New Super Mario 64: Revenge Of The Koopa
Developer(s) SuperLuigiBros2013
Platform(s) 3DS
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Adventure
Series Nintendo Superstars Collection

New Super Mario 64: Revenge Of The Koopa is a 3D Mario platformer built in the line of Super Mario 64. The storyline will be similar, and so will the gameplay. There will be new courses and new characters to the series, too.


Playing similarly to Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 64, it will include the sphere walking technology of the former and the hub based layout of the latter. It will be a revolutionary improvement from the previous game and contain many new features, like a mini-game centre and a stamp feature, compatible with the 3DS Miiverse.


Peach sends a letter to Mario, inviting him, along with Luigi, Yoshi, and Toad, to come have cake at her castle. They decide to go. As they arrive, Peach greets them. Toadsworth is also there. They eat the cake, but suddenly, Mario hears a noise outside. Suddenly, everything goes dark. When the lights return, Bowser's airships can be seen from the window, holding Peach. Toadsworth informs Mario and crew about Bowser's evil doings. He says that he has kidnapped Peach and plans to conquer the Mushroom World. He then tells the group they can start collecting stars through the paintings, but Bowser has locked some of the doors to the rooms.

Mario and crew collect Power Stars to unlock 5 courses so that they can get the 10 stars necessary for visiting the first boss fight: Bowser Jr.'s Airship Attack. After defeating him, they collect the key to open the basement of Peach's Castle, which contains eight more courses for the player to collect the 40 stars to open the second boss, Bowser's Evil Arena. They collect another key, but do not find Peach with him. They now have the ability to open the second floor of the castle and collect 70 stars to again face Bowser Jr. in the level Bowser Jr.'s Scorching Volcano. Sadly, Peach is not there either. They get yet another key to go to the third floor and collect 100 stars to face Bowser the final time in Bowser's Universe Skywalk.

Soon Mario, Luigi, Toad and Yoshi manage to reach Bowser's lair, which is heavily guarded by the Koopa Troop. After adventuring through the dangerous course they come face to face with Bowser himself in his throne room, who locks the doors. Peach is seen in a cage high above them. Bowser prepares to take them on. Luckily, the crew manages to defeat him. He falls onto his back and relinquishes the key to Peach's cage. They free the Princess though they soon realise they cannot escape.Fortunately, Toadsworth had managed to reach the lair and free them, sneaking through the course's defences.

They get back to Peach's Castle, where Peach decides to have a party to celebrate the heroes. They also eat the cake they never finished. Peach gives Mario a kiss on the nose and the credits roll. At the end, a cutscene plays where Bowser finds out that Mario and crew have escaped. He screams so loud that the castle collapses.


Image Name Description How To Unlock
The Hero Of The Mushroom Kingdom Upon the princess's request, he is invited to Peach's castle to enjoy some cake. Suddenly, Bowser invades the castle, kidnapping Peach (again). It is up to him and Luigi to save her.He has all round stats, and can wall-jump Unlockable


The Brother Of Mario Along with Mario,Yoshi and Toad, he is invited to Peach's Castle to enjoy some of her homemade cake. When she is kidnapped, he tags along to save her. He is an agile character, with low traction, a high jump and the ability to walk on water for a short time. His Poltergust 64 can reveal hidden paintings in the castle, unlocking new levels to explore. Unlockable

Yellow Toad

Peach's Loyal Servant. Yellow Toad is the faithful attendant of Princess Peach who runs the minigame centre.He has the highest speed, high traction and a super strength, allowing you to shift metal blocks. Unlockable
Saviour Of The Young Mario Bros. Yoshi is the green long-tongued friend of the Mario Bros. who tags along to save Peach from the clawed clutches of Bowser. He can swallow enemies and flutter jump. Unlockable


Course 1:Goomba Forest

Course 2:Laidback Lagoon


Many enemies from Super Mario 64 return, along with some new enemies.


This game will mark the appearance of several new and returning power-ups.

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