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Flash Flood - (Water Status - 10pp) creates a flood weather effect on the field for 5 turns. The following can occur during a flood:

- All non-water pokemon take 1/16 damage at the end of each of round.

- The power of Surf and Dive is doubled.

- Dive is now completely invulnerable instead of semi invulnerable.

- Electric attacks damage all other pokemon on the field.

- Unlike other weather effects, this one can be stacked with Rain dance for more benefits.

Firecracker - (Fire 20pwr 20pp) the users launches a fireball that explodes like a firework on contact. It hits 2 - 5 times in one round. This move's power is boosted by %50 and never misses at Night. This move's accuracy drops to 50% in the Day.

Time Travel - (Cyber - Status 5pp) the effect of this move changes depending on who the user targets:

- Itself/an ally: The user is sent back in time by 3 turns. All other combatants return to whatever condition they were at that point in the battle. Only the user's condition remains unchanged. (Conditions include hit points, stat boosts/decreases, items used/unused, pokemon that were on the field beforehand etc.) This move will fail is used consecutively.

- The opponent(s): The user propels all opponents forward in time by 3 turns. Any effects that would have taken place in that time will have been skipped but will have still occurred for the user and their allies, but not for the opponent. (Abilities that work over time, move charging or recharging etc. This move will fail is used consecutively.

Solar Surge - (Fire/Shining 120pwr 5pp) on turn 1, the user charges up, and boosts their special attack stat by 1 stage. On turn 2, the user Fires a Blazing laser at the foe. If the sun is shining, there's is no charge time, and before the attack is used, special attack is boosted by 2 stages instead before instantly attacking.

Magma Terrain - (Fire - Status 5pp) the user creates a magma covered field weather effect around all combatants for 5 turns. The following occurs during this move:

- None fire type pokemon take 1/16 of their health as damage at the end of each round.

- Burns caused by moves added effects are now occurring 50% of the time instead of 10% / 30%

- Water attacks are no longer super effective against fire.

- Ice attacks do 0 damage to Fire pokemon.

- Unlike other weather effects, this move can be stacked with Sunny Day for more benefits.

Power trade - (Magic - Status 5pp) the user targets one foe, then both trainers look at the two Pokémons move, and each selects one move. The two moves are then switched between the user and the opponent.

Spirit release - (Ghost - Status 10pp) the user removes its ghost typing. If the user has a second type, it becomes that type only. If the user is a ghost type only, they become a normal type.

Talon Slash - (Flying 70pwr 15pp) the user claws at the target with sharp talons. It may make the opponent flinch.

Holy Water (Water 60pwr 15pp) the power of this move doubles against Ghost pokemon and Dark pokemon, and may make pokemon of those types flinch.

Fuse Break (Electric -status 20pp) the user sends a massive current through themselves to power up their special attack and Attack by 2 stages each. However, at the beginning of the next turn, these same stats drop 3 stages.

Thorn Whip (Grass 80pwr 10) the user attacks the foe with a vine whip covered in thorns. It may make the opponent flinch.

Hammer Head (Ground 80pwr) the user head butts the foe into the ground, preventing them from switching out.

Steel Blade (Steel 70pwr 10pp) the user slashed the foe with sharp steel. Critical hits land easier.

Fire Tower (Fire 80pwr 10pp) the user creates a pillar of fire around its foe. This move can hit enemies in the semi invulnerable turn of aerial based moves. It may cause a burn.

Lightning Tower (Electric 80pwr 10pp) the user creates a pillar of electricity around its foe. This move can hit enemies in the semi invulnerable turn of aerial based moves. It may cause paralysis.

Freeze Tower (Ice 80pwr 10pp) the user creates a pillar of Ice around its foe. This move can hit enemies in the semi invulnerable turn of aerial based moves. It may freeze the opponent.

Vulcan shots (Steel 20pwr 20pp) the user fires of several small metal bullets at the foe. This move hits 2 - 5 times. If the user used Lock on before using this move, it will always hit 5 times and its power is boosted by 50 percent.

Shotgun Blast (Steel/Dark 100 10pp) the user fires a single wide ranged burst of metal that hits foes adjacent to the target as well. They will take 50% of the damage the target would take. If lock on was used before this move, its power is boosted by 50 percent.

Salvage (Mutant - status 20pp) Restores an item that has been previously used by the pokemon this battle. This can only be used once per item in the battle.

Sonic Burst (Sound/Flying 150pwr 10pp) the user flies at supersonic speeds, crashing into the foe just as they break the sound barrier. The user's speed drops by 3 stages afterwards. If a Tailwind is blowing for the user's side of the field, its stats will not drop after this move is used. However, if the tailwind is being used against the pokemon using this move, its power is halved and the user still loses speed stats.

Wrecking ball (Steel 100pwr 5pp) the user slams the foe with a powerful metal ball or lariat. This move can shatter barriers and protection moves. It can also negate an opponent's stat boosts, returning them to normal if the move hits.

Clobber Club (Rock 80pwr 10pp) the user hits the foe with a large club like weapon. It may cause confusion.

Radar wave (Cyber - status 20pp) Abilities, weather effects, moves or stat boosts that affect the user's accuracy are negated.

Mind Crush (Psychic XXX pp 5) the user crushes the opponent's thoughts with its mind. If the move hits, it's a 1 hit KO.

Comradery (Shining - varies pp5) the more pokemon in the party that have fainted, and the happier they are, the more powerful this move becomes.

Feather duster (Flying - Status 10pp) the user blows away any items the opponent(s) is holding.

