New Super Mario 3D Land is an Switch game that is the sequel of Super Mario 3D World.


Mario is taking a walk with Luigi, Peach, and a Toad on Yoshi's Island. Until a Yoshi ran around them yelling. Yoshi says that Bowser has seven Yoshi capsules and puts them in his fortresses, and to build a metallic steel space fortress to turn Yoshis into slaves. Suddenly, Bowser showed up with a Yoshi capsule he just found. Mario jumps and Bowser loses the capsule exploding, with Yoshis flying everywhere, and Bowser and Mario feel a flash of light. Mario wakes up in a field with his friends. Mario and co. then run to save the Yoshis from Bowser and his minions.



The hero of this game. He has the best traction out of all of the four.


Mario's younger brother. He has a higher jump than the other four, but he has the worst traction.


Peach is not kidnapped this time. She could hover, but she's the slowest.


Toad is the fastest out of all of them, but he has the worst jump.


Mario's dinosaur pal. He has 3 friends to help him out to defeat Bowser

Red Yoshi

When eating a Koopa Shell, he could shoot out fireballs

Blue Yoshi

When eating a Koopa Shell, he could fly for 10 seconds

Yellow Yoshi

When he eats a shell. He could make an earthquake killing almost every enemy on the screen.

Power Ups


  1. Chameleon Suit
  2. Tornado Cloud
  3. Beetle Mushroom


  1. Mushroom
  2. Fire Flower
  3. Ice Flower
  4. Super Bell
  5. Boomerang Flower
  6. Tanooki Suit
  7. Frog Suit


World 1: Yoshi's Island

Level Description
W1-1: Welcome Back to Yoshi's Island! The first level in the game. The level has simple enemies like Galoombas, and Koopa Troopas. This level has the introduction of Yoshi. The level resembles SMB 1-1, but with a 3D style.
W1-2: Ground-Pound Cavern The second/underground level in the game. There's POW Blocks that the player needs to ground pound on to break blocks. Piranha Plants and Red Koopas are common here.
W1-A: Galoomba's Blockade The first blockade of the game. It only features three Galoombas.
W1-3: Cheep Cheep's River A water level where the player travels on logs while avoiding Jumping Cheep Cheeps. This level resembles W1-4 from SMW, but with a 3D style.
W1-4: Cat-Climb Mountain A sky level with the Super Bell. The player will have to climb the mountain while avoiding Chargin' Chucks and Piranha Plants
W1-Toad: Captain Toad Begins the Quest The first Captain Toad level. Toad will climb a mountain while avoiding Biddybuds and Koopas. It's similar to the first Captain Toad from Mario 3D World.
W1-Castle: Petey Piranha's Vine Fortress The first fortress level of the game. In this level, the player will climb on vines and trees. Petey's minions are Piranha Plants, Goomba Towers, and Thwomps. The boss is Petey.
W1-Koopaling: Roy Koopa The first Koopaling level in the game. The boss is Roy Koopa.