New Super Mario 3D Land is an Switch game that is the sequel of Super Mario 3D World.


Mario is taking a walk with Luigi, Peach, and a Toad on Yoshi's Island. Until a Yoshi ran around them yelling. Yoshi says that Bowser has seven Yoshi capsules and puts them in his fortresses, and to build a metallic steel space fortress to turn Yoshis into slaves. Suddenly, Bowser showed up with a Yoshi capsule he just found. Mario jumps and Bowser loses the capsule exploding, with Yoshis flying everywhere, and Bowser and Mario feel a flash of light. Mario wakes up in a field with his friends. Mario and co. then run to save the Yoshis from Bowser and his minions.



The hero of this game. He has the best traction out of all of the four.


Mario's younger brother. He has a higher jump than the other four, but he has the worst traction.


Peach is not kidnapped this time. She could hover, but she's the slowest.


Toad is the fastest out of all of them, but he has the worst jump.


Mario's dinosaur pal. He has 3 friends to help him out to defeat Bowser

Red Yoshi

When eating a Koopa Shell, he could shoot out fireballs

Blue Yoshi

When eating a Koopa Shell, he could fly for 10 seconds

Yellow Yoshi

When he eats a shell. He could make an earthquake killing almost every enemy on the screen.

Power Ups


  1. Chameleon Suit
  2. Tornado Cloud
  3. Beetle Mushroom


  1. Mushroom
  2. Fire Flower
  3. Ice Flower
  4. Super Bell
  5. Boomerang Flower
  6. Tanooki Suit
  7. Frog Suit


World 1: Grassy Hills

A grass themed world. It's a grassy island where Mario starts his adventure. The boss is Bowser (1).

  • 1-1: Yoshi's Green Island
  • 1-2: Beetle Cavern
  • 1-3: Piranha Plant's Garden Galore
  • 1-A: Koopa Blockade
  • 1-4: Plessie's Lounging Lakeside
  • 1-5: Waddlewing Woods
  • 1-C: Bowser's Hot-Bar Fortress

World 2: Arid Desert

A desert themed world. It's a desert with orange sands and a yellow sky. The bosses are Boom Boom and Pharaoh Pokey

  • 2-1: Cacti Cliffs
  • 2-2: Spiky Quicksand Hideaway
  • 2-A: Chomp Blockade
  • 2-3: Super-Bell Saloon
  • 2-4: Bone-Dry Basin
  • 2-5: Oasis Outpost
  • 2-P: Pokey Pyramid
  • 2-T: Boom Boom's Explosive Tanks

World 3: Cerulean Coast

A water themed world. It's a beach with lots of blue. The boss of this world is Duke Cheep-Cheep

  • 3-1: Beat-cale Bay
  • 3-2: Blooper's Reef
  • 3-3: Dolphin Dance
  • 3-A: Cheep-Cheep Blockade
  • 3-4: Flooded Cavern
  • 3-5: Rammerhead Rock
  • 3-B: Hammer Bro. Blockade
  • 3-6: Gushing Geysers
  • 3-BS: Cheep Cheep's Undersea Battleship

World 4: Silver Snowland

A snow themed world. It's a glacier with snow with frozen lakes and blue hills. The bosses are Pom Pom and Baron Blizzard

  • 4-1: Snowflake Cap
  • 4-2: Cooligan's Frozen Lake
  • 4-3: Darkness Mansion
  • 4-A: Fliprus' Blockade
  • 4-Glacier: Icicle-Freeze Cave
  • 4-B: Ice Bro. Blockade
  • 4-4: Blizzard Circus
  • 4-5: Sugary Sunrise Speed
  • 4-Train: The Freeze Express

World 5: Emerald Jungle

A forest themed world. It's a jungle maze with a golden savannah and a beach island. The boss of this world is Ruthless Rex.

  • 5-1: Rex's Verdant Island
  • 5-2: Gargantuan's Greens
  • 5-3: Scuttlebug Savannah
  • 5-4: Midnight Raft Ride
  • 5-A: Ant Trooper's Blockade
  • 5-5: Wiggler Slumber
  • 5-B: Boomerang Bro. Blockade
  • 5-6: Toxic Terror Flip
  • 5-7: Fuzzy Time Tree
  • 5-C: Rex Geyser Castle

World 6: Rock Crush Mountain

A mountain world. It a tall mountain/volcano range with many of Bowser's pollution factories. The bosses are Moltey Bossblob and Sergeant Spike

  • 6-1: Monolift Peak
  • 6-2: Potted Piranha's Shaft
  • 6-A: Stone Spike's Blockade
  • 6-3: Brolder's Hideout
  • 6-Factory: Moltey Bossblob's Metallic Madness
  • 6-4: Swooper's Storm
  • 6-5: Poodoo's Eruption
  • 6-B: Sledge Bro. Blockade
  • 6-6: Bullet Bill's Searchlight Prison
  • 6-C: Ka-thunk Mountain Base

World 7: Cloudy Courtyard

A sky themed world. It's a sky with fortresses and stormclouds. It borders Bowser's World. The boss of this world is Army Hammer Bro

  • 7-1: Growing Stalk Climb
  • 7-2: Fuzzy's Fungi Fun
  • 7-3: Thundercloud Mansion
  • 7-A: Prince Bully's Blockade
  • 7-4: Chargin' Chuck's Aerial Garden
  • 7-5: Lakitu's Highway
  • 7-B: Fire Bro Blockade
  • 7-6: Bullet Bill Station
  • 7-Airship: Bob-omb's Midnight Armada

World 8: Koopa's Volcano

A lava themed world. It's a volcano with bowser's castle and launch site of his space station. The bosses are Bowser Jr., Kamek and a second battle with Bowser.

  • 8-1: Infernal Fortresses
  • 8-A: Poodoo's Blockade
  • 8-2: Fire Snake's Volcanic Vault
  • 8-3: Bully's Blue Lava Stream
  • 8-F1: Jr.'s Lava-Rise Fortress
  • 8-4: Crimson Crystal Cave
  • 8-B: Team Bro. Blockade
  • 8-5: Tricker Trap Tower
  • 8-T2: Kamek's Magic Fort
  • 8-6: Charvargh's Charred Citadel
  • 8-C: Bowser's Fire-Sea Palace

World Bowser: Bowser's Cosmic Fortress

The final world. It's a space world and getting into Bowser's ultimate weapon. You fight previous bosses and have a final showdown with Bowser transformed into a super state.

  • Bowser-1: Red Rocket Rumble
  • Bowser-2: Starry Bridge
  • Bowser-3: Interstellar Lane
  • Bowser-4: Novastar Nebula
  • Bowser-A: Boom Boom's Blockade
  • Bowser-B: Pom Pom's Blockade
  • Bowser-C: Kamek's Blockade
  • Bowser-D: Army Hammer Bro's Blockade
  • Bowser-E: Bowser Jr's Blockade
  • Bowser-Bowser: Bowser's Cosmic Finale

World Star

A special world.

  • Star-1: Egg Greens
  • Star-2: Deserted P-Switches
  • Star-3: Labyrinth Lagoon
  • Star-4: Monty Mole's Frozen Burrow
  • Star-5: Boo's Black and White Haunt
  • Star-6: Buzzy Beetle Treetop
  • Star-7: Rocky Ruins
  • Star-8: Gigavolt Gears
  • Star-9: Sky-High Elevators
  • Star-10: Volcanic Run
  • Star-11: Cosmic Cannon Flip
  • Star-Castle(12): Dry Bowser's Revenge
  • Star-Bowser: Boss Bonanza
  • Star-Star: Champion's Crown

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