New Donkey Kong is a game by Bomb Productions Games and Outer Inc.. Since it is a Bomb Production, please do not edit except for spelling errors. It is for the Nintendo Wii and is a
remake of the popular Donkey Kong game.



Playable Characters:

Image Name Description How to Unlock
Jumpman Jumpman Mario's father and hero before Mario. Even though he's a bit old, he has returned to fight Donkey Kong! He has similar abilities to Mario and a slightly higher jumping ability than Mario. Mario had better watch out, he might get upstaged... By his own father!! He's already unlocked
NsmbMario Mario It's Mario, the hero of The Mushroom Kingdom! This time, he's going back to his roots to defeat his old rival, Donkey Kong, a second time and save his dad's ex-girlfriend. He's the most basic character and shares many similarities with his father. This time, it's definitely Mario Time... He's already unlocked
Stanley the Bugman Stanley the Bugman Stanley returns after a long absence to the Mario world, along with his trusty bug sprayer! His strong rivalry with Donkey Kong has driven him to team up with his old friend and rival Mario. He's already unlocked




See New Donkey Kong/List of Enemies...






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