New Hyper Mario World
Developer(s) Flying Rainbow Mario, NSMWu
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
20 January 2017
Single/Multi Player
Age Rating(s)
PEGI: years 3 and older

ERSB: everyone

CERO: all ages

Genre(s) Platform
Series Super Mario

New Iper Mario World is a videogame developed by Flying Rainbow Mario (tbc) and published by Fantendo. It's part of the Super Mario series, and it introduces many new things to the classical Super Mario universe.



Once, Mario and his brother Luigi were went fishing with Blue and Yellow Toad, when a portal opened in the sky, and the Koopa Army Airships came out of it. They were going towards Peach's Castle. Mario and his companions immediatly started running trying to reach them, but they couldn't because Bowser had ordered Kamek to magically boost his Airships and Peach got caught once more. Mario and his crew then decided to shoot theirselves in the portal by using the cannon in the Castle, and they reached a new Dimension...

A new universe

Mario and his friends then reached Bowser's Universe, made out of Evilness. It counts 8 normal worlds and 4 special ones, and Mario arrived in the first one: Corrupted Plains. Bowser has given this world to Iggy Koopa: this world was first taken over by Bowser, and later it was brought there; Iggy started destroying and reshaping it at his will, and now it is a horrible place to live into. The grass is purple and the flowers are black, and some of them have even been turned into Munchers. After having been accustomed to this universe (it is, in fact, made out of Dark Matter), they started their journey: the first thingh our heroes face is a big hill, that has to be climbed; here they find how Iggy's craziness has changed this world: the ground moves as it wants, and the water is more dense, and sometimes it can freeze randomly, when this occurs, everything gets blocked (though fire-equipped players can move) and the player(s) have to wait for the water to melt. Mario and the others, after having crossed the hill and a lake that has water with those properties, they have to face the first Fortress: Smashdown Tower. After having got on the top they meet an old foe: Bowser Junior, who this time is equipped with a new diabolic machine: the Whack-a-Mario 3000. That machine is able to shoot Thwomps over the player(s). When Bowser Jr. is aiming at someone, a cross will appear on the aimed player, and when this cross turns yellow, the Thwomp gets shot. They can destroy the floor but it will recreate after little time. The player has to be skilled to make the Thwomp fall on the Whack-a-Mario 3000, which, after three hits, will explode and Bowser Jr. will get shot in the sky. After that, a new path is unlocked: a bridge over a very deep canyon, so deep that the bottom can't be seen. It would have been easy, if there hadn't been a Lakitu for the whole course. After three bridge-themed levels, Iggy's castle is finally accessible: Iggy's Madcastle. Here, the gravity is bent by Iggy, resulting in a costant gravitational change, and it won't be easy to get at the end, due especially to the difficulty to understand in which direction the gravity is about to change. The battle is as hard as the level, because Iggy's madness will bend the gravity very, very often. He will be sat on a platform, which at the start is unaccessible for the gravity direction. The player will have to wait for Iggy to change it to go higher and ground-pound on him. When he's defeated, the second world will be accessible, this world is ruled by Wendy O. Koopa, who unleashes her feelings all over the place and fights using them.

The quest continues

As Iggy is beaten, a portal over the top of the castle opens, and it takes to Wendy's world: Thunder Skyrealm. Here Wendy rules, and the weather there depends on her mood, if she's sad, it rains, if she's angry, the weather is stormy, if she's happy, the weather is good. As our heroes go higher, the gravity gets weaker, allowing players to jump higher. This world is placed very high in the sky, and it's made out of clouds. There are three types of clouds: Normal Clouds, which are walkable-on, Angry Clouds, which damage on touch, and Fake Clouds, which disappear on impact. After passing through three levels there a fortress where our heroes meet another old foe: Lakithunder, which this time obeys to Wendy. During the fight if the player looks carefully can see Wendy in the background who watches pleased the battle, she also gets angrier and angrier as Lakithunder gets hit (this causes him to get stronger). Of Course he is beaten and Wendy enrages so much that she makes a giant bolt appear, which destroys the tower. So our heroes can now continue the march towards her castle. After crossing a mountain so high to touch the sky, to reach the castle they have to go on a giant beanstalk, which will end in the Mesosphere (up to 80 km above the sea level). Then they can defeat Wendy in her very own castle: Wendy's Nimbuscastle. It's made out of solid clouds and it's full of Foos, which will make getting to the top very hard, furthermore meteors could fall from the space. They also can destroy the clouds the castle is made of. The battle will be like this: Wendy is on the top of the screen, on a floor made out of angry clouds, and the player(s) will have to take the sweets inside some ? Blocks flying around, carry them to some springboards which will throw them up to Wendy, who will become happy and will cause the clouds surrounding her to be walkable-on. Then, the player(s) will have to reach her (which is now possible) and stomp on her. She will then enrage and will make the player fall down, who will have to repeat everything again. After three stomps, she will be beaten. When she's defeated, a portal will appear over the castle, and it will lead to third world, ruled by Morton Koopa Jr.: Burning Fossil Desert.

