This is the list of items in the game, New Super Mario Bros.: Clash of the Koopas. Note that Mario actually means all the playable characters in the game. For example, Mario's not the only one that can use the items, but the other playable characters (Luigi, for example) can use them also.


Image Name Effect
SuperMushroom Super Mushroom Turns Small Mario into Super Mario to let him break Brick Blocks and use other items.
PoisonMushroom Poison Mushroom Powers down Super Mario or higher, or defeats him if he's Small Mario.
Propeller Mushroom Propeller Mushroom Turns Super Mario into Propeller Mario to let him fly like a propeller after the player shakes the Wii Remote (Wii) or presses Y (Nintendo 3DS/Wii U).
MegamushroomNSMB2 Mega Mushroom Turns Super Mario into Mega Mario for a limited time to let him turn gigantic, destroying enemies, blocks, and shrink and destroy pipes. In this form, he can't spin jump or wall jump. When he ground pounds, Goombas fall out of the sky. If he's in a form other than Super Mario and Small Mario and he collects a Mega Mushroom, when he goes back to normal, he returns to his super form.
BeeMushroom Bee Mushroom Turns Super Mario into Bee Mario to let him fly for a while, stick to Honeycomb Walls, and land on flowers and clouds. He will lose this form if he touches water.
BooMush Boo Mushroom Turns Super Mario into Boo Mario to let him float, go through walls, attract Boos, and understand Boo language.
SpringMush Spring Mushroom Turns Super Mario into Spring Mario to let him jump higher, automatically wall jump, and go up steep hills.
NSMBWiiMiniMushroom Mini Mushroom Turns Mario (any type of form) into Mini Mario to let him enter tiny pipes, jump higher, run faster, and walk on water. There's no difference, though.
RockMushroomSME Rock Mushroom Turns Super Mario into Rock Mario to let him roll like a rock to run over enemies when the player shakes the Wii Remote (Wii) or presses Y (Nintendo 3DS/Wii U).
NSMBWii1upMushroom 1-Up Mushroom Gives Mario (any form) an extra life. Another way to get an extra life is collecting 100 coins (in any level in the game besides Coin Fenzy Mode).
Golden Mushroom NSMB2 Golden Mushroom Gives Mario 50 coins (100 coins if he's Gold Mario). It only appears in Coin Frenzy Mode.


Image Name Effect
FireFlower Fire Flower Turns Super Mario into Fire Mario to let him throw fireballs to burn enemies (not affective to dry enemies).
Ice Flower Ice Flower Turns Super Mario into Ice Mario to let him throw iceballs to freeze enemies. If it's not tall/wide open, he can carry it and throw it until it hits a wall.
CloudFlower Cloud Flower Turns Super Mario into Cloud Mario to let him make cloud platforms while spin jumping in mid-air and step on them. He will lose this form by stepping in water.
ThunderFlower Thunder Flower Turns Super Mario into Thunder Mario to let him throw thunder bolts and destroy any enemy that's metallic.
GoldFlower Gold Flower Turns Super Mario into Gold Mario* to let him throw a gold ball that turns anything into coins. If he's in this form when he touches the flagpole, he'll turn to Fire Mario.
Magic Flower Magic Flower Turns Super Mario into Magic Mario to let him throw magic balls (similar to the Koopalings). It also turns enemies into coins (uncommon), Super Mushrooms (common), and 1-Up Mushrooms (rare).
NSMBG-GravityFlower Gravity Flower Turns Super Mario into Gravity Mario to let him control gravity (similar to Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2's switches).
Boomerangflower Boomerang Flower Turns Super Mario into Boomerang Mario to let him throw boomerangs (similar to Boomerang Bros.).


Image Name Description
Block Question Block (AKA ? Blocks) Contains a Coin, a Super Mushroom (if Mario's in his small form), or a power-up (if Mario's in his super form) when it is hit. When hit, it turns into a Used Block.
POWBlock Blue POW Block Kills all enemies and drops all the coins on the sceen when hit. It can be carried and dropped by the player.
PowBlockNSMB2 Red POW Block Acts the same as the Blue POW Blocks, but it can't be held and floating in the air and it doesn't defeat enemies. It also gets coins out of Question Blocks and Brick Blocks and forms a chain reaction when another one is activated.
Brick Block Brick Block Contains Coins, a power-up, Super Star, a Beanstalk, a 1-Up Mushroom, or nothing. If it contains nothing, it can only be hit in Mario's super form. When hit, it turn into a Used Block.
Used Used Block The result of a Question Block, a Brick Block, or a Roulette Block being used.
Roulette Block SM3DL Roulette Block** A block that contains power-ups and Super Stars that go in a pattern (or a roulette). When the player hits the block, the item that it shows comes out.
Note Block ♪ Block (AKA Note Blocks or Music Blocks) A bouncy block that can be bounced on. Sometimes, it contains power-ups.
SuperGuideBlock Super Guide Block Appears after the player dies 8 times in a row in a level. When hit, the player(s) decide if the computer player(s) can complete the level for the player(s). The computer player(s) are the character(s) the player(s) are playing as. They don't run, but they walk. After the computer player(s) complete the level, the player(s) decide if he/she/they want to complete the level by themselves. If not, the player(s) will move on to the next level, and the scores won't be saved and the level will remain incomplete.


Image Name Description
Coin NSMB2 Coin Collectibles that are found in every level. When the player(s) get 100 coins, they (all in multiplayer) gets an extra life. Coins are also used to unlock characters, hint movies, and suits for Miis.
RedCoin Red Coin 8 of these appear for a limited time when a Red Ring is touched. When Mario collects all of them, he gets a power-up (if he's in his small form or his super form), or a 1-Up Mushroom (if he has a power-up).
Blue Coin Blue Coin An amount of Blue Coins appear for a limited time after Mario hits a P-Switch. If he collects all of them, the audience cheers.
StarCoin Star Coin 3 Star Coins appear in every level. If Mario collects all of them from Worlds 1-18, he unlocks World 19 after the staff credits.


Image Name Description
Acorn Shroom Super Acorn Turns Super Mario into Flying Squirrel Mario to let him glide, cling on walls, and jump while gliding.

Other Items

Image Name Description
SuperLeaf2 Super Leaf Turns Super Mario into Raccoon Mario to let him glide/fly (height and speed depends on the P-Meter), and swing his tail.

* - When Luigi, Blue Toad, Baby Luigi, or a Mii with green/blue as its favorite color collects a Gold Flower, they will turn silver instead of gold. When Mario, Yellow Toad, Geno, or a Mii that doesn't have green/blue as its favorite color collects a Gold Flower, they will turn gold instead of silver.

** - The Roulette Block contains every mushroom except for the Poison Mushroom.

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