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NSM643D Box
Developer(s) Fantasy Factory Logo
Publisher(s) Nin10
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of USA July 12, 2012
Flag of Japan July 13, 2012
Flag of European Union July 13, 2012
25px-Flag of Australia July 21, 2012
Age Rating(s)
ERating 3Rating
Genre(s) Adventure, Platforming
Media Included Nintendo 3DS Game Card

NSM64 Game Card

New Super Mario 64 3D is a new game in the Super Mario franchise and the sequel to Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS. However, this isn't a remake of the original one, but a whole new game with new levels, modes and characters, but it also features some elements from previous installments. The game is for Nintendo 3DS and it is in development by Fantasy Factory. It will have a Soundtrack CD included and it is packaged in a special blue box.

eShop Description

Everyone's favorite hero is back in a new 3D adventure! Join Mario, on his quest to collect all Power Stars and beat Bowser in New Super Mario 64 3D! In this all-new installment in the 64 series, complete with new levels, characters, power-ups and secrets, Mario has to save his friends by collecting Stars again, and all-new worlds in the paintings await! New Super Mario 64 3D will be in stores July 12th.


NSM64 Scene1

Toad hears the heroes scream inside the castle.

Mario gets an invation from Peach for cake at the castle. He calls some of his friends to go to the castle. When Mario, Luigi and Wario arrive, they see Peach waving in front of the castle. They all go inside. After that, Toad is seen gardening. Moments later, he hears the heroes scream inside the castle. He decides to take a look. When he opens the door, nobody is seen. It's completely quiet.

After looking around, Toad finds a mysterious letter. It's from Bowser! It says that Bowser took revenge on Mario and his friends by creating new worlds inside the paintings again, and that he kidnapped all heroes! Toad is shocked, but decides to start a new adventure on his own. He jumps into the first painting. Here we go!

After Toad cleared some levels, a painting with Mario's head on it is available. After jumping into it, Toad finds himself in a cosmic, dark world. Toad is starting to get scared, and suddenly, Cosmic Mario appears. After beating him, he reveals a key with a big M on it. Back in the castle, Toad tries the key on many doors, until it finally fits into one. Mario jumps out! Toad is surprised and falls. The duo has to laugh.

Mario decides to go to Bowser's Tower to beat Bowser. After arrived at the level, Mario hears Bowser's voice, saying Mario is locked inside the tower until he defeats Bowser. After being lead through the level, Mario faces off against Bowser. Mario has to hit the switch at the end of the bridge, which will let Bowser fall into the deep. After done so, 'Bowser' turned out to be a False Bowser. The False Bowser leaves a key before falling. Mario takes it back to the castle, and a new area is available.

Mario and Toad keep collecting Power Stars and beat several bosses, until they arrive at the Haunted Mansion. Both are scared, but Mario decides to take a look inside. When he enters, he hears a laugh and the floor disappears. Mario falls into a secret area. After completing the level, he arrives in a dark room. He hears a familair voice: Mario!. Suddenly, King Boo appears. The battle starts. After Mario has beaten him, the lights turn on. He sees Luigi, trapped in a cage. Mario frees him with the key King Boo left and they went outside. They meet the relieved Toad and the trio decides to go back to the castle.

NSM64 Scene4

Toadsworth informs the player about the Star Rabbits

With the help of Luigi, the crew is able to beat another few levels and bosses. After beating the second False Bowser, Toadsworth is seen at the castle's entrance to inform the crew that Star Rabbits have been spotted around the castle. Mario and his crew must find them to earn another Power Star. After completed, a painting with Wario's head on it will be available, and a Star Bunny appears in the main hall of the castle.
NSM64 Scene6

Luigi about to save Wario at the top of the factory

The crew decides to jump into the Wario-painting, hoping to rescue him. At the entrance of the factory, Mario wants to enter, but Luigi pulls him back, and he enters the factory. After Luigi has completed the level, he faces off against Big Bully. The battle is on a high platform, meaning you have only óne chance. Luigi succesfully defeats Big Bully, and he receives a key from him, just before Big Bully vanishes. The platform reaches the top of the factory, where Wario is held. Luigi opens the cage and Wario is thankfully, but also mentioned he could have done better. Luigi rolls his eyes and the duo escapes from the factory. Outside they meet up with Mario and Toad. Mario seems very proud of his bro., but also a bit jealous. The heroic quartet then leave the factory and go back to the castle.

