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New Super Mario: The Quest of Sock Mario
Developer(s) Hexforce inc.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of USA March 4, 2012
Adventure Mode, Minigame Mode, Battle Mode
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Side Scroller
Media Included 3DS Game Card


This is the story of the forgotten power-up, the legendary Sock Mario. After the turn of events in Super Mario Bros. 3 (Mario beating Bowser), Bowser looks into the mystical powers Mario uses in his Power-Ups...

Now Bowser, after countless years, has created a exact look-alike replica of one of the Mushroom Kingdom's favorite items... the Goomba's Shoe. But this form of the power-up is 100 times more powerful then the original, thus he named it the Ultimate Goomba's Shoe. Some time after, news of this reaches Mario and Mario sets out right away to find the sorce of this myserious power...

Back at Bowser's Castle, Bowser realizes that Mario is coming and that if Mario got the Power-Up, he would defeet Bowser once and for all. So Bowser creates a Robot to hold the ultimate Goomba's Shoe, but he thought even that would not be enuogh, so to guard it, he and The Koopalings hired, Eggman, the Pac-Man Ghosts, Ganondorf, Dr. Wily, Mario and Luigi's rivals Wario and Waluigi, Team Plasma, and Ridley. They were all the fiercest enemies in the Nintendo universe. After doing all this Bowser finaly rested and admired his work. "Bwahahahahah! No one can stop me now!" he said

Playable Characters

bosses World 1- Lemmy (Sub) And egg man and EggMobile(Wrecking Ball)

lemmy koopa is the smallest of all bowsers kids he is the first mid boss you battle his powers deal with his rubber circus ballhis first apirense is in supermario 3,eggman is a mad sientist from sonic and his wreaking ball allmost always apires as the first boss

World 2- Ludwig(Sub) And Pac Man Ghosts

ludwig von koopa is the oldist of the koopalings his nickname is kooky von koopa and his powers include earth quakes and brathing fire his first apirence is in mario 3 the pac man ghosts blinky (red)pinky (pink)inky(cyan)clyde(orange)are ghosts from pac man thare first appirens is in puck man witch was latter changed to pack man

World 3-Mouton(Sub) And Ganondorf

World 4-Roy (Sub) And Dr.Wily

World 5- Iggy(Sub) And wario&waluigi

World 6 - Wart (sub) And ridley

World 7-team plazma grunts(sub)and team plazma n

World 8-Bowser Jr.(Sub)and metale ridley

World 9- Sock Mario(Sub) And Bowser(1)bowser returnes(2) power ups Mushroom

Fire Flower


Super Leaf

Frog Suit

Hammer Suit

Tannkio Suit


Goomba's Shoe

Acorn Mushroom

Gold Flower


bowser has captured your frends and hid them all thrugh the mushroom kingdom you must rescue them if you do you might get an award Peach( In World 9 Castle)

Toadsworth ( in World 8 Castle)

Tails (In World 7 Castle)

zelda ( In World 6 castle)

Amy (In World 5 Castle)

Toad (In World 4 Castle)

Koopa The Quick (In World 3 Castle)

Rosinla (In World 2 Castle)

pikachue (In World 1 Castle)Team Plasma

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