Press Start to begin this new adventure! Experience the fourth dimension! See all changing around Mario and Luigi, from the rain to the drought. Winter to Summer. And much more!
Sentence on the back cover

New Super Mario Bros.: Adventure Time
Developer(s) Joseotawio Group
Publisher(s) Logo.png
Platform(s) Th_120px-Wii_U_logo.jpg
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag_of_Japan.png 2013

25px-Flag_of_USA.png 2013

25px-Flag_of_Europe.png 2013

Pt-BR.png 2013

25px-Flag_of_Australia.png 2013

25px-Flag_of_China.png 2013

1-2 Players
Age Rating(s)
30px-ERating.jpg 40px-CERO_A.gif
Genre(s) Platformer (2D - 3D)
Media Included Wii U Disc Digital

New Super Mario Bros.: Adventure Time (Or NSMB:AT)it's a game made by a fan of the Mario series of games. Which will be released in 2013. In it you live the life of two Italian plumbers who have to again rescue Princess Peach Toadstool. But to do this you need defeat, during the game, the lackeys and children of the terrible villain, Bowser. Everything seems to be normal, right? It would be the same thing if it was not added to the game, the 4D (fourth dimension, time). It is worth considering the phases will appear on 2D (As in NSMBW) or 3D (As in SM3DL). The time will be a key  fact in this game. But not only hours, but years, you may notice that the phase will change according to the season, the condition of the weather or time of a day. Providing the player, able to play the same level several times, with different conditions. (As an example, a phase can be played in rain, at night, during the spring and, after a long time, playing the same stage on a dry day, in a morning, during the autumn).

The game is quite long and is full of mini games and secret stages. Providing emotion and desire to complete the game, as in the old Super Nintendo (Super Mario Bros.  3 and Super Mario World). In reality, the game is a mix of a little of each Super Mario (From the first to the NSMBU). In some parts, resembles a RPG, such as challenges posed by several friends of Mario and Luigi, who will meet in this game, but the reward for these challenges is just Power-Ups and Extras Lives. What reminds mini games of the NSMBWii or of the SM3DL.

Besides the constant change of time, Mario and Luigi will have to pass through different parts of the world in which they live. Again will visit Yoshi Island, Donut Plains, Vanilla Dome, Delfino Square, Forest Maze, Dry Dry Desert and many more! Also integrated  some places never visited before, Soda Archipelago, Island of Bananas, Ghost City, Rice Desert, Juice Lake, Meat Mountain and more!


Another beautiful day in the Mushroom Kingdom. Today there will be a big party at the castle of Princess Peach. During the party, someone knocks on the door. A huge statue covered by a cloth, is waiting outside. Pushed by Toads royalty, imagining this to be a gift to Peach, the statue enters the castle. When Peach pulls the cloth, realizes it was a statue of Bowser. It had a door in the belly, Bowser Jr. opens the door and pulls the princess into the monument.  Quickly falls apart and Jr., flees in his Clown Car, with Princess. Terrified Mario and Luigi run to save Peach once again! In the first situation, you start in the Mushroom Kingdom, on a hot summer day. That is, as simple as possible. From there the game will begin to change their time.


In this game we find only the two largest plumbers and heroes, racing against time to save Princess Peach.

Picture Name Description
Mario (NSML)

Mario the main hero!

Mario The greatest of all plumbers, a new and unique experience, but also the classic: Help him save Princess Peach


Luigi The plumber back to help his brother to rescue Princess Peach and defeat the fearsome Bowser.


Mario historical characters gathered in this great adventure! Some will help you get to Bowser's Castle! Others are only passing through. A presence in this new phenomenon!

Image Name Description
Peach (NSML)
Princess Peach Toadstool Again captured by Bowser. Save it before it's too late!
Toad The mushroom head will help you! Go to the various games around the world. And get Power-Ups that will be needed many times!