After Wario and the crew cleared another few levels, the heroes have to face off against Bowser Jr. The quartet decides to enter his fortress together. After being lead to it, Bowser Jr. is seen escaping with Peach in his Airship. Fortunately, Mario jumps and just makes it to an airship. After Mario took some airships down, he finally faces off against Jr. After beating him, Mario expected to see Peach. He looks around, but she is nowhere to be found. Suddenly, he hears Bowser laughing. Mario realizes it was a trap, and he decides to continue his quest for Peach.

When Mario arrives at another area of the fleet, he faces off against Mecha Bowser. After beating him, the real Bowser appears. He was the one controlling Mecha Bowser, and he seems to have a headache. Mario is ready for another battle, but Bowser magically disappears.

Mario knows to escape from the airships and goes back to the castle. He is shocked when he sees airships around the castle. When he arrives, he sees his friends locked up in cages. When Bowser spots Mario, he escapes in his airship. Mario hears Bowser yelling from the sky: Battle me at my castle if you want to free your stupid friends! Bwahahahaha!. Mario tries to unlock the cages, but fails. He then gets angry and runs out of the castle, heading for Bowser's Castle.

When Mario finally arrives at Bowser's Castle, he hears Peach screaming his name. Mario wants to free her as fast as possible, and quickly runs into the castle. In the castle, Mario encounters various bosses, which hinder Mario by throwing or spitting various objects at him. When he finally arrives at the top of the castle, nobody is seen. Mario looks around, but it's completely quiet. Just when he wants to go back, Bowser appears. It's you! I already expected you! Now, face the true evil. I will stomp you into thousand pieces! Farewell, Mario! and the final battle starts. It is a tough battle, but eventually, Mario wins. Bowser falls beaten on the ground. A giant Power Star escapes from his body. No! This can't be happening! You beat me again! ... But I will get my revenge! See you Mario!. Just when Mario wants to grab the giant Power Star, lots of Green Stars escape from Bowser's body as well, scattered all over the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario then grabs the giant Power Star, which gives him wings. He then takes Peach, which has been tied up, and he takes her home.

With the power of the giant Power Star, Mario and Peach are able to unlock their friends. Toadsworth informs the heroes about the Green Stars, which are hiddin in past levels. Mario and the other heroes then went outside and they jump high into the air. Here we go again!

NSM64 Scene3

Dry Bowser is watching Waluigi from behind

After Mario and the crew have collected all Green Power Stars, they go to the castle to finally eat cake. It rains and storms outside. Suddenly, Waluigi is seen walking to the castle. When he sees Mario and the crew eating cake through the window, he is excited and runs to the castle. However, Dry Bowser appears out of nowhere and kidnaps Waluigi. Fortunately, Mario looks out the window and sees Waluigi. He quickly informs the crew and all the heroes leave the castle to save Waluigi.

After chasing Dry Bowser, Mario and the crew arrive at a hidden world. A giant, dark castle is seen. All of them want to enter, but Wario pushes them back with his belly and enters alone. He enters a dark, haunted room. Many enemies spot Wario, but Wario manages to kill them. After being lead through the castle, he finally sees his good friend. However, Waluigi is locked up in a cage, and is really angry. He is very happy to see his bro. However, just when Wario wants to open the cage, Dry Bowser appears, and he seems stronger then ever. Using magic, he put all previous Bowser battles in one, big, final battle. After a really hard battle, Dry Bowser is finally defeated. He screams and roars, just before vanishing. He leaves another giant Power Star behind, just like the real Bowser did. Wario frees Waluigi and the two grab the giant Power Star. They meet up with the crew. They are happy everything is finally back to normal. Using the giant Power Star, the heroes fly back to the castle.

After arriving at the castle again, all other characters have arranged a big party for the heroes. A Toad comes in, and shows a huge cake with figures of the heroes on top of it. The credits roll: The End.


NSM64 Castle Inside!