The dry path

The third world, Burning Fossil Desert, is a wasteland-themed world where Morton Koopa Jr. rules. This world once was a grassland, but Morton had eaten everything, so it now is a desert. In fact, it's filled with the bones of the animals that used to live there. The first thing our heroes meet is an old foe: the Angry Sun. It will follow the crew for the entire first level. The second one will take place by night, where the Angry Sun will be replaced by the Angry Moon. The third level, named "Uh-Oh!", will feature a strange phenomenon: the appearance of the Angry Sun and of the Angry Moon has made the Earth to stop its natural rotation around itself, causing it to be both day and night, so the Angry Sun and the Angry Moon can now go together. After that nasty level our heroes can finally get to the middle-world fortress, where they will find Bowser Jr. which this time rides his Koopa Clown Car, which will now use his boxe gloves to punch Mario and his friends. They will have to use another Koopa Clown Car to punch the nasty child in the lava. Three times and he's defeated. Now our heroes have to climb a mountain made out of bones, thing not easy to do because as the crew proceeds, the bones the mountain is made of will start to trumble down. Meanwhile Morton notices that the crew is approaching to the castle, and wants to stop them, so he shoots a giant Chain Chomp in the air that, falling, will obliterate the ground he crosses. After that the castle is accessible: Morton's Hungry Castle, in which you have to get on top of it before Morton's radioactive vomit (a.k.a. the rest of the inhabitants) does. During this some Vomit Blaargs will rise up from it and will try to reach and eat (lol vomit that eats) the crew. Arrived at the top our heroes has to face Morton Koopa Jr., who will  literally eat them alive, and they, now inside him, will have to ground-pound his stomach, to cause him a stomachache which will make him barf. Once out he will be still barfing, and he will be vulnerable, so the player can just jump on him. Repeat three times and he will be defeated. After this fight a portal will open on the top of the castle. It leads to a Roman-themed world: Ex marmore imperium, ruled by Larry Koopa, the self-proclaimed emperor of this world.

Alea iacta est

Any word in Bold is written in ancient latin. Don't worry, a translation follows them.

After having beaten Morton Jr. Koopa the hungry the crew has got into the portal appeared over his castle wich leads into the fourth, magnus world, ruled by Laurentius Septimius Koopa (a.k.a. Larry Koopa the Seventh). He had chosen to theme his world like this because he had watched "Gladiator" just before his father had attacked Peach's castle. The first thing our heroes face is the Rubicon which they have to cross in order to get in Urbem (to Rome). In there there will be a lot of Belligeri Pisces (Cheep-Cheeps) which will jump out of the water and the player won't be able to jump on them because they wear Cassides ex Ferro (Iron Helmets). After that our heroes arrive to the Koopappennini Montes (Koopappennines), having to face Spikes and Auli Sagitti (Arrow Bills) shot by Auli Arci (Bill Bows), and also they have to pass through Via Aurelia (untranslatable) to arrive to Rome. Done that, our heroes have to face the middle-world fortress: Interaureliae Castra (Passing Encampent), with Scipio Koopa as boss. To fight him the player will have to reach the Praetorio (General's tent). In the path there will be Koopari Milites (Koopa Soldiers) as members of infantry, Koopari Cavalieres (Koopa Knights) as members of cavalry, Nimborum Equites (Lakitus) as air support and Gladiator Fratres (Gladiator Bros.) as archers. The boss battle will be as it follows: Scipio Koopa will be steadily attacking the player, and, at some point, he will throw a Bob-Omb, which the player will have to make it explode on him. As he gets three hits, he will be defeated. Then, a path to Ostia Antica will be accessible, there our heroes will find again the Belligeri Pisces, as well as some Cancres Telamittantes (Spear-throwing Huckit Crabs) and some Echini (Urchins). After that our heroes can finally enter in Rome, in fact this level is called "In the Eternal City", in which they will find often some Koopari Milites, as well as they will in the next level. The last world level is Larry's Castle, or the Colosseum, renamed by Larry "Laurentii Arx". There, our heroes have to survive to all the waves of enemies Larry will send them, and, at the end, fight him. The last fight will be like this: Larry will be covered by a golden spiky armor, which will make him, as long it is on him, invulnerable, and he will be shooting arrows at the players. At some point, he will run out of arrows, and a Kooparius Miles will appear to give him some. The player will then have to jump on the Kooparius Miles and use his shell to hit Larry. After two hits his armor will break, and he will be enraged, causing him to jump on a springboard to go on his seat and to unleash his most powerful warrior: Spinosus Catenarius (Spiky Chain Chomp). It will run around the arena and the player will have to make him jump on the springboard that Larry used before to reach him. He will then run scared in the ring, where the player will be able to give him the third hit. As he gets defeated a portal will suddenly appear over the Colosseum, and it leads to Anticanvas, Lemmy's world.

