New Super Bacon Bros. U is a fan-made video game for the Nintendo Wii U by StaffordFreak1917 Gaming Studios Inc. scheduled for release in 2018.


[Just want you to know something before we begin. If you don't know who Bacon, S.T.S, and F.M.C. Coolatta are, visit this website, and you'll eventually stumble upon the three. If you don't know who Oreo Shake is, then visit this website. If you don't know who Morphie is, then go to this Google Drive presentation here. If you don't know who Lighter is, visit this website.

It was the 4th of July, and Bacon and his wife, S.T.S, were having a picnic under the fireworks with Oreo Shake, F.M.C. Coolatta, and Morphie. They were just about to pack up when all of a sudden, Lighter's ship with his evil army of Lightlings appeared! A mechanical arm swooped down and took S.T.S. away from everyone! Bacon felt very VERY upset, so he asked Oreo Shake, F.M.C. Coolatta, and Morphie to help him get her back. Everyone said yes. Lighter was going to pay for what he did, BIG TIME.


World 1 [Grassy Meadows]

Number of Stages: Eight

World 2 [Deserty Dunes]

Number of Stages: Seven

World 3 [Sunny Seashore]

Number of Stages: Six

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