Blue Toad

Blue Toad This time he'll be more stationary. Just show up in the "Extra Life" game!
Yellow Toad Appears in the same way that the Blue Toad, but in the "Collect as coins you can" game!
Toadsworth It will stay very busy! Since he has to control all the Toads panicked!
Maria Despite wanting to have accompanied Mario and Luigi in this new adventure, stayed home with Luise, who was terrified!
Luise Luise was too afraid to follow  her cousins ​​on this journey! Fortunately her sister will stay at home.
Wario He will not exactly help Mario and Luigi. It's more like a visit of the brothers in his castle full of treasures, for a quick chat.
Waluigi It will be very grumpy with the visit of Mario and Luigi, in the castle of his brother. But, dog that barks doesn't bite.
File:250px-MP7 Toadette.png
Toadette Need a Power-Up? Go to one of the houses of Toadette and choose one of the chests!
Daisy Visit her castle. And receive something very special!
Princess Rosalina and Luma If you find the two now you know that is the finale!
Geno Lost in the Forest Maze? Maybe Geno help you! Now he is living there! Find the wood man and you find the secret way to get out of that forest!
Birdo MP9
Birdo Find her ring and you receive a super present!


Donkey Kong Donkey Kong too? Exactly! Visit the Island of Bananas and find the gorilla resting...
Diddy Kong Also present on the Island of Bananas, help him collect the possible number of these fruits and earn a gift!
Dixie Kong Just appears talking to her sister, who is pointing to a picture of Candy Kong.
Tiny Kong It seems to be pointing to a picture of Candy Kong. While talking with Dixie.
Cranky Kong

Answer his questions correctly and get 3 extra lives in a chest!


Increasingly terrible!

Image Name Description
478px-Nsmb2 bowser


File:Bowser Koopa (Clown Car).png


The greatest of all the villains of Nintendo, returns! Capturing Princess Peach again! Badder than ever. You will have the opportunity to face this villain twice. A with the Clown Car and then the grand final. Their weapons will include: Balls of Fire, Mecha-Koopas, Hammers, Giant Balls. Besides, always try crush you, both in its small way, as in the Giant Bowser. Batlles on 2D and 3D.

MKXL Bowser Jr
Bowser Jr NSMBU

Bowser Jr.

The meanies from the beginning, becomes a thorn in the side, capturing the Princess to give to his father. You will face him several times, within your Clown Car or even without it, in a battle with no tricks. He uses weapons such as Fire Ball, Bomb-ombs, Boxing gloves of his Clown Car, Giant Balls, Buttlet Bills Shooter, etc... Battles on 2D and 3D.

Morton Koopa Sr. Bowser's father also will be greatly complicate, imagine if he is already twice the size of your child normally! Imagine your Giant form! It will be impossible to stop him fighting in hand-to-hand combat, then use something that can reach the top of his head. Where is weakness, for while trying to get you out of there, it will use  a punch. Get out of there fast when he does that. 'll Find it only once. Among his weapons are: Super Fire Spit, punches and use the tail in its giant form. Battle on 3D.
Iggy Koopa This crazy son of Bowser will try to destroy you anyway. Prepare to dodge Chain-Chomps, Giant Balls and green and bizarre spells. It will appear 2 times, the 2 on 2D. One of this time, helped for Kamek.

Larry Koopa

Larry Koopa

The first villain that you will face. Will use a blue spell. Besides that he can teleport between pipes in one of the battles. It will appear 2 times,' 'one on 2D, the another on 3D. One of this time, helped for Kamek.

Lemmy Koopa 3D

Lemmy Koopa

Lemmy Koopa This maniac for balls will freak out this time, throwing many balls at once. Giants or not. It remains to Mario and Luigi to focus and hit another jump in Lemmy's head. It will appear 2 times,

one on 2D, the another on 3D. One of this time, helped for Kamek.

Ludwig Von Koopa If we consider who is closer to assume the throne of Bowser, Ludwig is the name. He returned most evil, magic blue and purple, using groundpound, spitting fire and focused on defeating Mario and Luigi.

It will appear 2 times, the 2 on 2D. One of this time, helped for Kamek.

Morton Koopa Jr. The strongest of the brothers. Time to destroy everything! With the help of his hammer and some Spike Pillars and Giant Spiked Balls, he will ensure that Mario and Luigi do not pass nor of his castle. It will appear 2 times, the 2 on 2D. One of this time, helped for Kamek.
Roy Koopa Besides trying to immobilize you with your leaps. He'll shoot you with his Bullet Bills launcher . He can hide in pipes when he is almost losing the fight. It will appear 2 times,

one on 2D, the another on 3D. One of this time, helped for Kamek.

