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New Super Mario 3D Land is an NX game that is the sequel of Super Mario 3D World. This is the first 3D Mario game to feature the Koopalings.


Mario is taking a walk with Luigi, Peach, and a Toad until they saw a rainbow emerald. Bowser appears in his Clown Car and takes the emerald and shatters it to 7 shards all scattered around the Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser sends his Koopalings and his army to find the 7 shards. Mario and the co. go find the emerald shards and stop Bowser's evil plans and stop him once and for all.



The hero of this game. He has the best traction out of all of the four.


Mario's younger brother. He has a higher jump than the other four, but he has the worst traction.


Peach is not kidnapped this time. She could hover, but she's the slowest.


Toad is the fastest out of all of them, but he has the worst jump.


Mario's dino pal. He has 3 friends to help him out to defeat Bowser

Red Yoshi

When eating a Koopa Shell, he could shoot out fireballs

Blue Yoshi

When eating a Koopa Shell, he could fly for 10 seconds

Yellow Yoshi

When he eats a shell. He could make an earthquake killing almost every enemy on the screen.


World 1: Grassy Hills

  • 1-1: Mushroom Plains
  • 1-2: Rolling Caves
  • 1-3: Super Bell Mountain
  • 1-A: Goomba Blockcade
  • 1-4: Cheep Cheep Bridge
  • 1-5: Piranha Plant Forest
  • 1-Castle: Larry's Sport-Ball Fortress (Green Shard)

World 2: Desert Island

  • 2-1: Firesnake Hills
  • 2-2: Lakitu Ruins
  • 2-A: Pokey Blockade
  • 2-3: Pyramid Maze
  • 2-4: Switchback Oasis
  • 2-5: Bone Mushroom Desert
  • 2-Castle: Iggy's Golden Stadium (Yellow Shard)

World 3: Christmas Paradise

  • 3-1: Ice Bro. Field
  • 3-2: Mansion on the Move
  • 3-3: Blizzard Glacier
  • 3-A: Cooligan Blockcade
  • 3-4: Sunrise Dash
  • 3-5: Yoshi's Frozen Lake Race
  • 3-6: Ty-Foo Iceland
  • 3-Castle: Wendy's Snowship Launch (Blue Shard)

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