3-Fort Icon.

Level Number Level Name
B-1 The giant beach
B-2 The jungle of Giants
B-A The giant cave
B-3 Jungle Ruins
B-Fort Icon Final Fortified Fortress

World 4 - Freezeflame Glacier

The snow world, with ice mountains, giant glaciers and a Volcano, where some levels are player inside.

Freezeflame Glacier

Level Number Level Name
4-1 Ice Tundra
4-2 Cooligan Snowfalls
4-A Snowball Mountain
4-3 Muncher Course
4-Fort Icon Crystalfrost Fortress

Freezeflame Glacier (Inside the Volcano)

Level Number Level Name
4-4 Magma Iceburrow
4-B Buster Beetle Cave
4-5 Fliprus Heathbath
4-6 Glacier Lavalake
4-C Ice and Fire Cave

Freezeflame Glacier

Level Number Level Name
4-Castle Icon

Wendy's Chillcrush Castle

World C - Crystaline Caves

The third secret world. It takes place in a large cave next to Freezeflame Glacire, with lots of Purple Crystals. This world is unlocked by finding the secret exit in 4-C.

Level Number Level Name
C-1 Swooper Cellar
C-2 Underground Swamp
C-A Toxic Wigglerlair
C-3 Fuzzy Catacombs
C-Fort Icon Pipeline Underground Fortress

World 5 - Poison Jungle

The jungle world covered in poison.

Level Number Level Name
5-1 Bramball Brambles
5-2 Piranha Forest
5-A Wiggler's Cave
5-3 Yoshi Woods
5-Fort Icon Timber Tree Tower
5-4 Poison Ponds
5-5 Scuttle Bug Vines
5-B Dorrie Ride
5-Castle Icon Iggy's Poisoned Castle
5-Airship Sprite Bowser Jr.'s Wild Airship

World D - Horror Boneyard

The fourth secret world. It takes place in a cemetery, with some mansions, bones and pumpkins. This world is unlocked by finding the secret exit in 5-Airship Sprite

Level Number Level Name
D-1 Pumpkin Road
D-2 Horror Ship
D-A Fake Coin House
D-3 Bone Cemetery
D-Fort Icon Haunted Fortress

World 6 - Rock Canyon Mountains

The mountanious world.

Level Number Level Name
6-1 Gromba's Falls
6-2 Chomp's Nest
6-A Ninji's Heighs
6-3 Stone Spike High Cliffs
6-Fort Icon1 Sumo Bro's Thunder Fortress
6-4 Rex Gorge
6-B Darkness Cavern
6-5 Torpedo Cliffs
6-Fort Icon2 Chargin' Chuck Athletic Fortress
6-6 Fuzzy Crossing
6-C Mount Stone
6-7 Bombard Canyon
6-Castle Icon Morton's Burnwire Castle

World E - Chermical Factory

The fifth secret world. It takes place in a small factory ruled by Big Bob-omb. This is a secret world unlokced by finding the secret exit in 6-Castle Icon.

Level Number Level Name
E-1 Production Room
E-2 Oil Refinery
E-3 Toxic Laboratory
E-Fort Icon Explosive Factory Tower

World 7 - Cloudway Sky

The world is sky themed and contains many clouds and high cliffs.

Level Number Level Name
7-1 Snake Block Clouds
7-2 Lakitu's Fluffy Turf
7-A Tornado's Nest
7-3 Nimbus Highway
7-Fort Icon Storm-Chushing Fortress
7-4 Thunder Bridge
7-5 Sky Bubble Hills
7-6 Para-beetle Fligh
7-B Manta Raid
7-7 Banzai Battlefield
7-Castle Icon Ludwig's Illusion Castle

World F - Super Galaxy

The sixth secret world. It takes place in the space, with large references to SMG1 and SMG2. This world is unlocked by finding the secret exit in 7-Castle Icon

Level Number Level Name
F-1 Octopus Planet
F-2 Asteroid Nebula
F-A Starfruit Garden
F-3 Cosmic Cove
F-4 Spintop Belt
F-5 Gravity Base
F-Fort Icon Electron Tower