Mario in the Main Hall of the Castle

The gameplay is somewhat similair to Super Mario 64 DS. Again, the hub of the game is Peach's Castle. The game features the same rooms, only with some new ones and different paintings (thus new levels). The map of the course is shown on the Touch Screen. However, there are some differences. More cutscenes appear, after a key is obtained or a new room is discovered for example. Also, the Health Meter from previous installments doesn't reappear, but the one from the original Super Mario 64 still does. Also, the Health Meter can't be filled with coins anymore, but with special Life Mushrooms. Caps do reappear, but are less common than its predecessor. All characters have different stats and each one has a Special Ability, such as the Super Somersault or the Star Spin. Characters can be switched by going to the Character Room again, but this time there is only one door. The game has time recognizing, meaning if the player plays at night, the hub will also be at night, but this doesn't happen in levels.


3DS A Button A Button Kick/Catch/Pick Up
3DS B Button B Button Jump
3DS X Button X Button Change Map
3DS Y Button Y Button Run
3DS R Button R Button Duck
3DS L Button L Button Reset Camera
3DS R Button 3DS B Button R + B Button Backward Somersault
3DS R Button 3DS B ButtonCirclepad R + B + Circle Pad Long Jump
3DS B Button 3DS R Button B + R Button Groud Pound
3DS D-Pad Control Pad Move Camera
Circlepad Circle Pad Move
3DS Select Button Select Button Change Settings
3DS Start Button Start Button Pause the game
DS Stylus Stylus Taunt



The main mode of the game for one player. The player cleares levels and defeats bosses in this mode.


Co op

Work together as a team to clear special levels. 4 players can play via Download Play or each with a different game card. The players can select one of the unlocked heroes. When there aren't 4 heroes available yet, a player can play as a different colored Toad.

VS Battle

Play against each other in special levels. The player has to earn the most Power Stars or Coins in a given time. 4 players can play via Download Play or each with a different game card. The players can select one of the unlocked heroes. When there aren't 4 heroes available yet, a player can play as a different colored Toad.


Players can play online against or with players from all over the world. The modes and options are the same as in multiplayer mode.


Here, the player can play various minigames. More minigames can be unlocked in Adventure Mode, but unlike it's predecessor, they can be unlocked by finding special mini chests which are hidden in some levels.


The player is able to edit the settings to their own taste. He/she can edit the sounds, the quality and the brightness of the screen. The player can also watch the unlocked cutscenes again.


New Super Mario 64 3D will include 6 heroes, which of 3 are new to the series. Each character has its own stats, and has its own Special Ability. Also, if a player picks up a Power Flower, the effect will be different for each character.

Image Name Special Ability Stats Unlock Method
NSMBWiiUToad Toad Mid-Air Bounce
  • Speed: 5/5
  • Power: 1/5
  • Jump: 3/5
Mario NSMB2 Mario Star Spin
  • Speed: 3/5
  • Power: 3/5
  • Jump: 4/5
Get 8 Stars and beat Cosmic Mario
LuigiMarioPartyDS Luigi Super Jump
  • Speed: 4/5
  • Power: 2/5
  • Jump: 5/5
Get 30 Stars and beat King Boo
Wario Angry Wario Super Punch
  • Speed: 1/5
  • Power: 5/5
  • Jump: 2/5
Get 45 Stars and beat Big Bully
Peachy Peach Floating
  • Speed: 3/5
  • Power: 1/5
  • Jump: 4/5
Get 60 Stars and beat Bowser
Waluigi pose Waluigi Teleport
  • Speed: 4/5
  • Power: 1/5
  • Jump: 5/5
Get all Green Stars and beat Dry Bowser



These power-ups will appear in various levels and can be used on anyone.

Image Item Image Form Effect
Winged Cap SM3DW Wing Cap Wing Mario Wing Mario Mario can fly and collect special objects.
Metal Mushroom Metal Mushroom Metal Mario1 Metal Mario Mario is very heavy, so he can sink to the bottom of lakes and seas.
Mega Mushroom1 Mega Mushroom NSMB2 Mega Mario Mega Mario Mario is giant and can break various objects and and all enemies.
Acorn Shroom Super Acorn WiiU NewMarioU 3 char02 E3 Flying Squirrel Mario Mario can glide after jumping, and perform a mid-air jump.
Hammer Flower SMEv Hammer Flower Hammer Mario Final SM3DW Hammer Mario Mario can throw hammers and he can dash with his shell.
VanishFlower Vanish Flower Vanish Mario Vanish Mario Mario is invisible and can walk through various objects and enemies.
Poison Mushroom1 Poison Mushroom Poison Mario Poison Mario Mario can shoot Poison Balls, which can kill enemies easily and break various types of walls. He is also invincible.

