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New Super Luigi Land
Developer(s) Skirdus Inc.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) 3DS
Release Date(s)
(JPN) April 13, 2011

(USA) June 20, 2011

1 Player (local)

2 Players (Wi-Fi)

Genre(s) Action, Platform
New Super Luigi Land is a Mario game for the 3DS. However, instead of Mario being the main protagonist, the role has been given to Luigi. The game is a throwback to Super Mario Bros. 2, containing many elements from it. As mentioned earlier, Luigi is the player 1 of this game, but the game can be played multiplayer via Wi-Fi with Toad as player 2.


Mario and Luigi have just returned home from another day of adventuring. Tired and weary from their travels, they decide to head to sleep. The two of them hop upstairs and change into their PJs. Mario hops into bed and immediately falls asleep. Luigi proceeds to do so aswell, but before he can, he hears the sound of rushing water. Luigi heads back downstairs and realizes he left the sink running. After turning it off, he goes back upstairs, only to find a thought bubble over Mario's head. After closer analyzation, he sees Mario in the thought bubble, trapped in a cage, and next to him is the tyrannical frog king, Wart! Luigi attempts to wake Mario up, but to no avail. He then dashes out of the house calling for help.

Later on, Luigi returns with Professor E. Gadd and his assistant, Toad. E. Gadd states that he has the perfect machine for the job, the DreamC.A.S.T. 9000! This machine would allow Luigi to enter Mario's dreams and save him from Wart! Without any hesitation, E. Gadd quickly turns the machine on and sends Luigi into Mario's subconcious. Thinking Luigi would need some help, E. Gadd suggests Toad dive in there and help Luigi. Toad agrees, and quickly dives in after Luigi. Luigi and Toad then enter Mario's subconcious and rush off to save him.


New Super Luigi Land's gameplay is not that different from that of New Super Mario Bros. However, there are many new gameplay elements:

- Vegetables return in this game, not having seen the light of day since Super Mario Bros. 2

- Power-ups are now obtained in Subspace, which can be accessed by creating a door with a magic potion. Occasionally they will be uprooted instead of Vegetables.

- Each level (excluding boss levels) ends with a Birdo fight, at the end of which the player receives a crystal ball, allowing them to proceed through a Hawkmouth to the next level, as in Super Mario Bros. 2.

-New power-ups, enemies, and more.


Playable Characters

- Luigi

- Toad

Supporting Characters

- Professor E. Gadd

- Toadette (Found in Toad Houses)

- Mario

Returning Enemies

- Shy Guy

- Fly Guy

- Snifit

- Fly Snifit

- Tweeter

- Panser

- Hoopster

- Cobrat

- Pokey

- Phanto

- Ostro

- Trouter

- Spark

- Porcupo

- Bob-omb

- Flurry

- Ninji

- Albatoss

- Autobomb

- Beezo

- Pidgit

- Pyro Guy

- Spear Guy

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