World 8 - Bowser's Planet

Level Number Level Name
8-1 Meteor Cliffs
8-2 Broke Splorch Belt
8-A Jellybeam Reef
8-3 Rising Lava Lake
8-Fort Icon Magic Fortress
8-4 Bully Inferno
8-5 Fire Snake Ruins
8-B Blargg's Secret Lair
8-6 Spine Coaster Cruise
8-7 Magma Road
8-Airship Sprite Bowser Jr.'s Extreme Airship Armada
8-8 Smashing Bridge
8-Bowser's Castle Sprite Bowser's Masterful Castle

World ★ - Star World

Level Number Level Name
★-1 Mushroom Plains
★-2 Autumn Treeway
★-3 Quicksand Dunes
★-4 Sunshine Ocean
★-5 Gargantuan Land
★-6 Permafrost Tundra
★-7 Underground Caves
★-8 Poison Woodlands
★-9 Horror Ghost Mansion
★-10 Stone Stone Canyon
★-11 Acid Factory
★-12 Cloudway Garden
★-13 Space Jump Planet
★-14 Magma Volcano Run
★-15 Rainbow Star Road
★-Bowser's Castle Sprite Dry Bowser's Secret Castle
★-Fort Icon Boss Blitz Level
★-Crown Gold Palace


  • ★-Crown is unlocked after the player gets all the Star Coins in all worlds, find all the secret exits, jump on the top of all flagpoles (Gold Flagpole), get all the Nabbits, unlock all the characters and defeat all the bosses.


New Power-Ups

Power-Up Image Item Image Form Effect
Earth Rock SMWU Earth Rock Earthquake Mario SMWU Earthquake Mario The Earth Rock lets you stomp on the ground to cause quakes which can make Coins fall and allows the player to paralyze big enemies (some small enemies can be defeated), identical to Yellow Yoshi's on SMW.
Chicken Suit Chicken Suit Chicken Mario NSMBVR Chicken Mario This form lets Mario shoot flaming egg-like projectiles (that act like Fireballs) and gives Mario the ability to slowly fall.
BombMushroom Bob-Omb Mushroom Bomb Mario NSMBDIY Bomb Mario Bomb Mario has the ability to shoot 2 Bombs at once that explode when touch the ground, the wall or an enemie. Also, Mario is invencible to explosions made by his bombs
Magic Flower Magic Flower MagicMarioByArend Magic Mario While in this form Mario can shoot Magic Balls from his magic scepter. These Magic Balls are not effected by gravity and can be aimed. The Magic Balls may also turn enemies and brick blocks into coins, Super Mushrooms or even rare 1-Up Mushrooms and reveal the contents in blocks. Magic Mario can levite and teleport (in short distances) like an Magikoopa.