Power Flower

The Power Flower makes a reappearance into the series. Like in previous installment, its effect is different on each character. However, all effects are only for a short amount of time.

Image Flower Image Form/Object Effect
Power Flower Blue Blue Flower SM64DS Toad Mushroom Shield Toad has a protecting shield of Mushrooms which makes him invincible and stronger.
Power Flower Red Red Flower Fire Mario1 Fire Mario Mario can shoot fireballs to kill enemies.
Power Flower Green Green Flower Luigi Mansion 2 Poltergust 3000 With the Poltergust 3000, Luigi can suck up enemies and items from far away.
Power Flower Gold Yellow Flower Gold Wario Gold Wario In this form, Wario is able to shoot golden balls which create lots of coins and kill special enemies.
Power Flower Pink Pink Flower Peach & Perry Perry the Parasol Using Perry, Peach is able to float faster and even further as normal.
Power Flower Purple Purple Flower Thunder Waluigi Thunder Waluigi Waluigi is able to constantly fire Lightning Bolts at enemies to kill them.

Other Items/Objects

Image Item/Object Effect
Caps Cap Turns the player into the character whose cap it is. When taking damage, the character will turn back.
NSMBWiiCoin Coin When collected 100, the player will earn an extra life.
RedCoin Red Coin In some levels, 8 Red Coins are spread over the level, and the player has to find them to make th Star appear.
Star Medal SM3DL Star Medal One is hidden in each course. They are needed to make the Green Stars appear and thus fully completement.
LifeShroom Life Mushroom Restores a part of the Life Meter.
1-up 1-Up Mushroom Gives the player an extra life.
Warp Pipe 3D Land Warp Pipe Transports the player to another area.
Yellow Platform SM3DL Elevator Elevators are yellow platforms on which the player can travel to reach various places.
Donut Lift 3D Donut Lift Donut Lifts are platforms which will disappear after touched. A few second later they will appear again.
Signpost Signpost Informs the player and gives secrets about a certain area.
Cannon Cannon The player can shoot out of cannons after it is unlocked to reach various places that can't be reached in an other way.
Brick Block1 Brick Block Brick Blocks mostly contain Coins, and rarely a Switch. They can only be broken by Mario, Luigi or Wario.
Black Block Black Block Black Blocks are large Brick Blocks which mostly contain a secret hole. Thy can only be broken by Wario.
PowerStarSME Power Star Must be collected to clear a level and proceed in the game. Giant Power Stars also make an appearance after beating Bowser or Dry Bowser.
Green Star1 Green Power Star Must be collected after collecting 120 Power Stars. They are hidden in courses at tricky places.
Key Key Is received after beating certain bosses and can open cages/doors.


Main Article: Episodes


Image Boss Course Description
BirdoBoss3 Birdo

Birdo Badlands

Big Bad Birdo

Birdo fires eggs from her mouth and the player should kick them back at her 3 times.
MP9 Chain Chomp Bust Chain Chomp

Birdo Badlands

The Secret Cage

Chain Chomp will suddenly attack and hit the player. The goal is to throw 10 fireballs at him 3 times. After the second time, Chain Chomp's chain breakes and he will bounce around.
MP9 Big Bob-omb Big Bob-Omb

Bob-Omb Battleground

The Revenge of Big Bob-Omb

Big Bob-Omb throws Bob-Ombs at the player. The player should pick up a bomb and throw it back to Big Bob-Omb.
Cosmic Mario Cosmic Mario

Cosmic Cavelands

Cosmic Battle for Mario

Cosmic Mario's battle is much like Tabuu's: he can transport any time and he runs really fast. The player has to kick him 3 times.
False Bowser False Bowser #1

Bowser's Tower

The First Bowser

This False Bowser uses the same strategy as the ones in SM3DL. The player should make it to the end of the bridge while False Bowser is blocking your way.
Reznor Reznor

The Haunted Fortress

Reznor's Revenge

Reznor can attack with his horn, he will suddenly run into you. The trick is, when he does so, the player should jump on his head, but avoid his spiky horns.
Koopa the Quick Koopa the Quick #1

