The New Koopa Troop is a race of mixed minions that are supplied by species of the Mushroom Kingdom. There is a countless number of them and each possess their own abilities and weapons. They have all the strengths of Bowser's original minions, but they also gain all their weaknesses. Their leader is Neo Koopa. Some soldiers, such as the Metroad, are mixed with species from other universes.

They sponsor the Bowser Valley Soldiers.

Super Mario Dino Riders

The New Koopa Troop will be appearing in Super Mario Dino Riders as enemies along with the original members.

Supreme Leader


  1. Korey
  2. Battle Skull
  3. Cosmic
  4. Esarbee
  5. Austin
  6. Brandon
  7. Gorgo
  8. Neon the Hedgehog
  9. Xire
  10. Cyp


  1. Snowstorm
  2. Fan Fan
  3. Giroro
  4. Pek
  5. Dee
  6. Pound
  7. Purple Mage
  8. Blaluigi
  9. Yoshi 2.0
  10. Blazer
  11. Darshi
  12. Vento
  13. Gold
  14. Blue Mage
  15. Dawno
  16. Gearo
  17. Dawful


  1. Pimple
  2. Keroic
  3. Axem Purple


  1. Goom-omb
  2. Laklubba
  3. MagikBill
  4. Shy Bones
  5. Hammer Broo
  6. Hammer Bill
  7. Cheep-Plant
  8. Thwompa
  9. Metroad
  10. Bom-Bones
  11. Silver Dragons
  12. White Koopa Troopa
  13. Shy Mac
  14. Oda
  15. Bone Warrior




  • Many of the marshals and some of the captains are based on Lemmykoopa24 (tbc)'s online friends from an MMORPG he used to play.

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