Old Power-Ups

Power-Up Image Item Image Form Effect
NSMBWiiMiniMushroom Mini Mushroom NSMB2 Mini Mario Mini Mario A very small form of Mario that can pass for very small placesand can jump very high
Mega Mushroom Mega Mushroom MegaMario Mega Mario A Gaint form of Mario which can smash lots of things.
SMG RainbowStar Rainbow Star Rainbow mario by banjo2015-d8mv80s Rainbow Mario Rainbow Mario is invencible and very fast!
FireFlowerSM3DL Fire Flower Fire Mario. Fire Mario Fire Mario is able to shoot fireballs!
Ice Flower SM3DW Ice Flower Ice Mario. Ice Mario Ice Mario is able to shoot iceballs!
Super Leaf NSMB2 Super Leaf Racoon mario flying by banjo2015-d8eq7k4 Raccoon Mario After grabbing the Super Leaf, the power-up allows Mario to fly after reaching top speed and also lets him hit things, like enemies and blocks with his raccoon tail.
Acorn Shroom Super Acorn Flying squirrel mario by banjo2015-d8mq5vt Flying Squirrel Mario When he grabs an Super Acorn, Mario can lightly glide and temporarily cling to walls, blocks and pipes. He is also able to air jump while gliding.
Propeller Mushroom Propeller Mushroom Propeller mario by banjo2015-d8mq184 Propeller Mario When Mario uses the Spin Jump, he'll propel up literally instead. When in air, Mario can do this one time before he lands. Spinning makes Mario slow down a bit.
CloudFlower Cloud Flower Cloud mario by banjo2015-d8mqyqe Cloud Mario Cloud Mario can create clouds by spinning, although he can make three clouds a time. He then need to pick up another Cloud Flower to make again three clouds.
PenguinSuit Penguin Suit Penguin mario by banjo2015-d8mqgmh Penguin Mario This special suit makes it possible to shoot ice balls. However, just like the Frog Suit, to swim better and to slide on its belly.
FrogSuitSME Frog Suit FrogMario Frog Mario Frog Mario can jump higher than usual. Also, it gives Mario enhanced swimming abilities; he can spin to get a speed boost that can defeat tough underwater enemies. On land, he is able to stick on walls and crawl on them for a short amount of time.
Boomerangflower Boomerang Flower Boomerang mario nsmb3 nx Boomerang Mario Boomerang Mario can throw a boomerang just like other Boomerang Bros.
Hammer flower nsmbu version by machrider14-d5tj54x Hammer Flower Hammer mario nsmb3 nx Hammer Mario Hammer Mario can throw a hammer just like other Hammer Bros.

Yoshi Types

Normaly, the only Yoshi that appears inside an Egg being adult is Green Yoshi, although there is Baby Green Yoshi in the game. The others appears as Baby Yoshis and needs to eat 7 enemies to grow to a normal Yoshi, while the Green Baby Yoshi only turns into adult when the player completes a level. Both baby and adult Yoshis who have special abilities can use them. The Babies need to be carried by the player, but while swimming with Baby Yoshis, the player's swimming style improves, swimming faster and resisting water currents better. The player can ride on adult Yoshi back and the Yoshi can do a flutter jump, can do a ground-pound and it can also jump on spiked places and on certain enemies that players can't normally jump on (though it won't affect the enemies in any way).

Baby Yoshi Image Yoshi Image Name Description
Green Baby Yoshi Yoshi NSMBW Green Baby Yoshi/Green Yoshi They are the only ones that can eat enemies or vegetables using its tongue and they are the only ones that can proceed to another level with the player, while the others stay in the level. If Yoshi eats a shelled enemy, hammers, sledge hammers, spiked balls or boomerangs, he can't swallow it, and must spit it out eventually instead. Eating a Fire enemie or a fireball allows Yoshi to spit out a fireball. Also, eating an Ice enemie or an iceball allows Yoshi to spit out an iceball.
BluebabyyoshiNSMBU Blue YoshiSMWWii Blue Baby Yoshi/Blue Yoshi Blue Yoshi can shoot bubbles to trap enemies inside them.
MagentababyyoshiNSMBU Magenta YoshiSMWWii Magenta Baby Yoshi/Magenta Yoshi Magenta Yoshi can turn into a giant balloon and float up into the air.
Glow Baby Yoshi NSMBU Yellow YoshiSMWWii Yellow Baby Yoshi/Yellow Yoshi Yellow Yoshi can spin, turning shiny to light up darker areas.
Red Baby Yoshi Red YoshiSMWWii Red Baby Yoshi/Red Yoshi Red Yoshi can runs 2 times faster the speed of a normal Yoshi.
Orange Baby Yoshio Orange YoshiSMWWii Orange Baby Yoshi/Orange Yoshi Orange Yoshi can dig underground, revealing secret items and areas.
Cyan Baby Yoshi Cyan YoshiSMWWii Cyan Baby Yoshi/Cyan Yoshi Cyan Yoshi are can spit out small lightning balls that can paralyze enemies for a short amount of time or can defeat some enemies.
Purple Baby Yoshi 3D Purple YoshiSMWWii Purple Baby Yoshi/Purple Yoshi Purple Yoshi can float on Posioned Water without being hurt and also can split out posioned balls that can defeat small enemies and make big enemies dizzy.