Delfino Beach

Speedy Koopa wants Revenge

The first rematch with Koopa the Quick in this game. The player should be the first to jump into the flagpole. This is fairly easy.
King Boo in Luigi's Mansion 2 King Boo

King Boo's Ghost House

Spooky Battle for Luigi

The player sees various shadows on the floor, and he/she should kick at the right one. The other shadows are random objects which can damage the player. After the right one is kicked, King Boo appears. The player should then Ground Pound him. All this has to be done 3 times to beat him.
PeteyPiranhaPlant Petey Piranha


The Monster of Windmillville

The player has to chase Petey through the level while he spits mud to the player. At the end, the player has to knock him down and ground pound on his belly 3 times.
Bowser Clown Car False Bowser #2

Bowser's Fortress

The Second Bowser

This False Bowser uses the same strategy as Bowser in SMW. The player is on a conveyor belt, and False Bowser throws Mecha Koopas at him/her. The player has to fnd a way to the False Bowser and kick him with a Mecha Koopa 3 times.
NSM64 Chargin' Chuck Chargin' Chuck

Dinosaur Land

Yoshi's Adventure

Chargin' Chuck trows Spiky Balls, and then he chases the player in his shell. The player has to avoid both attacks and then kick him.
King T Mole King T. Mole


Monty Moles take over

King T. Mole will throw vegetables at the player and then heads underground. The player has to avoid both attacks and jump on his head 3 times.
Major Burrows Major Burrows


The Secret of the Garden

Major Burrows digs underground and suddenly pops up to chase and crush the player. The player has to ground pound near him and then kick him.
Goomboss by T0M.V.12 Goomboss

Goomba's Gusty Gardens

The Fate of the Goomba's

Goomboss has a protecting shield of Goomba's around him and walks around to crush the player. The player should knock all Goomba's down and then knock Goomboss down and ground pound on him 3 times.
King Bully Big Bully

Lethal Lava Factory

Power Battle for Wario

Big Bully uses the same strategy as in the game's predecessor: He tries to knock the player of the battlefield and kill him/her. To defeat him, the player simply has to do the same to him.
Queen Bob-Omb Queen Bob-Omb

Lethal Lava Factory

The King's Husband

Queen Bob-Omb uses the same strategy as her husband, but she uses Bullet Bills, which'll chase Mario. Mario has to pick her up and throw her of the platform 3 times to win.
Wiggler1 Wiggler

Maple Forest

Against a Mad Caterpillar

Wiggler walks around in his tree house, and the player has to stomp on him 3 times to make him mad. When done so, the player has to do the same again, only it's much harder since Wiggler runs much faster than first.
Lady Bug Queen Queen Lady Bug

Maple Forest

The Biddybud tribe arrives

Queen Lady Bug will fly around the big tree in the middle. It's up to the player to ground pound her on her back and then kick her in her face 6 times.
SledgebrosNSMBW Sledge Bro.

Flower Fields

The Hammer Bros. Invades

Sledge Bro. uses Hammer Bros. as shield, and with his hammer, he can cause little earthquakes. The trick is to break through the Hammer Bros. and ground pound Sledge Bro. 3 times.
Koopa the Quick Group Koopa the Quick #2

Flower Fields

A Rematch against 3 Koopa's

Koopa the Quick has called some of his friends to help him finally beat Mario! The goal is the same as in the first challenge, but on a much harder course, and against 3 Koopa's!
Giga Lakitu1 Giga Lakitu

Cloudy Court Valley

A Lakitu here, A Lakitu there

Giga Lakitu uses the same strategy as always: he throws Spiny Eggs at the player and floas around in his cloud. The player has to kick against a Spiny Egg so the spikes disappear, and then pick it up and throw it at Giga Lakitu 3 times.
Bowser Jr9 Bowser Jr.

