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New Super Mario 3D World is the sequel to Super Mario 3D World. Released on the 3DS on October 31, 2012. It has the same base off of Super Mario 64 (remake) and Super Mario 3D Land combined. This game was created by the Kirby Lover7485 game maker.


Peach invites Mario and Luigi to her castle for a party of Mario's big victory in Super Mario 3D World. But, when they got there Bowser left a note saying that he had taken over the entire castle and hid the power stars in his new paintings. Now, Mario and Luigi must go though the huge castle to save Peach from Bowser.



  • Mario: The hero of the game.
  • Luigi: Mario's Brother
  • Yoshi: One of Mario's best known friends
  • Wario: The Greedy One
  • Waluigi: Wario's Brother
  • Daisy: Peach's Friend
  • Toad: The small guy


  • Peach: Bowser kidnapped her and now Mario must save her
  • Toads: The helpers
  • Bowser: The game's main villain
  • Koopalings: All of them invade the castle
  • Bob-omb Buddy: Helps the Characters


New Super Mario 3D World/Missions

  1. Bob-omb Battlefield
  2. Jolly Rodger Bay
  3. Tiny Huge Island
  4. Snow Land
  5. Hazy Maze Cave
  6. King Boo's Mansion
  7. Float Island Highway
  8. Cloud Peak
  9. Tick Tock Clock 2
  10. Retro World
  11. Rainbow Ride
  12. Goomba Ally
  13. Treetop Trunkways
  14. Ghosty-go-Round Vally
  15. Bowser Bashlands


  1. Luigi's Painting
  2. Yoshi's Painting
  3. Wario's Painting
  4. Waluigi's Painting
  5. Daisy's Painting
  6. Toad's Painting

Boss Areas

  1. Larry's Cannon Crustle
  2. Ludwig's Lava Lair
  3. Bowser in the Dark World
  4. Iggy's Pet Palace
  5. Lemmy's Ice Fortress
  6. Bowser in the Fire Sea
  7. Wendy's Boom Bomb Beach
  8. Roy's Sand Dunes
  9. Bowser in the Sky
  10. Morton's Peaks of Doom
  11. Bowser Jr. and the Boom Boom
  12. Bowser in the Galaxy

Secret Areas

  1. Peach's Secret Slide
  2. Wing Cap over the Rainbow
  3. Metal Cap in the Swamp
  4. Invisible Cap in the Underground
  5. Spring Cap in the Arena
  6. Fire Cap in the Volcano
  7. Ice Cap in the Ice Fields
  8. Wing Cap Flight Area

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