Coming Soon...


Image Boss Location Description
MPWii U Goomboss Goomboss
  • W1-Fort Icon
  • W★-Fort Icon
The first boss of the game and one minion of Kamek that don't get any power from the Magikoopa. In his battle, Goomboss will charge toward the player, and, sometimes, he summon Goombas to aid him. The heroe can jump on Goomboss while he's doing the charge attack, but it's a bit harder, since he's too big (size of Mega Goomba from NSMB) and there are spikes on the ground. After 3 stomps, Goomboss is defeated.
Lemmy Koopa NSMW3DS Lemmy Koopa
  • W1-Castle Icon
  • W★-Fort Icon
The first Koopaling to be defeated in the game. This time, Lemmy will throw circus balls and also circus bombs. The difference is that he jumps on his ball when launch something and can also uses his pipes to traverse the cabin, like in SMW. While he curls into his shell and spins around when hit, he jumps. 3 hits to the head, and this boss in defeated.
BugaboomSMA2 Bugaboom
  • WA-Fort Icon
  • W★-Fort Icon
Another minion of Kamek that don't get any power from the Makigoopa. In his battle, Bugaboom first still on the ground, trying to attack Mario with his mandibles. When the player does a ground-pound on his back, the boss starts to fly around, launching bombs. The player can use a flying power-up or the Earth Rock to ground-pound the boss, but he can get the bombs and launch back at Bugaboom. 3 bombs can make the boss fall. Do the ground-pound more 2 times to defeat him.
Boss Thwomp Boss Thwomp
  • W2-Fort Icon
  • W★-Fort Icon
He was a regular Thwomp until Kamek transforms him, somewhat changing his appearance and greatly increasing his size. In his battle, the ground is all made of blocks. Boss Thwomp's attack pattern involves breathing some fireballs at the player, while he flies in the air attempting to smash the player when the heroe is under him. Whenever Boss Thwomp ground-pounds a pair of blocks, they are destroyed, and he also leaves a trail of fire. After destroying an entire column of blocks, Boss Thwomp plummets to the massive pit and hits the ground, being destroyed.
502px-RoyNSMBU Roy Koopa
  • W2-Castle Icon
  • W★-Fort Icon
The second Koopaling to be defeated in the game. This time, Roy will shoot Bullet Bills and Missle Bills with his Bill Blaster and jump between sand geysers. He, sometimes, can increase the size of his Bullet Blaster to shoot Banzai Bills and Missile Banzai Bills. While he curls into his shell and spins around when hit, he jumps lower, creating a shock wave that can stun the player. 3 hits to the head, and this boss in defeated.
BowserJrFortuneStreet Bowser Jr. (1st Battle)
  • W2-Airship Sprite
  • W★-Fort Icon
In his first battle, he, using his Junior Clown Car, can create drill hands and transforms the propeller into a drill to attack the player. Also, the ground, the ceiling and the walls are all made of sand and Bowser Jr., using the drills, can drill the walls or the ground and go to other places. When he goes dill the ground, the player needs to be fast and jump on his head 3 times. The only trouble is that he uses a shield on his Clown Car that must be broked jumping on it. The player only needs to watch out when the boss launch drills and fireballs to attack the player.
Boss Huckit Boss Huckit
  • W3-Fort Icon
  • W★-Fort Icon
He was a regular Huckti Crab until Kamek transforms him, somewhat changing his appearance and greatly increasing his size. In his battle, Boss Huckit throws giant boulders (sometimes some small boulders) and buries himself in the ground, to unexpectedly shoot a boulder and jump out of the ground. The player can't ground-pound his huge head due to a spike there. So the player must grab a small boulder and launch back on him. This will knock out the boss and the player, then, need do a ground-pound on his stomach. Do this 3 times to defeat him.
Larryttttttttttttt Larry Koopa
  • W3-Castle Icon
  • W★-Fort Icon
The third Koopaling to be defeated in the game. This time, Larry can control the water with his new water trident. With it, he can create a bubble sheild that the player must jump to break it, he can control the water speed to the left or to the right, can summon water enemeis (like Fishbones, Bloopers and Mecha-Cheeps) and can lauch magic bubbles on the player to damage him. There, in the arena, also have Targeting Ted Skull Boxes and some spikes on the walls. While he curls into his shell and spins around when hit, he swims in the water, jumping to the ceiling. Jump on his bubble shield and then, jump on his head to damage him. 3 hits and the boss is defeated.
