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A game by me. DO NOT EDIT!  

A game by Daaze.    



Playable Characters    

Supporting Characters

Image Name Description


Image Name Role Quote
Daisy1 Princess Daisy Must be saved by all the playable characters in World 8. Thank you Luigi for saving me. I have this thing. So don't tell evil Tatanga.
Tatanga1 Tatanga The boss of World 2, 4 and 8's castle HAHAHA! LUIGI!!!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING! ARE YOU LOOKING FOR PRINCESS DAISY! SHE'S IN A CAGE! SEE THAT!
Luma Luma Runs in the Mini-Tekken Game arcade in Daisy's castle. HI! I'm Luma step here to buy or play some mini tekken games like Tekken 4, Tekken 5, or Tekken 6, or Tekken 2!
Diddy Kong Card Diddy Kong The shopkeeper of World 1 HI! *?>""{ IM DIDDI KOJK! GO HERE TO BUY SOMETHING! TRY A PROPERRLER MUSHROOM!
Toad Group Toads The shopkeepers of World 2. Hi Mario! Our Princess is in another shop and she is in World 4. Good luck!
Toadsworth2 Toadsworth The shopkeeper of World 3. Pip Pip! Hi and try a penguin suit.
PeachPlayer Princess Peach The shopkeeper of World 4. Yay! Somebody entered my shop! Not bad! Try the Mega Mushroom.
Lakitu - New Super Mario Bros Wii Lakitu Bro. The shopkeeper of World 5. Hello. You can do the fire flower, if you like.
Bowser222 Bowser The shopkeeper of World 6. Wow. It's hot in here. Oh. Hi! want a Ice Flower?
250px-MP8 Birdo Birdo The shopkeeper of World 7. Wow. It's cold in here. Oh. Hi! want a Fire Flower?
PrincessRosalina Princess Rosalina The shopkeeper of World 8. Wow. It's warm in here. Oh. Hi! want a Ice or Fire Flower?
Ness Ness (Earthbound character) The shopkeeper of World 9. PK- Hi! Welcome here! I recommended each of the Propperler Mushrooms of the day.
Kirby Kirby (Kirby character) The shopkeeper of World 10. Hi! Welcome to World 10. I recommended the Super Mushrooms of each day.
BabyLuigi Baby Luigi The shopkeeper of World 11. Uh... Baby Weggee shop. I have a list of items so get a star!



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