Fantasy Factory has released official merchandise for New Super Mario 64 3D. Here is a list of all official merchandise for the game.


A series of 8 figures was released two days before the official launch of the game. At the release, other figures from series called 'Rare', containing some of Mario's forms, and 'XL', extra large figures, were also released. The normal figures come in a blue package, the rare ones in a green package and the XL ones in a red package. A month after release, another series was released, called 'Secret', which contains a normal and an XL figure, but was probably released later because of the spoilers. They come in a golden package and are extremely rare.

Pose Character Height Series
MarioCrossedArms Mario
  • 2.02 inch
  • 5.14 cm
Series 1
Luigi 42 Luigi
  • 2.15 inch
  • 5.46 cm
Series 1
WarioGoodQual Wario
  • 2.10 inch
  • 5.33 cm
Series 1
NSMBWiiUToad Toad
  • 1.59 inch
  • 4.03 cm
Series 1
Peachy Peach
  • 2.28 inch
  • 5.78 cm
Series 1
MKPC Yoshi Solo Yoshi
  • 2.12 inch
  • 5.38 cm
Series 1
BowserJr.SMG Bowser Jr.
  • 2.24 inch
  • 5.69 cm
Series 1
Koopa the Quick Koopa the Quick
  • 2.30 inch
  • 5.85 cm
Series 1
Wing Mario1 Wing Mario
  • 2.05 inch
  • 5.20 cm
Metal Mario1 Metal Mario
  • 2.03 inch
  • 5.16 cm
WiiU NewMarioU 3 char02 E3 Flying Squirrel Mario
  • 2.06 inch
  • 5.23 cm
Bowser12 Bowser
  • 4.34 inch
  • 11.03 cm
Dorrie1 Dorrie
  • 6.05 inch
  • 15.37 cm
PeteyPiranhaPlant Petey Piranha
  • 6.65 inch
  • 16.89 cm
Waluigi pose Waluigi
  • 3.44 inch
  • 8.73 cm
Dry Bowser1 Dry Bowser
  • 4.34 inch
  • 11.04 cm


Mecha Bowser Rush!

A playset resembling the Mecha Bowser battle has been released 2 weeks after the game's release. The set contains a huge Mecha Bowser figure made of plastic, which spit plastic lavaballs out of his mouth after pressed the switch on its head. Also, the boss-area resembling the volcano is also included, and can be customized by replacing the obstacles on the course. It is rated 7+ because of the small parts.

Peach's Castle

A playset resembling the hub of the game, Peach's Castle. This set contains the castle (which is foldable) and the Mario and Peach figures. In the inside of the castle, the Main Hall is counterfeit.


2 official posters have been made. Both show one of the group artworks.


A plush of Wing Mario has been released in stores at the release of the game. It is the only plush released so far, but it is not expected more will be released.