SM3DL Boom Boom Solo Art Boom Boom
  • WB-Fort Icon
  • W★-Fort Icon
Boom Boom returns to a revenge. Boom Boom is assisted by Kamek. With Kamek's magic, Boom Boom can spin, can do a spin jump, can do a mega jump (similar to SMB3), can dash with his spiked shell (similar to the the Koopalings), can turn invisible (similar to SM3DW) and he have a bigger size. Mario simply need jump on his head 5 times. At the final time, he starts to fly (while with his giant size).
Fire & Ice
  • W4-Fort Icon
  • W★-Fort Icon
This battle consists of an Lava Bubble and a Frost Bubble that were transformed by Kamek, greatly increasing their size. Fire and Ice will both hop out of their pools (Fire in lava, and Ice in cold water) and shoot elemental balls (Fire shooting fireballs, Ice shooting iceballs). At the begining of the battle, Mario is automaticaly given a Yoshi, he must use the Yoshi to swallow a fire or ice ball, and spit it at the opposite element boss, (iceballs at Fire, and fireballs at Ice). Getting hit causes the damaged boss to shrink, Mario must hit Fire or Ice 4 times to defeat them, if either Fire or Ice is taken out; the remaining boss will flee, ending the battle. Fire Flower, Ice Flower, Penguin Suit and Chicken Suit are also good options for the battle.
WendyNSMBU Wendy O. Koopa
  • W4-Castle Icon
  • W★-Fort Icon
The fourth Koopaling to be defeated in the game. This time, Wendy can use her magic to create icicles on the ceiling and make them fall seconds after created. She skates across the area to avoid the player, including on the walls and on the ceiling. Also, she can launch normal Rings and new Freezie Rings that freeze the player and she can summon Mr. Blizzards. When she curls into her shell and spins around when hit, she actually change directions anywhere around the room. 3 hits to the head, and she is defeated.
King T Mole King T. Mole
  • WC-Fort Icon
  • W★-Fort Icon
A new king and another minion of Kamek that don't get any power from the Makigoopa. In his battle, King T. Mole appeared in some holes in the wall of the arena, throwing boulders on the player. The player must dodge the attacks and jump on the head of the boss 5 times. Sometimes, some Mega Moles appear to confuse the player. When the boss appear at highter holes, the player must climb the wall to reach the boss.
Petey Piranha SMG3 Petey Piranha
  • W5-Fort Icon
  • W★-Fort Icon
Another minion of Kamek that don't get any power from the Makigoopa. In his battle, Petey spits Goop Balls at you and runs into you. He also can split ink at the screen and can fly. He is very slow, and can be knocked over by avoiding his ramming attacks, letting him run into the goopy floor. After knocking him down, you must ground pound on his stomach three times. After the first time, he will summon 2 goopy piranha plants to help him.
IggyNSMBU Iggy Koopa
  • W5-Castle Icon
  • W★-Fort Icon
The fifth Koopaling to be defeated in the game. Iggy's room have lots of Turnips and also some Evil Turnips. The Koopaling will dig the ground and will camouflage himself on the ground (only his hair will stay out of the ground, looking like a Turnip). The player must be attent and find the Koopaling. He will star running and split out magic balls. When hit, he boss will curl into his shell and will spin arround (at this moment he will create fireballs that can hit the player or the Turnips in the ground). 4 hits to the head, and this boss in defeated. At the final attack, when discovered by the player, he will create a magic shield and the player must break the shield throwing at it 3 Turnips.
Bowser Jr NSMBW Bowser Jr. (2nd Battle)
  • W5-Airship Sprite
  • W★-Fort Icon
In Bowser Jr.'s second battle, he uses his Clown Car to launch spiked gears, spiked balls, Missile Bills and fireballs. He also can do ground-pounds on the ground, what makes waves of poisoned water appear from the ground. To defeat him, only jump on his head 4 times, remembering that he uses a sheild that must be broken jumping on it. This time he acts like the Koopalings, curling into his shell and spins around when hit, while the Junior Clown Car launch spiked gears and Missile Bills.
Boss Broozer Boss Broozer
  • WD-Fort Icon
  • W★-Fort Icon
He was a regular Broozer until Kamek transforms him, somewhat changing his appearance and greatly increasing his size. In his battle, Boss Broozer turns invisible, launchs blue fireballs, runs faster than other Broozers and can summon 2 Broozers to aid him. He do not follow the player like other Broozers. The player have to find a barrel, grab it and launch it on the boss 4 times. When Boss Broozer punches a barrel, the barrel starts rolling in blue flames, so, the player can't touch on it. Also, the punched barrel leaves a trail of blue fire.
