This is the list of enemies and bosses in New Super Mario Bros.: Clash of the Koopas.


Image Name Description
180px-Goomba Goomba With only one single stomp on the head or any other attack, the Goomba's the easiest enemy to defeat in the game! They appear in almost every level, and they're the enemy course for World 1!
Spiky Goomba Spiked Goomba Remember that enemy from the Paper Mario games? Well they're back again! You can't jump on them because if you do, you'll get hurt, so hit them with some item/weapon.
Paragoomba Card Paragoomba An uncommon type of Goomba, this time with wings! They'll mostly appear in Coin Heaven parts of levels. If you stomp on them, they lose their wings! If you stomp on them again, they'll be defeated!
Goombo Goombe A round Goomba that really looks like a chestnut with 2 green legs! After a few years of absence, they're back in the game! They have some differences in the game, such as rolling at the nearest player and jumping high!
Grand Goomba Solo SMWU Grand Goomba A giant Goomba that might stomp you harder than you stomp the Goombas! When you stomp on them, they clone themselves, but they're smaller! When there's 8 of them, they won't split up anymore!
Heligoomba NSMBVR Heligoomba A combination of a helicopter and a Goomba. Even though it has the word "heli-" in the name, the Goomba just flys like a propeller, just like Propeller Mario! They'll mostly appear in Coin Heaven parts of levels.
Dry Goomba Dry Goomba A dead Goomba. You can't kill them with a jump because they can still revive, so throw an item/weapon at them! Fireballs don't work, either. They'll mostly appear in cave, fortress, castle, dungeon, and temple levels. They're also known as Bone Goombas!
ShoeGoomba Shoe Goomba After many years of its absence, now it's back! It's a Goomba in it's own shoe! Originating from Super Mario Bros. 3 (including remakes), they don't have any difference. If you attack them from below, it will only kill the Goomba, so the player can use it to hop around!
Ufoomba UFOomba From space, a Goomba with a UFO under it returns! Their hover beams let them float around, and they shoot laser beams to the nearest player around it! You can still jump on them, though. Just make sure you can jump higher than them!
Gloomba 3D Mario Gloomba A Goomba that uncommonly appears underground. Just like in the Paper Mario series, they still hate the sun, but they like the dark. They look like they're strong, but they're not! Just kill them like the way you would regularly defeat Goombas!
Scoomba NSMBVR Scoomba A blue Goomba (probably Gloomba) that's underwater! You can't stomp on them, so you have to throw an item/weapon at them. They even follow you, also!
200px-Koopa Koopa Troopa One of the colored Koopas in the game! You can't kill them by just stomping on them, but you can do anything else! If they reach the end of a platform/floor, they fall down automatically! The shells can be used for reaching places or items that you can't reach!
Red Koopa! Red Koopa Another colored Koopa in the game! Unlike Green Koopas, they don't fall down into deadly pits, but the shell can fall into them!
Blue Koopa! Blue Koopa Troopa The Blue Koopas have no difference with the Red Koopas, but it's just that their faster and whenever they see a player, they charge at him/her! When it's shell is rolling, it never falls down a pit!
Green Paratroopa! Koopa Paratroopa An uncommon Koopa with wings, just like the Paragoomba! Of course, there are red and blue Paratroopas, too! They mostly appear in Coin Heaven levels. Just jump on them and defeat them like a regular Koopa, or just throw an item/weapon at it.
Hammer Bro. Party 8 Hammer Bro. A common regular Koopa with a helmet, and he throws hammers! Their hammers can be swallowed by Yoshi, also. They mostly appear in grass levels. Worry more about dodging the hammers than beating them! A suit made of the Hammer Bro. can be used to turn Mario into Hammer Mario!
Boomerang Bro. SM3DL Boomerang Bro. A blue Koopa with a helmet, but unlike the Hammer Bro., this time he throws boomerangs! The boomerangs can also be swallowed by Yoshi. They mostly appear in desert levels! A Boomerang Suit can be used to turn Mario into Boomerang Mario!
FireBro Fire Bro. A red Koopa with a helmet, and he throws fireballs! The fireballs can still be used for lighting up dark places. Unlike the fireballs you throw, the fireballs he throws hurt you! Maybe you can shoot a fireball at him, too!
ThunderBro Thunder Bro. A yellow Koopa with a helmet, and this time, he throws deadly lightning bolts! The lightning bolts attach to the ground, and when it falls off a platform, it falls down (just like an item/weapon)! When it hits a wall, it climbs up the wall.
IceBro Ice Bro. Just like the other Bros., these Bros. throw iceballs and they have a light blue shell and helmet! They mostly appear in ice levels. Mario can still freeze them in his ice form.
DRY Dry Bones A dead Koopa that can't be killed by fireballs (just like Bone Goomba)! He doesn't fall off any platform, so he's probably a dead Red Koopa. These enemies only appear in Fortress and Castle levels!

More coming soon.