For the WiiXtreme.


Yes, this Mario kart game has a story! YAY!!!

Mario and friends have started a car shop. Suddenly, a bunch of racer Toads drop off their cars and pay the Mario gang 2,000,000 coins per Toad. Wario and Waluigi, who were nearby, jump down and steal all of the building parts so that the Mario gang can't fix the cars. They hire some other characters to slow down the Mario gang and relax in their house.

Soon, Mario and co. beat all of their minions in races and find Wario and Waluigi. They beat both of them and get the car parts back. They run back to the shop and fix the cars. The Toads pick up the cars, pay the shop, and drive off.


Playable Characters


Mario: The man in red! Stats 10/10 speed, 5/10 jump and 5/10 power, he's an all around character!

Magikoopa: The magic Koopa! Stats 10/10 speed, 5/10 jump and 9/10 power! He's an all around character!

Toad: The little fungi! Stats 10/10 speed 2/10 jump and 1/10 power! He's a speed character!

Peach: The damsel in distress! Stats 5/10 speed, 1/10 jump and 1/10 power! She's a speed character, too!

DK: The giant ape! Stats 2/10 speed, 1/10 jump and 10/10 power! He's a power character!

Bowser: The evil Koopa! Stats 2/10 speed, 1/10 jump and 9/10 power! He's a power character, too!

Luigi: The man in green! Stats 4/10 speed, 10/10 jump and 4/10 power, he's a jump character!

Yoshi: The friendly dino! Stats 4/10 speed, 10/10 jump and 4/10 power! He's also a jumper!



Daisy: The orange princess! Stats 5/10 speed, 5/10 jump and 5/10 power, she's one of the all arounds!

Koopa: The shelled turtle! Stats 10/10 speed, 10/10 jump and 5/10 power, he's all around!

Toadette: The female fungi! Stats 10/10 speed, 2/10 jump and 2/10 power, she's a speed!

Goomba: The brown fungi! Stats 10/10 speed, 1/10 jump and 2/10 power, he's a speed!

Baby Birdo: The baby Birdo! Stats 4/10 speed, 1/10 jump and 5/10 power, she's a power!

Diddy: The red-hatted chimp! Stats 4/10 speed, 4/10 jump and 5/10 power, he's a power!

Paratroopa: The flying turtle! Stats 2/10 speed, 10/10 jump and 2/10 power, he's a jump!

Paragoomba: The flying fungi! Stats 2/10 speed, 10/10 jump and 2/10 power, he's a jump!




Mushroom Cup

Mario Circuit

Forest of Illusion

Toad Town

Peach's Castle

Flower Cup

DK Jungle

Bowser's Castle

Luigi Circuit

Yoshi's Island

Star Cup

Mario Land

Lemmy's Castle

Castle 1 (SMB)

Castle 8 (SMB)

Special Cup

DK Mountain

Castle Dark

Luigi's Mansion

Yoshi Jungle


Mushroom Cup

BOSS COURSE: Daisy's Cruiser

Flower Cup

BOSS COURSE: Koopa Beach

Star Cup

BOSS COURSE: Mushroom City

Special Cup

BOSS COURSE: World 1-1

Shell Cup

Mario Circuit (MKDD)

Bowser's Castle (MKDS)

Wario Colliseum (MKDD)

Bowser's Castle (MK64)

BOSS COURSE: Baby Birdo's Crib

Banana Cup

Waluigi Pinball (MKDS)

DK Summit (MKW)

Yoshi Falls (MKDS)

Mushroom Gorge (MKW)

BOSS COURSE: Diddy's Tree

Leaf Cup

Mushroom City (MKDD)

Mushroom Bridge (MKDD)

Peach Beach (MKDD)

Mario Circuit 1 (SMK)

BOSS COURSE: Meet Koopa and Paratroopa!

Lightning Cup

Luigi Circuit (MKDD)

Mario Circuit 2 (SMK)

Mario Circuit 3 (SMK)

Mario Circuit 4 (SMK)


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