King Sumo Bro. Boss Sumo Bro.
  • W6-Fort Icon1
  • W★-Fort Icon
He was a regular Sumo Bro. until Kamek transforms him, somewhat changing his appearance and greatly increasing his size. In his battle, Boss Sumo Bro is able to run and jump across the platforms. In his stomp attack, he makes giant lightning balls that create shockwaves on the ground. Also, now, the plataforms have propellers, so, they move. To defeat him, the player has to jump and hit the platform where Boss Sumo Bro. stands, causing him to fall on the back of his shell. While Boss Sumo Bro. is stunned, the player must jump on him. He or she must to do this three times to defeat him. Watch out for the Bowser Amps that are on the arena.
Boss Chargin' Chuck
  • W6-Fort Icon2
  • W★-Fort Icon
MortonNSMBU Morton Koopa Jr.
  • W6-Castle Icon
  • W★-Fort Icon
The sixth and penultimate Koopaling to be defeated in the game. This time, Morton can use Ground Pounds to stun all players that are on the floor and use his hammer to launch Spiked Balls on the player like a tennis bat. He also can use his hammer to smash it on the ground and make appear rock spikes on the ground. When he curls into his shell and spins around when hit, he jumps low, creating a shock wave that can stun the player. 6 hits to the head, and the boss is defeated.
MP9 Big Bob-omb King Bob-omb
  • WE-Fort Icon
  • W★-Fort Icon
Another minion of Kamek that don't get any power from the Makigoopa. In the arena, there are 4 Black Pipes in the ground and 4 in the ceiling. He will appear and disappear in the pipes, appearing only to launch Bob-ombs, bombshells or Bob-ulks at the player. When he appear at one of the pipes in the ceiling, he falls and create a shockwave (when he hits the ground, will paralyze the player for a brief moment if he doesn't jump at the correct time), and then he will launch Bob-ombs and will jump to other pipe. The player has to grab the Bob-ombs throw them back at him before they explode. After being hit by 10 Bob-ombs, he's defeated. When the boss is damaged by 5 Bob-ombs, the time clock will disappear and another clock will appear, showing that the player must defeat King Bob-omb in 60 seconds before the whole Factory Tower explodes.
GigaLakitu Giga Lakitu
  • W7-Fort Icon
  • W★-Fort Icon
Another minion of Kamek that don't get any power from the Makigoopa. In his battle, Giga Lakitu mainly attacks by throwing Spinies at the player and he also releases lightning from underneath his cloud. The player can't jump at him because of his spiked crown. Instead, the player needs use a Yoshi, eat a Spinie and throw at him when he swoops down low, to hurt him. After being hit five times, he's defeated.
LudwigNSMBU Ludwig von Koopa
  • W7-Castle Icon
  • W★-Fort Icon
Topmaniac Topmaniac
  • WF-Fort Icon
  • W★-Fort Icon
The last minion of Kamek that don't get any power from the Makigoopa. In his battle, Topmaniac spins at the player with his spiked body to hurt the player. He also summon a Topmen to help him. The heroe must jump on top of it, which will force it to retract its spikes and spin closer to the walls, Mario must then Spin into it, knocking it into the electric wall, damaging him. The player must repeat this three times to win. During the battle, some Topmen, some Sparks some Amps appear to distract the player.
KamekNSMBW Kamek
  • W8-Fort Icon
  • W★-Fort Icon
Kamek appears as the boss now of World 8 Tower. He attacks by launching magic balls, flying, summoning enemies, like Magikoopas and Toadies to aid him and teleporting. Kamek also can release his magic, affecting the enemies on the arena and transforming them into giant versions of themselves. His magic blasts turn the blocks of the floor into donut lifts upon contact. The player needs jump on his head five times to defeat the boss. When Kamek is attacked, he uses his giant magic hammer (the same from Yoshi's New Island) to try to smash the player. Upon concat to the floor, it will destroy all the blocks transformed into donut lifts. After some time, these blocks will reappear as normal blocks.
Bowser Jr NSMBU Bowser Jr. (3rd Battle)
  • W8-Airship Sprite
  • W★-Fort Icon
Bowser Bowser
  • W8-Bowser's Castle Sprite
  • W★-Fort Icon
  • W★-Bowser's Castle Sprite
  • W★-Fort Icon
  • Fire & Ice are bosses from Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii, an unofficial sequel to NSMBWii created by a team of devoted Nintendo fans.


