The New Koopalings are Bowser's new children that appear in New Super Mario Bros. Me and will appear in other games in the future. They were given birth to by Bowser and Bowsetta, like the original Koopalings (As seen in Bowser's Story). Here is a list of them in order from youngest to oldest:

New Koopalings

Baby Koopa

Baby Koopa is, like his name states, a baby, so he is not old enough to fight Mario yet.

Brian Z. Koopa

Despite being the second youngest, Brian Z. Koopa is the smartest of all the Koopalings.

Alexandria Von Koopa

Alexandra Von Koopa is Bowsetta's favorite child, being the most girly at that. She often competes with Wendy and is a close friend to Ludwig.

Sam Koopa

Sam Koopa dresses up, fights, and acts like a rock-star. He calls his friends "his band." He also makes people refer to him as "Rockstar Sam."

Violet R. Koopa

Violet R. Koopa has violet hair and her main color is violet, and she is also very violent considering the two words sound similar. She and Sam Koopa are twins and best friends.

Gloria Koopa

Gloria Koopa has white hair and is always very miserable. She doesn't really like anybody, and anybody doesn't like her back.

Teddy Koopa

Teddy Koopa is the eldest of the New Koopalings, (still confused about Bowser Jr.) and his main color is red. His attacks always involve lava and fire, and sometimes Teddy uses phrases a pirate would use.