'New Lame Maldio Bluffers WU', is game. Made by Reggie Inc., and published by Michael Bay, it was a 2D platfomer in which you are Mario and you SPOILER ALERT save the princess from SPOILER ALERT Bowser. This is an original game. Do not steal.


(insert table here)


  • Mario Mario Mario: He's an insane obese man who is part Brooklyn, part Italian, and part CD-i. He makes gibberish noises and is a Carpenter, Plumber, Hero, Racer, Sports player, wrestler...
  • Loogi teh Coward: The famous slender Loogi who is coward. He was born in Russia and has a fear of boos. He is married to Princess Boo. Who is boo
  • Toad the Toad : Toad(Who is a toad) is a toad but not a toad. He is a mushroom toad not a frog toad. Phew. With that said, Toad(who is a toad) is a coward who helps.
  • Toad the Orange Toad   : Toad's Toad cousin who is a toad. That's orange.


  • Peach Toadstoall Katherine J. Vonstinklesteen the III: Better known as Princess Apple(I think), Peach is a princess. Yup. That's all. Read on now...
  • Toads the Worth: Peach's advisor and close old guy friend. He's 800 and going  strong and founded the online dating site GHarmony
  • Hate En: A hater. He is known better as SuperMarioBros.69 on the online Farbteendo. You get Fire of the Flowers from him.
  • Aid 'en: Aid 'en is Hate En's brother who is green. Like Loogi. But more coolerler. Play his mini of the games to unlock 1-Ups.


  • Yoshimus Prime: A dinosaur horse from the year 2500. He was originally regular but then something happened...Michael Bay ruled the Earth as an evil dictator and created Yoshimus Primedemus. He talks and shoots missiles.
  • Bullseye: After Dizzy bought Nintendo they made Pixar film characters be in all Nintendo games. After serving as Link's horse in the Legend Zilla: Sky Quest3D, Bullseye signed up to be a character in this game. Reggie, being the charming fellow he is, agreed.

Antaginos..(BAD GUYS?)

  • Bowsiekins the Sweety Pie: He's a soul sucking killer that feasts on the blood shed from his opponents. He is known for his cruelty to his minions. His favorite show is My Little Pony and his favorite food is lolipops.
  • "Bowser Jr.": Koopalings R jealous of attention dat BowsR Jrrr. gets, so dey tuk his playc wif a cotsume.~Koopalings-The guys Nintendo just keeps bringing back.

Story(Only cuz Lemonara asked for it)

In the dawn of Toad Town, a beautiful land far away filled with wonder, a hero rised. TBA

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