New Super Mario: Legends is upcoming TV Series on the upcoming channel Amazing World of Cartoons. It set in year 100 focusing on Mario's teen ancestor, Max. He's on a quest in the Mushroom Kingdom to become one of Peach's greatest knights by travelling to The Darklands, home to Bowser.




Season 1: World 1's Kickoff!
Rise of Max! 01 Max is sent on the ultimate test he has to do; Finally destroy Bowser.
Fierce Training of Hell! 02 After getting his butt kicked by Bowser Jr., Max is offered help by Elder Rosa, Queen of the Stars.
Rematch! 03 Max has returned to The Towers of Doom to rematch Bowser Jr.
His Name is Leo... 04 Max has revealed his younger brother Leo to World 1, and has let him join the quest.
The Underground: Rise of Toady! 05 Max & Leo have been kidnapped by Donkey Kong and have been left in The Underground. Can a small wimpy friend of Max and Leo, called Toady, save them from DK?

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