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New Super Mario 3DS: Story Mode is a mode for the upcoming game New Super Mario 3DS. The story is about Mario who failed to get back the 8 Golden Stars from Bowser and Morton Koopa Sr.. You can change to each character [Mario, Luigi, Toad and Peach] at each start of a level.

World 1: Mushroom Plains

1-1: Gloomba's Garden

1-2: Creepy Cavern

1-3: Mount Beantree

1-A: Big Goomba Blockade

1-F: Cog-Crush Tower

1-4: Plessie's Blunker Beach

1-5: Mushroom Gorge

1-C: Larry's Swingback Castle

World 2: Desert Ruins

2-1: Drybake Desert

2-2: Sumo Skies

2-3: Tomb Tunnel

2-A: Chargin Chuck Blockade

2-4: Sandstorm Stone Eyes

2-F: Tornado Turn-around Tower

2-5: Heated Ruins

2-6: Blooming Wasteland

2-C: Morton's Hammerstone Factory

World 3: Frozen Factory

3-1: Snowball Snowpark

3-2: Chain Cavern

3-3: Snowy Masion

3-4: Pipeline Lagoon

3-A: Kamek's Blockade

3-F: Ice-Elevator Tower

3-5: Slippery Falls

3-C: Wendy's Troop of Airships

3-B: Hisstocrat's High-Sky Battle

World 4: Tropical Coast

4-1: Palm Paradise

4-A: Ka-thunk Blockade

4-2: Torpedo's Tidal Terror

4-3: Shipwreck Sky

4-F: Flowing Flame Fort

4-4: Underwater Underground

4-5: Lakitu's Lake

4-C: Lemmy's Bouncy Castle

World 5: Silent Jungle

World 6: Electrical Mountain

World 7: Sky Road

World 8: Volcanic Planet

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