Wendy O. Koopa Artwork

Wendy O. Koopa

Wendy O' Koopa The only daughter of Bowser, will use their rings to paralize and defeat Mario and Luigi. Dodge anyway. Why does it seem that all the rings will follow you at tight space that will happen the battle.

It will appear 2 times, one on 2D, the another on 3D. One of this time, helped for Kamek.

Kamek (SMBZ)
Kamek Besides helping all children of Bowser. Still will be prepared to fight, much magic is used, if you jump him, he will... disappear? Defeat all illusions then!
SM3DL Boom Boom Solo Art
Boom Boom This uncontrollable  monster will try to stop you many times. Be prepared! Can occur a partnership, with Pun Pun.
Pun Pun

Beware of the boomerang. Divert when she tries to crush you. And will defeat she quickly! Can occur a partnership, with Boom Boom.

Gooper blooper
Gooper Blooper A boss only in conditions! Just will find he, in castles of flooded places  and fortresses sunk in the seas. Beware tentacles, avoid water cannons. Battles on 3D.
King Boo Looks like you raided the place that King Boo lives. The Ghost City! He will not be happy with this. But you will need to pass to save the princess, then you must defeat he and his Boos. Is a conditional boss, while at same time not, because he can appear any fortress overnight. But his battle with him is guaranteed in the Ghost City. Battles on 2D and 3D.
King Sumo Bro.
King Sumo Bro. Prepare for big impacts! The King Sumo Bro. back in to the games, to stop Mario and Luigi to get to their destinations. So, he will chase you, until finally defeat him. Battles on 2D and 3D.
250px-Petey Piranha
Petey Piranha Sometimes a good friend, other times a feisty plant. This is the reason of him being on the list of bosses. He is another conditional boss. Depend on places like forests or even Marshes. Battles on 3D.
Reznor The big comeback! Spinning and dropping fireballs,  the Reznors will try to eliminate you. Another

'conditional boss, only in places underground or even volcanoes. Battles on 2D.'


The Power-Ups are guaranteed. But some may even unlocked and others will depended on the time, weather or season.

Mario Form Name Power-Up Image Power-Up Name Description Condition
Small Mario NSMBU
Small Mario -//- -//-
Super Mario
Super Mushroom for tlotll
Super Mushroom
Fire Mario SMW3D
Fire Mario
Fire Flower NSMB2
Fire Flower
Ice Mario
Ice Flower SMWU
Ice Flower
Electric Mario
Thunder Mario
Thunder Flower
7593544202 1c30b8ca16 o
Invincible Mario
File:Super Star.png
Super Star
Full Bee Mario SMG
Bee Mario
Bee Mushroom
Blooper Mario
Blooper Suit
Boo Mario
Boo Mushroom
Boomerang Mario
Boomerang Flower
Boomerang Flower
Bullet Mario
Bullet Suit

Burning Mario

Burning Mario
Burning Mushroom
Cape Mario SMWU
Cape Mario
Cape Feather NSMBVR
Cape Feather
Chicken Mario NSMBVR
Chicken Mario
Chicken Suit NSMBVR
Chicken Mario
Cloud mario
Cloud Mario
Cloud Flower SMBU
Cloud Flower
WiiU NewMarioU 3 char02 E3
Flying Squirrel Mario
Acorn Shroom
Super Acorn
Frog Mario
Frog Suit
Frozen Mario
Frozen Mushroom
Gold Mario YG99
Golden Mario
Golden Flower
Hammer Mario Final SM3DW
Hammer Mario
Hammer Suit
Light Mario
Light Mushroom
Liquid Mario
Liquid Mushroom
NSMB2 Mega Mario
Mega Mario
Mega Mushroom
Metal Mario
Metal Mushroom
2 Cave Goombas & Mini Mario
Mini Mario
File:Mini Mushroomlike.png
Mini Mushroom
Monkey Mario Lucoshi
Monkey Mario
Banana Flower
Banana Flower
Penguin Mario
Penguin Mario
Penguin Suit
Propeller Mario
Propeller Mushroom
Raccoon Mario
Super Leaf
Rock mario
Rock Mario
Rock Mushroom SMBU
Rock Mushroom
Sand Mario
Sand Mushroom
File:Blue Shell Mario.png
Shell Mario
Blue Shell
StatueMario 3DL
Racoon Mario and Statue Mario
Tanooki Suit