New Super Bowser X, is a game by ChaosBowser is the heroe of the game


Mario has kidnapped Morton Sr. , the father of Bowser for revenge or sometimes captured Peach. Bowser decides to save his father.

Playable characters

Playable characters
Image Name Description How to unlock
Bowser Bowser will do anything

to save his father,even

if it involves exploding

the mushroom kingdom.

already unlocked
Bowser jr v 2 by tails19950-d4iqc2x
Bowser Jr. Bowser is really touchy about

his grandpa,and he will not

hesitate to throw mega bob-ombs

at mario for his rudeness.

already unlocked
Baby bowser by eto86-d4v6xlx
Baby Bowser This is Bowser when he goes into a

time machine back to 40 years ago.

In this state,it is not mario who kidnaps

his father but instead yoshi.

go into time machine
Mecha bowser full body by fnatirfan-d9syond
Mecha-Bowser Bowser's machinery helps by using

its computer brain to attack guard toads,the

main enemies of the game.

collect 1,000 coins

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