As if this game wasn't strange enough...

...the crew arrives to a new world, which takes place on a giant canvas. The best artists of the Mushroom Kingdom (Koopicasso, Monetoad and Leonardo da Sarasaland) used to come there to get their inspirations, but Lemmy was jealous of them, because he was very bad at painting, so he imprisoned them and destroyed all their paintings. He also opened a museum full of terrible paintings made by him. Everybody disliked them, so he decided to take revenge on them by turning the dislikers in paintings. So our heroes must also save them, in this world they replace the Star Coins. The first level is called "Dead Rainbow", it shows how Lemmy's tyranny has killed every sort of joy in that world: there is a rainbow that has to be crossed in order to arrive at the end of the level, and nothing strange so far, except for all the enemies coloured differently from each other, the problem is in the middle of the level, where the Checkpoint is, Lemmy notices that the crew has arrived in his world and gets mad, so he shoots a magic black ray, which falls in that precise spot of the rainbow, making it corrupt and collapse, so that the players have to run faster than its breakdown. After this there is a level called "Painted Rain", because it rains paint. That paint is highly acid and will damage on impact, furthermore, it will also spread onto the ground, corroding it. The next level features also Paint Lakitus, which are Lakitus which make it rain under their cloud. The middle Fortress, Drawn Realm Fortress, will feature a strange mechanic: the player will have to use the Wii U GamePad (or the WiiMote) to draw some lines, which will be needed to proceed. Enemies won't be able to get trapped inside those lines because they will break them. At the top there will be Bowser Jr., who will use his old Brush from Super Mario Sunshine to become Shadow Mario; he will stay on a painted platform, which will be unreacheable by the player. The paintings the painters are trapped in are scattered around the battlefield, along with some paintings that depict enemies, and Shadow Mario will shoot a magic beam from his brush which will end freeing the thing that was in the painting. That beam will follow Mario and if it hits the painting of a painter, he will thank the player who freed him by painting a One-Use Cannon Box, which will shoot a red, explosive cannon ball, that will break (it will never miss it) Shadow Mario's platform and will make him fall down, so that he will be able to be stomped on. After freeing all the painters our heroes can go to a level which will be very mind-blowing: "Lemmy's not the weirdest one", it takes place in Escher's Relativity. It's very hard to complete because to reach the end it will be necessary to follow the litograph's "gravity" rules. In the next level the enemies will not be present, they will be replaced by Inklings, that are playing a Splatoon match, and don't notice the players in the level. They can't be killed, just stopped temporarily, and they will shoot with their respective weapons, which can deal damage. The second-last level brings back another Super Mario Sunshine feature: Juice-spitting Yoshi. He, as he eats a fruit, will be able to spit its juice out, thing that will kill enemies, and will colour the floor (which is black and white). So our heroes finally arrive to Lemmy's Castle: Lemmy's Masterpiece Castle, which is Lemmy's best work so far... which tells everything about it. TBA.

Worlds and Levels

World 1: Corrupted Plains

Level Description
Corrupted Plains-1: A big, crazy hill The first level in the game, it's very weird: the ground moves at his will and it's purple. Despite that, this new mechanich won't change much the Gameplay.
Corrupted Plains-2: Down the hill This level is all about going down the hill, where the player(s) will find a strange, very strange lake.
Corrupted Plains-3: The incomprehensible lake In this underwater level the water can freeze any time it wants, making the player(s) who do not have a fire-related power-up getting stuck until it chooses to melt. The freezing is foretold by the water flashing.
Corrupted Plains-FortressMBR: Smashdown Tower The tower of the first world, where Bowser Jr. is waiting our heroes to come. After the checkpoint some Thwomps will start to fall from the top. They will disappear after landing. Bowser Jr. will welcome the crew by throwing them Thwomps, which the players will have to position in a way that they fall on him.
Corrupted Plains-4: The deepest one This level is all on a bridge, where a Lakitu will always annoy the player(s). WARNING: the bridge could not be finished...
Corrupted Plains-5: The unwanted wind Here, unlike the previous one there isn't a Lakitu, but the wind, which will make the course much harder.
Corrupted Plains-6: "Land in Sight!" The last bridge level, after the checkpoint the bridge will start to break and fall down, and the player(s) will have to run as fast as he/they can to reach the end.
Corrupted Plains-CastleMBR: Iggy's Madcastle Here Iggy was looking forward to making our heroes see his new skill: gravity bending. That ability will make the level much harder as it should have been, including the fight.

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