Image Name Description
MarioNSMBWii Mario Mario is a heroic plumber who stars as the main character in the popular Nintendo franchise, the Mario series. Mario is known for saving Princess Peach from the Mushroom Kingdom's enemy, Bowser, in many of his games.
Luigi MP9 Luigi Luigi is the younger overshadowed Mario brother, and is the boyfriend of Daisy, he wears his tradition green shirt and dark blue overalls.
Toad Toad Toad is a usually cowardly, but faithful and happy character part of a species with the same name.
NSMBWiiPeach Princess Peach Princess Peach Toadstool is the kind hearted princess of Mushroom Kingdom, her love is Mario.


Image Name Description
Birdo MP9 Pink Birdo Pink Birdo is a boss who appears in Subcon Land and Giant Island.

(World 1 - Subcon Land and World 2 - Giant Island)

MouserByJoeAdok Mouser Mouser is a boss who appears in World 1-4 - Mouser's Bombard Warehouse.

(World 1 - Subcon Land)

Morton Koopa Jr 3D Morton Koopa Jr. Morton Koopa Jr. is the boss of a desert world since in Super Mario Bros. 3, he rules at Sarasaland.

(World 2 - Sarasaland)

Gaoartwork King Totomesu King Totomesu is along with Morton Koopa Jr. in the battle, after he was defeated.

(World 2 - Sarasaland)

Wendy O. Koopa Artwork Wendy O. Koopa Wendy O. Koopa is the boss of a water world in past games, she is the ruler of the Seaside Beach.

(World 3 - Seaside Beach)

Clawgrip Clawgrip Clawgrip is a giant crab before Wendy O. Koopa after defeated by Mario.

(World 3 - Seaside Beach)

IggyNSMBU Iggy Koopa Iggy Koopa is the boss of a giant world in Super Mario Bros. 3, and a jungle world in New Super Mario Bros. Wii and New Super Mario Bros. U, he rules a the Giant Jungle.

(World 4 - Giant Jungle)

PeteyPiranhaPlant Petey Piranha Petey Piranha is a large Piranha Plant who was after defeated before Iggy Koopa.

(World 4 - Giant Jungle)

Roy Koopa Roy Koopa Roy Koopa was his third time appearing to be the fifth boss. The first time being Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World, he is ruling in the Crystalline Snowland.

(World 5 - Crystalline Snowland)

Baron Brrr Baron Brrr Baron Brrr is one of the many bosses that appears in the Super Mario series.

(World 5 - Crystalline Snowland)

Lemmy Koopa 3D Lemmy Koopa Lemmy Koopa is one of the Koopalings, the seventh-oldest of all the Fantendo and Nintendo ones.

(World 6 - Goomba Canyon)

MPWii U Goomboss Goomboss Goomboss is a recurring boss in the Super Mario series.

(World 6 - Goomba Canyon)

LudwigNSMBU Ludwig Von Koopa Ludwig von Koopa is one of the Koopalings, the oldest out of the canon eight, and one of Bowser's thirty-three sons.

(World 7 - Cloudy Heaven)

Lakithunder NSMBS Lakithunder Lakithunder is a Dark Lakitu who first appeared in the game New Super Mario Bros.

(World 7 - Cloudy Heaven)

Worlds and Bosses

Bowser Jr. and the koopalings has once return in this game, the Bowser's Kids boss to fight, followed by Bowser Jr. as the boss of Subcon Land, Larry Koopa as the boss of Giant Island, Wendy O. Koopa as the boss of Water Island, (who secondly appears to be the boss of a water-themed world since Super Mario Bros. 3), Roy Koopa as the boss of Spirit Mountain, Iggy and Lemmy Koopa as the boss of Sparkling Waters (who both appeared as a boss fight just like Hip and Hop from the Cartoon version of Mario), Ludwig Von Koopa as the boss of World Turnip, Morton Koopa Jr. as the boss of World Cherry. Bowser Jr. is in World 1, Larry is in World 2, Wendy is in World 3, Roy is in World 4, Iggy and Lemmy are in World 5, Ludwig is in World Turnip, and Morton is in World Cherry.

Level Preview Description Bosses Hostage
World 1 Subcon Land TBA A grassland world with plenty of grassy hills, flowers, trees, and bushes. Bowser Jr.

Pink Birdo Mouser

Lime Subcon Fairy
World 2 Giant Island TBA A giant world with many giant everything, such as giant grassy hills, bushes, and flowers. Larry Koopa

Pink Birdo Red Birdo Robirdo

Orange Subcon Fairy
World Turnip TBA A first special world with silver color background that is similar to World Cherry and World Star. Ludwig Von Koopa

Red Birdo

Yellow Subcon Fairy
World 3 Water Island TBA A watery island world with multiple islands, fewer desert places, and rope hanging log islands. Wendy O. Koopa

Birdo Tryclyde

Blue Subcon Fairy
World 4 Spirit Mountain TBA An ice world with snowy trees, snowy hills, ice cubes, and icy coasts. This world takes place at the sunset. Roy Koopa

Red Birdo Fryguy

Cyan Subcon Fairy
World Cherry TBA A second special world with red color background with is similar to World Turnip and World Star. Morton Koopa Jr.

Green Birdo

Red Subcon Fairy
World 5 Sparkling Waters TBA A water world with rope hanging log islands, rocky islands, rocky islands with waterfalls, grass and sand islands, and bubbling water geysers. Iggy Koopa

Lemmy Koopa Green Birdo Red Birdo Clawgrip

Purple Subcon Fairy
World 6 Bowser's Castle TBA A castle world with pool full of lava home to Bowser Koopa. Inside of this castle, it is similar to Peach's Castle from New Super Mario Bros. U. Bowser

Green Birdo Red Birdo

All Subcon Fairies
World Star TBA A final special world with with colorful background that is similar to World Turnip and World Cherry. It is the last special world in this game with eight levels. Wart None

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