Bowser Jr.'s Bunker

The Airship Armada

Bowser Jr. uses his Paint Brush similair to the Koopalings using their wands, but instead of flames, Bowser Jr. creates Paint Balls and grafiti with it to make the player slip.
Mecha Bowser1 Mecha Bowser

Bowser's Lava Lair

Bowser's Secret Weapon

A remodeled Mecha Bowser awaits you in a giant volcano. The player should make it to the top of the volcano to hit the switch while Mecha Bowser spits lava and fireballs at him/her.
Bowser12 Bowser

Bowser's Castle

The Final Battle

Bowser uses the same strategy as the game's predecessors: he walks around, spitting fire at the player and performing ground pounds to damage him/her. The only way to defeat him is to grab his tail and, using the Touch Screen, swing him at a mine 6 times.
Dry Bowser1 Dry Bowser

The Hidden World

The Road to Victory

Dry Bowser's battle is all (False) Bowser battles combined in one, only now Dry Bowser is the boss instead of the Bowsers.


Image Enemy Description
Goomba Goomba The weakest enemy in the game. Goombas will chase the player when close to it. The player can jump on its head to kill it, or kick it.
Grand Goomba and Goombas SM3DW Grand Goomba Grand Goomba's will do the same as normal Goombas, only these are bigger.
GoombaSM3DL Tail Goomba Tail Goomba's do the same as normal Goombas, only they can jump and float a bit and hit the player with their tail.
PiranhaPlantSM3DL Piranha Plant Piranha Plants sleep, but when the player comes close, they will try to bite him/her.
Venus Fire Trap 3D land Venus Fire Trap Venus Fire Traps will suddenly appear from the ground and spit fireballs at the player.
ShyGuy Shy Guy Shy Guys are weak enemies. They will walk around, but suddenly chase the player, trying to catch him/her. The player can pick them up and throw them away to kill them.
Snifit Snifit Snifits will shoot spiked balls at the player. They don't move. The player can pick them up to kill them.
Fire Guy Fire Guy Fire Guys are floating Snifits which spit lavaballs. The player can't kill it, unless he/she has a Metal Mushroom.
KoopaSM3DL Koopa Troopa Koopa Troopas walk around, damaging the player if hit. The player has to stomp on its head once to kill it. Then the player can ride on its shell.
DRY Dry Bones After the player kicked a Dry Bones or jumped on its head, it will break. However, it will soon be fixed. Dry Bones's are undead.
Hammer Bro. SM3DW Hammer Bro. Hammer Bros. throw hammers at the player to damage him/her. They don't move, but will suddenly jump to another place. The player has to avoid his hammers and kick him to kill him.
BooNSMBWii Boo Boos are invincible ghosts. When the player looks him in the face, it will get shy and won't attack.
Big Boo NSMBDIY Big Boo Big Boos are the same as normal Boo's, only much bigger.
Bully Bully Bullies will run into the player, trying to knock him/her out of the stage. To kill them, the player has to kick back and do the same to them.
Amp Amp Amps are electric charged balls which floats aroun in circles. The player isn't able to kill them.
BulletBillWii Bullet Bill Bullet Bills get launched from a Bill Blaster and chase the player. It will explode after hit, causing damage to him/her.
167px-BillBlaster-1- Bill Blaster Bill Blasters shoot Bullet Bills to damage the player. They can't be killed.
Thwomp Thwomp Thwomps are large stones which will suddenly fall down to crush the player. It can't be killed.
Whomp MPR Whomp Whomps will walk around slowly and suddenly slam into the ground, crushing the player.
Skeeter Skeeter Skeeters can be seen on top of lakes. They can damage the player if he/she hits them.
Scuttle Bug Scuttle Bug Scuttle Bugs are large spiders. They aren't fast and rarely move. The player has to jump on it to kill it.
Pokey Pokey Pokeys appear in desert levels. They move around slowly and can hurt the player with their spikes. They can only be killed after Mario used a Power Flower to shoot fireball at them.
MontyMole Monty Mole Monty Moles dig underground, but will suddenly jump at the player. However, they don't have a powerful attack: they will only walk around slowly in the overworld.
Klepto Klepto Kleptos are birds which can steal things from the player, such as a cap/crown, a Silver Star or a power-up. They can't damage the player and the player can't damage Klepto's.
Mr.I Mr. I Mr. Ies are giant eyeballs. They are often seen in Ghost levels. It will shoot blue flames out of its pupil. To kill it, the player must quickly run in circles to make it dizzy.
Biddybud Biddybud Biddybuds are small ladybugs. They are mostly seen in grass levels. They just walk around and don't do anything special. The player should jump on its head to kill it.
Para-Biddybud Para-Biddybud Para-Biddybuds do the same as normal Biddybuds, only they fly around instead of walking.
Stand-omb Bob-Ombs Bob-Ombs are small bombs which will chase the player and then explode to damage him/her.
Chuckya SM3DW Chuckya Chuchyas are big, purple Bob-Omb-like creatures. They can pick up the player and throw him/her away. The player must avoid it, since it is invincible.
Mr Blizzard Mr. Blizzard Mr. Blizzards are snowmen which jump around. The player can't kill them.
Swooper Small Swooper Swoopers are purple bats. They mostly live in caves or underground. They will fly at the player to hit and damage him/her. The player can jump on its head to kill it.
Heave Ho Heave Ho Heave Hos can throw the player away to damage it. It is invincible, so the player must avoid it. However, they can be used to reach higher places.
PodobooOmega Podoboo Podoboos are small lavaballs which will chase the player and burn him/her if hit. They can't be killed.
Spike Boss Spike Spikes have similair attacks to Hammer Bros., only they will throw Spiky Balls instead of hammers.
Spiny2 Spiny Spinies will walk around slowly and won't do anything. However, it can still hurt the player when touched with his spiky shell. They can't be killed, unless they were trown from a Lakitu and they are still in their shell.
BuzzyBeetle Buzzy Beetle Buzzy Beetles are similair to Spinies, only they cán be killed. They player should jump on it twice, like Koopa Troopa's.
Lakitu7 Lakitu Lakitus will move around in their clouds and throw Spinies at the player to damage him/her.
Sushi Small Sushi Sushies appear in lakes and seas and won't attack the player. However, they still give damage if the player touches it.
Red Chomp SM3DW Fire Chomp Fire Chomps are similair to Chain Chomps from past installments, only they are smaller and will spit Fireballs at the player.

