New R'lyeh is an underwater city, located close to the position of the old R'lyeh in the Pacific Ocean. It is inhabited by a somewhat large Human settlement, but also by many Eldritch creatures. It is the setting of the game of the same name.


The culture of New R'lyeh is largely based on culture from 1900, when visitors first began arriving at the city upon it's discovery. However, on occasions since more visitors from the surface have arrived, bringing with them knowledge of cultural advancements. The major differences have been those that stem from the Eldritch nature of the city and many of it's inhabitants, and the attitudes established early on in the city's formation.

The city is rather homophobic, a remnant of the time shortly after arrival when the Eldritches had encouraged the early citizens to create a new, self-sustainable society within the city. Breeding had been a major factor in this, and so homosexuals had been shunned for not contributing to the growth of the city's population. While the population reached a stable point within the next generation, the same attitude towards homosexuals remained. The Earth District, formed by those who had been more wary of the Eldritches, carries this attitude the strongest.


New R'lyeh is divided into four districts: Water, Earth, Air and Fire. Each of these districts is governed by their own mayor.

The Water District is the largest district in the city, and has the most Eldritch influence. Most humans living in the District are Eldritch supporters and in some extreme cases, human and Eldritch cross-breeding has been reported.

The Earth District is the second largest district, and the home of the only grass in the city in the Earthen Hall. Access to the Earthen Hall is restricted to those who have been accepted as citizens of the district. The district is well known for it's belief in human superiority over the Eldritches, and it's extreme homophobia (more so than usual in the city), to the point that homosexuality is punishable by death within the District.

The Air District is much like a smaller scale version of the Water District, having a roughly equal population of humans and Eldritches. It is considered the most dangerous district, with human and Eldritch crime rates much higher than the other districts, in particular for murdering the other species.

The Fire District is the smallest of the four districts, and the most "industrial" of the districts.

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