This page contains the Beta Elements of New Super Mario 64 3D, parts of the game that were originally included, but didn't make it in the final version. Almost all elements are founded via hacking.


Files named Starship-course and Maze-course were found in the files of the game. It is unconfirmed if they resemble excisting courses, as the files don't include models or any kind of pictures. The Maze-course might resemble the Hazy Maze Cave from past installments, or maybe even the Forest Maze from SMRPG, since a remix of the course's theme appears in the game.


Files of Dixie Kong and Tiptup are found in the game's files, possibly as a reference to both installments of the Diddy Kong Racing series. It is unknown when and where they would've appeared and what their role was. Also, files for Biker Wario were found, which may mean it was originally Wario's standard outfit for the game, but most likely, his bike was going to be his special power-up. It has possibly been changed because it didn't suit in a Mario game.


Originally, Wario was captured by Chief Chilly again, confirming he was going to be a boss. Also, files for a Rabbit King and Dino Piranha were found. Dino Piranha was replaced with Cosmic Mario for unknown reasons. It is unknown where the Rabbit King was originally going to be fought.


Unused files for a Propeller Mushroom and Boo Mushroom were found in the game's files, as well as an unused sprite of Monkey Mario. They could have been replaced, but also just removed for the game. The reason is still unknown, however, while the game was only in early development, Fantasy Factory said they didn't want as many power-ups in the game as last installments in the Mario series.

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