Other Characters

Other characters can help the player in levels by telling them secrets or giving them other info. However, some characters are captured by bosses and need to be saved. All rescued characters, and some others, appear at the castle's main hall.

Image Character(s) Description
Lakitu Bro Lakitu Bro.

Gives the player the key to enter the castle. Lakitu Bro. is seen in the main hall of the castle.

Toad Brigade1 Toads

Gives the player tips and hints, or sometimes even a Power Star. In every room of the castle there is at least one Toad.

Bob-Omb Buddy1 Bob-Omb Buddy

Unlocks the cannon in the castle's garden after completing Big Bob-Omb's Revenge. In levels, it will unlock cannons and it tells the player were the Red Coins are.

Toadsworth2 Toadsworth Informs the player when a new room is available. Toadsworth is seen near the entrance of the castle after clearing the level The First Bowser.
Yoshi FS Yoshi

Many Yoshi's appear in the levels of Dinosaur Land and in the secret level Dorrie's Lake. After done the first of the two, Yoshi will appear at the castle and he gives a hint about Dorrie's Lake. A special Yoshi with Golden Wings helps the player complete the level Yoshi's Golden Wings.

Dorrie1 Dorrie Dorrie appears in the secret level Dorrie's Lake, and he will let ride the player on his back to reach the other side of the lake. When done the level, he appears in the ditch next to the castle.
Daisy Daisy

Daisy is captured by Major Burrows in the level The Secret of the Garden. After rescued, she will appear in the main hall of the castle and gives the player a 1-up Mushroom once.

DKandDiddy DKCR Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong

Donkey and Diddy are captured by Wiggler in the level Against a Mad Caterpillar. After rescued, they appear in the main hall of the castle, and they will restore the player's Life Meter after talking to them.

Hoot Sprite Hoot the Owl When the player climbs into a tree, sometimes Hoot will come out. The player can grab Hoot and Hoot will fly high into the air. The player can control Hoot and release him anytime.
Tuxie and Mom Tuxie and her Mother Tuxie appears in the level Tuxie lost her Mother again. She has to be picked up and brought to her mother.
Snowman SadSnowman Happy Snowman

The player has to find Snowman's Hat and put it on his head to earn a star in the level Snowman's lost his Hat. After done so, he will give the player his Power Star.

UkikiSMWWii Ukiki Ukikies appear in the levels of the world Mushroom Mountains. They can steal the cap/crown of the player. One has to be caught to earn a Power Star.


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