These are the Music that are played in New Super Mario Bros.: Extreme Adventure

Boss Soundtracks

Level Soundtracks

Map Soundtrack

  • Grassy Plains Map
    • Coming Soon...
  • Goldwood Forest Map
    • Coming Soon...
  • Sand Desert Map
    • Coming Soon...
  • Subtropical Beach Map
    • Coming Soon...
  • Very Big Island Map
    • Coming Soon...
  • Freezeflame Glacier Map
    • Coming Soon...
  • Crystaline Caves Map
    • Coming Soon...
  • Poison Jungle Map
    • Coming Soon...
  • Horror Boneyard Map
    • Coming Soon...
  • Rock Canyon Mountains Map
    • Coming Soon...
  • Chermical Factory Map
    • Coming Soon...
  • Cloudway Sky Map
    • Coming Soon...
  • Super Galaxy Map
    • Coming Soon...
  • Bowser's Planet Map
    • Coming Soon...
  • Star Road Map
    • Coming Soon...

Playing Level Soundtrack

  • Peach's Castle/Toad House:
    • Coming Soon...
  • Grassland Overworld:
    • Coming Soon...
  • Athletic Overworld/Sky Overworld:
    • Coming Soon...
  • Cavern Overworld:
    • Coming Soon...
  • Underwater Overworld:
    • Coming Soon...
  • Desert Overworld:
    • Coming Soon...
  • Beach Overworld:
    • Coming Soon...
  • Autmun Overworld:
    • Coming Soon...
  • Snow Overworld:
    • Coming Soon...
  • Snow+Volcano Overworld:
    • Coming Soon...
  • Jungle Overworld:
    • Coming Soon...
  • Ghost House Overworld:
    • Coming Soon...
  • Graveyard Overworld:
    • Coming Soon...
  • Mountain Overworld:
    • Coming Soon...
  • Space Overworld:
    • Coming Soon...
  • Volcano Overworld:
    • Coming Soon...
  • Fortress:
  • Castle
    • Coming Soon...
  • Airship:
    • Coming Soon...
  • Bowser/Dry Bowser Castle:
    • Coming Soon...
  • Boss Blitz Level:
    • Coming Soon...

Other Soundtracks

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