New Super Luigi is a game starring Luigi.


King Boo kidnapped Daisy, Luigi is just about to save her when a Crazed Shy Guy comes and blows up King Boo's Mansion!! Luigi, Daisy and King Boo escape, and agree to work together, then they head off to defeat the Shy Guy!

Playable Characters

  • Luigi - The Most Average Character, Has good Jumping, Speed and Strength
  • Daisy - Fast and Good Jumping, but bad power
  • King Boo - Strong and Good Jumping, But slow


W1 - Sarassaland - Boss: Magic Guy

W2 - Ocean City - Boss: Mermaid Guy

W3 - Frozen Peaks - Boss: Freezie Guy

W4 - Deep Forest - Boss: Hermit Guy

W5 - Mystery Plains - Boss: Beezo

W6 - Fly High Sky - Boss: Fly Guy

W7 - Spiked Mountain - Boss: Adventure Guy

W8 - Lavcano Vol - Boss: Dry Guy (not user, undead shy guy)

W9 - King Boo's Mansion - Sergant Guy (final boss)


  • Snifits (manage Item, and 1-up houses)
  •  Mario (Luigi's Helper)
  • Peach (Daisy's Helper)
  • Petey Piranha (King Boo's Helper)
  • Boo (Appear as King Boo's Followers)
  • Toads (Luigi's Followers)
  • Piantas (Daisy's Followers)


  • Shy Guys
  • Koopa Troopas
  • Goombas
  • Paragoombas
  • Paratroopas
  • Bob-ombs
  • Buzzy Beetles
  • Spinys
  • Hammer Bros.
  • Kritter
  • Gnawty
  • Mecha Guy
  • Bullet Bills
  • Fire Bros.
  • Boomerang Bros.
  • Ice Bros.
  • Ghostgooms
  • Koopa Kids


  * Waluigi, Diddy Kong and Birdo were going to have a role, but were scrapped. They're thought helpers were Wario, DK and Yoshi, respectivly.

  • King Boo actually speaks real words for the first time.
  • Meta Knight makes a cameo in world 1, chasing after King Dedede, who has kidnapped Kirby,which is a reference to Meta Knight: Hero of Dreamland.


Charles Marinet as Luigi, Mario

Deanna Mustard as Daisy

Samantha Kelly as Peach, Toad

Mike Vaughn as King Boo, Boos

Lani Minnella as Petey, Piantas

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