Acid Rain (Poison - status 5pp) the user creates an acid rainstorm, melting away items of all none poison pokemon on the field.

Warp boost (Cyber 60pwr 20pp) the user warps into the foe at light speed with the power of their mind. The user's speed is boosted afterwards.

Wind-up Punch (Fighting 70pwr 15pp) On turn one, the user winds up a powerful punch, swinging their arm around to build momentum, Attack is also boosted by one stage. On turn 2, the uses unleashed their wound up punch. If the user was not hit during the charging turn, this move's power is doubled.

Saw Slash (Steel 120pwr 5pp) the user revs (charges) up on the first turn, preparing their blade. On the second turn they slash the opponent with a saw like blade.

Photon Blast (Electric 150pwr 5pp) the user absorbs photon particles in the light around them and fires them in an explosive energy blast. The user's special attack and special Defense drops by 2 stages afterwards.

Venom Spear (Poison 70pwr 10pp) the user charges forward with a horn or lance and pierces the foe. This move can shatter barriers and critical hits land easier.)

Iron Joust (Steel 120pwr 10pp) the user charges the foe with an iron horn or spear and pierces them. This move may make the foe flinch, and/or boost the user's accuracy.

Interception (Dark 50pwr 20pp) if the foe is charging up an attacking the same turn you use this move, the foe will be unable to use that attack on the next turn.

Rev-up rush (Steel 60pwr 60 20pp) the user revs itself up and rushes into the foe. Speed is boosted by one stage after damage is dealt with this move.

Vigor Boost (Fire -status- 5pp) the user invigorates all pokemon on its side of the field, boosting all stats by stages until the end of the next turn. This move will fail if used consecutively.

Pressure Punch (Fighting 80pwr 15pp) the user attacks the foes pressure points, it may Paralyze the foe.

Black Magic (Magic 70pwr) the user casts an evil spell over the foe. This attack is also treated as dark type.

Black veil (Dark -status- 10pp) the user casts a darkening veil over the battlefield, lowering the accuracy of all non-dark pokemon on the field by 1 stage.

Plague (Bug 30pwr- 20pp) the user calls forth a swarm of insects, preventing all foes from escaping battle, and taking additional damage at the end of each of their turns.

Brain storm (Psychic/Cyber 120 pwr 5pp) the user emits bizarre psychic waves around the battlefield, damaging all other pokemon. It may cause confusion to any pokemon hit by this move.

Love tap (Magic pwr50 15pp) if the user is under the effect of attract, this move will always work and its power is doubled.

Heart breaker (Dark pwr60 15pp) if the user is under the effect of attract, this move will cure it, then deal damage to the opponent. The effects of attract are not applied to this move.

Contagious (Poison/Mutant pwr 60 15pp) If the user is poisoned, and they land a blow that makes Physical contact, the target will also become poisoned.

Mind clean (Psychic -status- 10pp) the user clears the mind of an ally, curing them of Confusion.

Inverse room (Cyber-status- 5pp) the user changes the aspects of the surrounding dimensions. Type match ups are reverse for 5 turns.

Snipe Shot (Steel pwr 200 5pp) the user takes aim on the first turn, then fires a carefully aimed shot at the opponent's weak point. If the user was attacked during the charge up turn, this move will fail. If the user used Lock on beforehand, the charge up turn is skipped.

Ring out (Fighting 80pwr 10pp) the user grabs the opponent and throws them out of the arena, and forces another pokemon to come out in their place. That pokemon will take 1/10 of the damage the target took before the switch.

Tag out (Fighting - Status- 20pp) the user tags out for another pokemon, that pokemon will have its attack and defense boosted by 1 stage each. Any stat boosts the user had on them when this move was used are passed along to the pokemon sent out by this move.

Penalty (Fighting -Status- 10pp) If the opponent uses a super effective move on the user after this attack is used, the attacking pokemon will have its attack and special attack lowered by 2 stages each.

Pit Trap (Ground - status- 10pp) the user digs a pit underneath the opponent's side of the field. Any pokemon sent out afterwards that makes contact with the ground, may become paralyzed upon entering the field by falling into the pit.

Valor Shield (Steel -Status- 5pp) If an ally would be KO'd by a foes Move, the user of this move will take the hit for them. If they survive the attack, they will have all their stats boosted by a stage each.

Wisdom Force (Magic pwr 100 5pp) the user meditates for a turn and charges up a powerful healing force using their well-tuned mind. If the foe attempts to attack the opponent during the charge up turn, they will instead take half the damage they would have dealt to themselves instead. On the second turn, the user heals fully, but must rest for the turn after that.

Friendly Fist (Fighting/Magic -status- 10pp) If 2 adjacent pokemon on one side of the field use this move in the same round, both will receive a stage Attack and Defense boost.

Maelstrom (Water 45pwr 10pp) the target becomes trapped in a whirlpool that continues for four turns. 

Icy Claymore (Ice 70pwr 20pp) the target is hit with a giant sword made of packed ice. It has a 5% chance to freeze the foe. 

Devious Charge (Dark/Electric 85pwr 15pp) the user releases a dark discharge with a 20% chance to paralyze the target. 

Silver Spark (Electric/Steel 90pwr 10pp) the user releases a giant silver flash, also releasing several bolts of electric power. 

Blazing Meteor (Cosmic/Fire 130pwr 5pp) a meteor falls from the sky, smashing into enemies. However, the user's Defense and Special Defense are lowered by 2 stages

United Blast (Light 30-75pwr 10pp) the more Pokemon who are not fainted on the user's party, the more powerful the blast is. 

Mega force

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